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New Samsung’s Smart TV – Walt Mossberg Review

New Samsung’s Smart TV – Walt Mossberg Review

welcome back two digits here at wsj live I’m Simon Castle well smart and sexy yes that’s what you want in a new TV these days but does Samsung deliver Big W himself what Mossberg is kind of way in and he joins us now from Washington DC there he is the big w himself good to see you what good to see you Simon so Samsung has a Smart TV is it sexy and smart haha well you know the goal of these Smart TVs which have been around for a few years kind of getting a little bit better each time is to spare you from having to plug in extra boxes like X boxes and Apple TVs and Roku’s and things like that to get your internet content whether it’s streaming video or music or photos or social networking or games or apps or whatever all it’s all in one in the TV the TV connects directly to the internet you have one remote you have one input and all of that is kind of the Holy Grail and all of that is present in this Samsung Smart TV that I tested but not all of it works as well as it should okay so specifically what’s the model of it doesn’t work well there were there were a few things one is Samsung is trying something new with its latest series of Smart TVs called smart interactions which means you can use gestures or voice to control the TV and I found those things were you know just so-so they work some of the time they didn’t work other other times and I couldn’t imagine really relying on them to control the TV they have a new kind of remote that uses a touchpad like on a laptop again I found it actually in some cases less efficient than using an old-style remote but most importantly the apps the selves Facebook Twitter the web browser we’re kind of stripped-down crude apps that I found a pretty unsatisfying the biggest strength to me in the apps on the app side were the apps that were TV like like Netflix or Hulu Plus or even wsj live which has an app on there where or Skype where it’s really a video experience it takes over the TV this TV has a camera and microphones built in which is why you can use Skype quite nicely on it those things did very well and it’s nice that they’re built into the TV but I think they have a lot of work to do on this Smart TV concept and and the same with with the other TV makers what what was your favorite thing about this TV I really I mean if you if you want the truth I thought the my favorite thing about it was just using it as a regular TV I mean it’s a and that doesn’t say so much about the smart aspect it’s got a beautiful big picture it’s very thin I mean they know how to make great TVs the smart part not you know III just think what wasn’t as well designed to some of these add-on boxes like Xbox or Apple TV and they really need to get that level of sophistication and smoothness right into the TV if if the whole package is going to work so it’s my understanding is it’s it’s quite pricey I mean that’s another thing that would seem to me to be a bit of a hurdle for a lot of people that that’s right Simon these since in Samsung’s case the the Smart TVs that have the built-in camera and mics which are the top-of-the-line ones go all the way up to about $9,000 and even the 46 inch one I tested which is the smallest one with the camera and mic built-in in the top-of-the-line a range that they have cost about $2,000 on the street and you can get a and they were selling a 46-inch also a smart TV but without the camera and mic for under $1000 so it was about double to get these these smart interaction features and so yeah you’re right it can be expensive yeah that sounds that sounds expensive so not so smart but maybe it is sexy and we’ll leave it there thank you very much the Big W himself Walt Mossberg coming up from Washington DC and you can read more of that column on wsj.



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