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Olympus SP-565UZ Digital Camera Review

Olympus SP-565UZ Digital Camera Review

hi everyone this is Dave from geek annoyed Scott UK and I’m bringing you a review of the Olympus SP 565 news ed this is a 20 times optical zoom digital camera I’m going to bring you a review of this little baby after the break this video review is sponsored by a dodgy oaties Europe where you can pick up a refreshing brew at 10% discount by visiting Adagio UK dot-com forward slash geek annoyed welcome back this is my review of the Olympus SP 565 news 8 I’m going to give you a closer look at the camera in a short while but I just wanted to run through some of the specifications now it’s got a really really nice lens on the front it gives you a twenty times optical zoom which i think is absolutely fantastic the lens quality is really nice it does protrude from the main lens which is the only negative because this lens cap sometimes gets in the way there’s no inbuilt protection around the back here you’ve got a two and a half inch LCD screen it’s not the biggest of screens but it is very very crisp I really really like the quality of the screen rather than an optical viewfinder you’ve got an electronic viewfinder again a slight niggle but it is very good so it’s not a deal-breaker as such very very nice controls which we’ll be taking a closer look at in a short while now it does use XD picture cards which haven’t been that popular and a tiny bit more expensive a proprietary format but in the box you do also get an adapter which means that you can use micro SD memory cards as well so let’s take a closer look at this camera let’s start around the front here you’ve got a very very nice lens on the front and as I said before that offers a twenty times optical zoom that’s what the new Zed stands for in the camera names and I for zoom and as you can see full extension extends quite a long way from the front of the camera and back to its widest angle there around this side of the camera we’ve got a USB and power in Jack and it’s a rubberized door which hides the actual jacks themselves quite hard to show you that there and it does snap nicely back into place as a good quality cover around the bottom of the camera you’ve got standard tripod mount and if I just switch the camera off underneath this door we have got four standard AAA batteries which is really really nice to see if you find yourself out of juice while you’re out and about you can just pop in standard AAA cells so I like that a lot just close that back up and lock it into place around this side of the camera we have got access to the memory card and as I said it uses XD memory cards but they do supply this little yellow adapter and in the side of that adapter there you can put a micro SD memory card which makes it nice and cheap to get memory for this camera pop that back in the right way okay around the back of the camera we have got that lovely screen two-and-a-half inch and an electrical viewfinder here this is a 10 megapixel camera so it records very very nice these held pictures you can record in JPEG or JPEG plus raw which gives you nice control over the pictures that you get nice large prints due to the 10 megapixel sensor and in my experience the photos have been taken this has been a very very nice quality if you’re zooming right in you have mechanical and digital image stabilization which again very very nice and I’m just going to pop this round to take a few snaps there we go put that back into playback mode as you can see they’re very very nice quality screen that’s a picture of my studio light it has also got the feature where if you drop the resolution to 3 megapixels you can shoot a massive 13.

5 frames per second which is absolutely cool if I go into menu mode here there’s a a nice user interface it’s not as intuitive as some of the cameras I’ve reviewed but it’s certainly easy to find your way around once you get going or pop it into program mode and and then back into menu and into the camera menu you can see it’s very very easy to scroll through and change various settings within the camera if I go to guide mode which is a very very nice setting it will actually ask you what you want to do so I could say I want to shoot with a blurring background and it will tell you step by step what to do to achieve that shot so set to portrait mode and then zoom in will give you that blurred shot with that depth of field as the pros would call it if I go into scene mode again loads and loads of scenes you can go through this really shows off the quality of the screen as well we’ve got sport modes night scene night and portrait if I carry them down there’s some really really nice scene modes I’m going to go all the way down to shoot and select this will drop the resolution down as I mentioned earlier and then if I’m shooting and moving subjects I can actually take lots of photos up to thirteen point five five frames per second it buffers them and when it’s finished buffering them you can actually go through and select which of those photos you want to keep now if that was a sports action shot I’m sure that one of those would be a keeper very very nice I like that scene made a lot it’s a really really nice handling camera and it weighs about 400 grams with the battery installed have really really done a good job the olympus SP 565 is just under 250 pounds now that for me is fantastic value for money you’ll get in a 10 megapixel shooter over 20 times yes a 20 times optical zoom it’s a fantastic handling camera and it really really does produce some great images I get roughly about 200 shots from a set of batteries maybe more and it’s just a wonder to use this is a really really good buy so this was my review of the olympus SP 565 you said come back soon and check out more video reviews on geek annoyed stop code on UK this video review is sponsored by quark who produce my software of choice quark Express is the superb page layout software for design and publishing professionals worldwide


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