Home Camera Reviews Nikon Coolpix S3000 Digital Camera Review and Quality Test

Nikon Coolpix S3000 Digital Camera Review and Quality Test

Nikon Coolpix S3000 Digital Camera Review and Quality Test

hey guys today I have a video but first here are the featured comments from last week’s video hello you took today I’m gonna review this nikon coolpix ass 3000 camera so it’s pretty old camera but I bet it works just fine the first thing I really liked about it was the blue color it looks really nice on the camera so on the front you have your flash your four times optical zoom lens and the sticker right here moving on to the top you have to picture button and it also zooms with this knob and your on/off button so on to the back you have your battery slot and your USB slot for connecting it to the computer and charging it and further right you know to the tripod holder on the back you have this good 2.

7 inch screen and all the buttons turn on shows the cool pics when you turn it on and see when you press the picture button right here this first one you go into all the different modes you have auto mode the scene selections smart portrait which takes the picture when the people smile it’s a subject tracking and take videos press it again and it exits the menu and this button goes through all the photos you have taken you just press the camera button to go back again and then down here you have the main menu which goes through all the settings and stuff zoom language video mode menus date and press menu to exit it and starting with these buttons you have the flash setting so you can either do auto or off or always on to the left button here you have the time timer option and set it for 2 seconds or 10 seconds to the right you have exposure compensation and to the bottom you have macro mode there are some photos that demonstrate the quality of this camera when you take a picture hold it halfway the red light comes on orange it tries to focus picture


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