Home Phone Reviews Nova One Tablet/Phone Review: Are Phablets the Future?

Nova One Tablet/Phone Review: Are Phablets the Future?

Nova One Tablet/Phone Review: Are Phablets the Future?

what’s up guys in today’s video we’re gonna be reviewing the noble one it’s an android mobile phone / tablet it’s really a phablet but they don’t really call it that so very interesting to buy screen size is really interesting what they’re doing with this guy and yeah so let’s go ahead and get started alright so let’s go ahead and start off with these specifications which are actually pretty good with this guy so it does have a six inch IPS display which I really stressed and it is really beautiful it’s a 960 by 540 on the 16 inch display it does have a 1.

2 gigahertz quad core processor so this guy screamed so far not a lot of lag with this guy at all which I was surprised with I want you to buy of RAM 8 gigabytes of memory internal so you can expand that with a micro SD card slot and get up to 32 gigabytes of storage so it also has Android 4.

4 was a which was a big thing for me was a big surprise because most new phones actually don’t even have that also talking about the display so this guy the display is the biggest thing on here so I you can actually put the Moto G inside of this guys display just to give you an idea of how big this guy actually is and when you turn it on the screen really pops the colors pop and I was just really surprised with the display on here I thought it was really great so let’s go ahead and talk about the hardware on here so we talked about the six inch display so on the bottom you have these capacitive buttons on here sort of like a samsung phone on the bottom you have nothing and on the sides here you have the volume rocker and you have the sleep and weight button and it has a sort of texturize thing to it which is really nice and this is all plastic it looks like metal but it’s actually just plastic when you turn to the back here you’ll see the five megapixel camera and at the bottom you’ll actually see the speaker port which is sort of at an odd place but you know it’s pretty decent so on on the side so you have pretty much nothing and on the top here we have the 3.

5 millimeter headphone jack and the micro USB port okay so this phablet guy was very interesting so you know when I when I think of phablets I feel like it needs to do certain things really well this thing’s just blew away my expectations and it blew away me I wasn’t a big family fan but now this is actually out pretty good so let’s go ahead and talk about performance that 1.

2 gigahertz quad-core processor this guy doesn’t really stutter at all surprisingly so let’s go ahead and type in a website I feel like a lot of people are gonna be wanting to use these things to browse the web because the screen is just so big and it’s really not it makes a big difference when you’re doing just really basic stuff like browsing the web and watching videos and I messed that up typing on here it also is really nice too but I’m looking through the camera so browsing the web one here is actually really really nice and fast I really enjoy and guys trust me when you’re browsing on these big screens it makes a huge huge difference so I picked this up over my actually tablet and my phone because it’s just the size of it it’s just really nice it falls between a tablet and a phone just like they said but really nice the display is pretty crisp it’s not you know it’s not in you know super-high resolution or anything like that but the display is really nice you can’t see pixels if you’re looking for them but the display is nice so just overall going through they didn’t really add a lot to Android which I really like there’s no launcher on here where there’s a launcher but it’s pretty much just stock Android they didn’t add a lot to it so if you go into settings and audio profile this is pretty much the only custom thing you could really find here and if you’re wondering you can’t actually get into the boot later so boot loader so you can’t root this guy and all that stuff it’s pretty easy so there’s not not a lot of study that’s not a lot of stuff on here I guess the pre-installed asset they have one here adobe reader APK manager cool reader they have just sort of but you know the a few browsers from the google play store off the suit so but these cannot be removed actually so this guy really screams in let’s go ahead and load up some video on here which I was really really impressed with so now that we got the video loaded up watching videos on this guy is a really nice it’s a different experience like I said from watching you on your phone or on your tablet I have a 7-inch tablet and this is just really a sweet spot for watching videos and stuff like that especially some was gonna be too heavy and stuff like that this is a really nice weight and I found that watching videos I really like and that’s usually what I pick it up for watching videos and browsing web so become one out of that so if you’re curious of how this guy works with gaming and stuff like that the 1.

2 gigahertz processor really screams and with this guy so I found a gaming problems so like I said this guy didn’t have a lot of stuttering problems at all and I’m no cool I’m doing so go ahead and load up another game and I have tried out games like asphalt stuff like that anyone’s just fine I’m really not much of a gamer if you can tell so like I said gaming stuff in here just like I said with you watching videos and stuff much more enjoyable you know on these bigger screen so you know I was really anti big screen but now it’s I really enjoy it I might consider getting checking out some more big screen stuff so then another thing to note on here they actually advertise this as a tablet PC so you know this does not run tablet apps I tried Spotify on it and Spotify took it as if it were a phone so you know it’s you’re not gonna be able to get like the no shuffle mode thing this the thing is gonna be still there on Spotify so it still takes it as a phone so this is pretty much a phone that’s why I call it a tablet a phablet so I want to talk about the camera we’re here so I’m gonna show you guys some pictures in videos but so far the camera is a 5 megapixel camera 2 megapixel front-facing camera so it’s not all that great at all so you know the camera is just very bland it takes decent photos but you can pretty much judge it for yourself so in conclusion you know I really like this device it opened my mind up on you know big screen phones and stuff like that it is a really nice thing I said some of the gripes with this thing that I’ve had is the battery life isn’t the best it’s not terrible but it’s not really good I have this guy on standby and it died pretty quick I think it died in about two maybe two days I when I turned Wi-Fi and everything off and still died in about two days so the battery life isn’t all that great so I mean you can get about a day’s worth of battery life without charging this guy so you know that’s a little downside also another thing is that just a little minor thing like I there’s they’re so close together you power in the volume button that you end up getting mixed together and you end up either turning it up or turning the screen off which was a little annoying but everything is pretty much greater don’t hear the obvious way is Graham they win with that with such a big phone so everything else is great you know I think it’s a pretty good tablet so this guy will be out coming in the holiday season so be looking out for that and I’ll see you guys in the next video peace


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