Home Phone Reviews Nokia 6230 Mobile Phone (Review)

Nokia 6230 Mobile Phone (Review)

Nokia 6230 Mobile Phone (Review)

nokia 6230 review this funky man 2003 it was one of the best-known phone dialer Tina used to have everything has no more phone the few things I’m missing but this phone is to have many other frame the cameras to be good basically never used to break never I used to learn basic need for your whole life and one bright and unless you prefer the wall or something like that one bad thing about this film is that the speaker if you brakes from one point we’re gonna break is music to music 24/7 and calling people sometimes that part get messed up and the speak of a year that’s another part I get messed up behind that they can actually open is oh great this can happen was one of the best phones I will never break


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