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Nexus 4 Camera Review

Nexus 4 Camera Review

hi there this is Ranjit from tech tubers calm and I have this Nexus 4 with me and in this video we got to look at the camera interface and also I took some shorts and videos and wearing light conditions so that you can judge the quality of the camera the rear-facing camera of this nexus 4 is 8 megapixel and it also has a LED flash which i think so it’s a little bit overpowering so let’s quickly look at the camera interface and we get this new camera interface you just hold this area and you can navigate to the various options that you get you do get this what you say tap to focus functionality and I’m in the video mode and you can just click here and change to the photosphere the panorama mode or the regular camera but now I’m in the camera mode and if I just hold this we can move to the front-facing camera or the rear facing camera and if I just tap in it will focus and if you hit in it quickly takes the photograph for example let me do it again takes the photograph and to view the photograph you just slide in and you can view them I have taken quite a few photographs and also this phone can shoot video in Full HD that’s thousand ATP let me show you the same let’s go to the video mode and from here let’s go to the setting and as you can see the video quality as these are the three options that we get and I have shot quite a few what do you say videos and even static photographs with the same so let me give you an overview of the same so that you can judge the quality of the camera on this nexus 4 let me show you these images in full size so that you can get a better idea about the scene the photographs that you are seeing are shot with the rear facing camera of the Nexus 4 and they were shot in bright sunlight and I felt outdoors with natural lighting the Nexus 4 rear-facing camera does a good job with good details these were shot in semi indoor conditions and here I felt that the pictures are a little bit soft to my liking and I’ll play back a video that was shot outdoors I am recording this video with the Nexus 4 and I’m recording it in the highest resolution possible that’s thousand ATP and the audio is being also recorded by the internal microphone of the Nexus 4 I’m just going to walk around in my roof garden I’m just gonna pan around a little bit and go back it’s a bright sunny day today and this should give you an idea about the video recording capabilities of the Nexus 4 I’m recording this video footage indoors and completely artificial light in my office so this will give you an idea how this the Nexus 4 performs and indoor lighting conditions and as you can see I also have the HTC One x+ lying around these photographs were shot indoors and completely artificial lighting in my office and there is noise and artificial light and the pictures are a little bit soft but if we switch on the flash like this it’s for pairing in my opinion picture without flash and picture with flash so as you can see Nexus 4 takes some really great videos and good pictures outdoors but endows the pictures are just okay I’ll also be doing a full in depth review of this Nexus 4 so stay tuned to my youtube channel for that that’s it for now this is Ranjit from Tech to bascomb and I hope to see you in my next video


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