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Nikon Z5 New Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Review & Features

Nikon Z5 New Full Frame Mirrorless Camera  Review & Features

hello guys as you know I am a NIKONIST i have already mentioned in my old video my journey is very long with nikon more than 20 years i am excited to tell you Nikon has announced the z5 an entry-level full-frame camera that uses the Z-mount the nikon z mount systems has large lens mount feature a 55 mm inner diameter and showed 16 mm flange focal distance which allow for flexibility in the the optical design of Nikkor z lenses with maximum aperture as wide as f 0.

95 possible the internal diameter of Z mount is a 70 percent larger than the nikon f mount it is also wider than any full-frame mount available of 8/23/18 the z5 has much in common with the z6 and price is less the nikon z5 shares a nearly identical design to the nikon z6 and z7 cameras although with a couple of notable differences the z5 does not include the top information displayed like the z6 or z7 cameras instead opting for a more dial in this location but it has better ergonomics better grips the button placement so very easy to use camera especially you are a already nikon user it is nearly identical with the only real difference being the model moving the right side of the camera where the control panel used to be in terms of number of function buttons the menu system nothing else changes it even come with an af joystick and dedicated af on button electronic viewfinder z5 also has the same nikon evf that is already in the z series camera z6 or z7 provide users with a clear and comfortable view of the subject with the minimal lag and blackout you will experience the feel and responsiveness of an optical viewfinder the approx 3.

6 million dot quad vga electronic viewfinder boost approx 100% frame coverage and approach 37 degree diagonal viewing angle the great advantage to a mirrorless camera such as Nikon Z series is the ability to confirm the camera settings such as exposure white balance picture control extra before you shoot using the electronic viewfinder further instead of offering a single sqd card slot the Z5 includes a pair of sd card slots the z5 implies the polycarbonate for its rear and a base plates but remain sealed against dust and moisture to the same level as the higher end models the top plate has been simplified with the traditional mode dial in the place of Z6 or Z7 status screen the z5 is the same size exact weight as a z6 at a 675 gram including its in body image stabilizer autofocus system a lot of design aspects the nikon z5 utilizes 24.

3 megapixels full frame image sensor it is interesting to note that the z6 includes a 24.5 megapixel sensor so it is yet to be determined how the z5 image quality and performance may differ when compared to the z6 further nikon has stated that the z5 sensor is easily not a black side illuminated like the sensor found in z6 the z5 has a native iso range of 100 to 51200 same as the z6 and can be expanded up to iso one lakh 2400 it should be noted that z6 can expand it further to the HI.

2 iso settings the Nikon z5 is equipped with a 273 point on sensor phase detect autofocus system same as the nikon z6 the autofocus points over 90 of the image area in the both the horizontal and vertical direction further the z5 includes the same auto focus mode and settings as the z6 z7 cameras included human animal eye autofocus and focus shift shooting focus shift shooting mode automatically takes a series of image up to 300 while advancing the focus position in each shot these images can then be stacked into the single image with the surreal depth of field great for the shooting jewellery products landscape and steel objects like its full-frame z camera sibling the z5 is powered by Nikon EXPEED image processor however the z5 will not offer the same level of the speed and performance the nikon z5 shoots at up to 4.

5 frames per second which is a considerable slower than the 12 fps shooting speeds of the Nikon z6 buffer depth information is not yet available in the terms of battery life the z5 uses the new EN-EL15c battery while new it has the same form factor and existing EN-EL15 batteries making the z5 backward compatible with the prior generation of the battery using the EN-EL15c which has increased capacity the z5 can record 470 shots using the lcd and 390 with the evf the camera also includes usb c power delivery meaning it can both utilize in camera charging and can also be powered by power bands using usb-c the usb-c cables Nikon will sell it the option UC-E25 USB-C cable to facilitate the use of this feature as the g5 shares the same overall form factor as the z6 or z7 the camera can also use Nikon MB and one zero battery grip for improved design and extended battery life you can shoot silently like mating speeches and performances turn on silent mode and capture photo after photo without drawing any attention this is also great for photographing pets and wildlife additional shooting feature the z5 has a 5-axis in-body image stabilization like the z6 and z7 cameras the z5 includes in the body image stabilization the five-axis IBIS system delivers up to the five stops of the image stabilization while shooting and corrects for the pitch roll and the movement along the x and y-axis when using FTZ adapter which allows you to adapt f mount lenses to the new z mount the z5 instead offer three axis stabilization same as z6 or z7 speaking of FTZ adapter this is an important component of the Nikon z system overall the FTZ adapter allows you to use compatible Nikon f-mount lenses full feature compatibility require afs in terms of connectivity, the z5 is a compatible with Nikon Snapbridge via built-in wi-fi and Bluetooth this means that users can move images and videos between the camera and compatible smartphone snapbridge also allows remote control of the cameras using free wireless transmitter utility software photographers will also be able to wirelessly move the images from the z5 to their pc or mac via airform network video features 4k capable the nikon z5 is a capable of recording 4k 30p video as well as 1080/60p video that does not mean that it is the the same type of video camera as a Nikon z6 image sensor shift VR Z6 and Z7 user already appreciated having in a camera vibration reduction whether they are using handheld slow motion video at 120p and need the extra stabilization or they are using non-VR F mount glass with the FTZ adapter and love the fact that their lens now have a vr well z5 has also the 5 axis IBIS system delivers up to the 5 stops of the image stabilization z5 does include nice video feature when recording video it can use up to 231 pdaf points includes ibis and electronic VR which will further crop the video creative picture control focus picking and the camera can silently capture still images while shooting video nikon makes z5 very compact for the traveling before the new kit lens users use Nikon 24-70 f4 but now we have other option the new kit lens the ultra-compact lens 24-50 f4 6.

3 the 24-70 f4 lens has amazing sharpness you can easily see how much smaller the 24-50 mm lens as for concern of weight, it has amazing lightweight 200-gram approx. less than the 24-70 f4 where the size and weight is less their optical quality is also remarkable great sharpness and contrast so you can love the combination of small size and good quality optics the nikon z5 will be available as the body only option in late august for approx 1300 usd for comparison the z6 has a list price of dollar 1900 approx although it can now be found for the just under dollar 1800 the price point of the z5 positions the camera as an affordable transition option for Nikon DSLR owners if you have existing full-frame f mount lenses and want to enter the world of mirrorless photography then z5 is the best least expensive option similarly for the photographers who simply want to enter the nikon mirrorless system without prior nikon experience the z5 is yet another choice in addition to the features packed and more expensive z6 camera and the higher megapixel z7 now that’s all for today if you want to know more about z5 check the nikon official site thanks for watching you


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