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NEW ZV-1 Compact Camera Review & First Impressions | Miguel Quiles | Sony Alpha Universe

NEW ZV-1 Compact Camera Review & First Impressions | Miguel Quiles | Sony Alpha Universe

[MUSIC PLAYING] Welcome to Alpha Universe my name is Miguel Quiles and today I have with me the new Sony ZV-1. It’s a compact camera that features a 24-70MM lens with a variable aperture of F/1.8 – F/2.

8. You could shoot stills up to 20.1 megapixels and video and up to 4k resolution those are some of the basics but there’s so much more to unpack with this camera let’s jump right in. You’ll notice straight away that Sony has finally implemented a flip screen which has been something that I and many other vloggers and content creators have been asking for now if you’ve been a fan of Sony over the last few years you know that they didn’t just stop there.

The ZV-1 also features re-engineered color science that was inherited from their Venice cinema camera. As well as their Real Time Eye Autofocus that is featured in the Alpha line of mirrorless cameras.

Having the ability to utilize Eye AF for video should be a welcomed benefit for anyone who is filming themselves but wait there’s more. If you’ve ever recorded a vlog and walked from a dark room out into a brighter area you’ve probably noticed that your exposure gets thrown for a loop.

Now with the ZV-1 you have face priority auto exposure which ensures that your face stays properly exposed even when you’re transitioning from one lighting scenario to the next. A common situation that vloggers and content creators will find themselves in is having to begin their recording indoors and then go outside where there’s a difference in exposure so to show you how the ZV-1 handles that we’re inside right now at ISO 4001 point eight and a 50th of a second shooting at 24 frames a second I’m gonna make my way outside and I want you to take note at how the exposure stays the same the camera is gonna adjust it for me as I’m making this transition outside so let’s get started making my way out.

Alright so here we are outside F/5.6 50th of a second and ISO 125 you notice that it smoothly transitioned from one exposure to the next. If all of this tech doesn’t make your life easier check this out the ZV-1 has made the C1 custom button mapped to be a background defocus button now anytime that you want to have a blurry background that is the kind that makes everyone feel like their videos are so much more professional you could just push the button and without any know-how the camera takes care of it for you and blurs that background.

A similar feature that I think content creators will find useful is the product showcase option by clicking on the function button you can access this in the menu turning it on allows the autofocus to quickly shift from you to let’s say a product that you want to show to the camera and then right back to you in a smooth and efficient way.

Let me demonstrate exactly how this product showcase feature works on the new ZV-1 which is what I’m currently using to film this now let’s say that I was going to be doing a video and I want to talk to you guys as I often do in my videos about how to use off-camera flash and I wanted to demonstrate the products that we’re going to use.

Well first thing that we’re gonna need is a radio commander this is what’s actually going to trigger our flashes and of course can’t trigger a flash if you don’t have a flash so you have a couple of options.

You’ve got option number one which is a smaller flash that you can use it’s got a guide number of 45 or if you wanted to you can off to use a bigger flash something like this one this is a guide number of 60 and so you’ve got a couple of different options to be able to use for off-camera flash now that was just totally made up but it gives you a really strong example of how this product feature or this product showcase feature works on the ZV-1.

For those of you who like to get a custom look from your videos you’ll be happy to know that you have picture profiles available to you like SLOG-2 and SLOG-3 as well as HLG recording these modes may require some color grading and post-production but it’s going to give you a unique look to your videos to make it stand out from the rest.

So we all know that great video features are only half of the equation and your videos will live or die based on whether or not you also have quality audio. To that end Sony has added clear voice recording to this camera which is essentially a directional 3 capsule microphone that you can use to make sure that your audio sounds as great as your video looks.

You can also help improve the audio even further whenever you’re out in windy situations by using this little mini dead-cat which comes included in the box. You also have a built-in mic jack That you can use to connect an external microphone to get even better audio.

The multi interface shoe allows you to mount your favorite microphone or flash making this an amazing all-around option for photography as well. The sony ZV-1 comes included with a battery micro USB cable to charge your camera the mini dead-cat that we talked about earlier and of course your Quick Start Guide.

You also have the option to get their optional vlogger kit which brings with it this useful grip stand and a 64 gigabyte SD card. Personally I can’t wait to see the content that you’re able to create using this camera and I’m excited to show you all what I come up with so be sure to subscribe to this YouTube channel to stay up to date when these new videos release and if you also want to learn some of my favorite portrait photography tips be sure to click on the video that you see here on the screen right now and check out the rest of my videos here at Alpha Universe.

Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you next time.


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