Home Camera Reviews New Blink Indoor Wireless Camera from Amazon Review – 2020

New Blink Indoor Wireless Camera from Amazon Review – 2020

New Blink Indoor Wireless Camera from Amazon Review – 2020

Hey it’s Ali from ahaan.co.uk today I’m going  to take a real good look at the brand new blink   indoor camera from amazon I managed to  get my hands on one over here in the UK   it’s due to be released on October the  22nd in the UK, I’m going to show you   how to set it up and also what you can  expect from this new security camera.

the new blink camera has a tiny footprint at just  71 millimeters by 71 and weighing at 48 grams the   glossy plastic won’t be everyone’s taste but  it’s fairly discreet when placed somewhere in   the living room like shelf in the box you get a  tool that will help you unscrew the back cover   you could easily use a coin to do the same thing  the included wall mount bracket clicks into place   through the hole you need to add battery to the  camera it takes two double-a batteries amazon   says that you can get two years of battery life  from this i can’t see that happening though the   blink camera requires a separate device called the  sync module 2.

this communicates with the camera   and your home wi-fi network you can also plug in  up to 64 gigabytes of usb storage for the purpose   of backing up your videos locally you have to  keep the sync module 2 powered otherwise your   camera will not work it won’t communicate with  your network now i’ll show you the setup process   from start to finish you’ll need a smartphone  for this i’m using an android but ios devices   will work too download the blink app from your  app store i’ve already got an existing blink   camera so i’ll go ahead and add a new device i  will need to add a blink wireless camera system   first which is the module that i have here i now  need to scan in the qr code from the back of the   sync module i’ve blurred mine out for security  reasons the next step is to create a new system   name it something like home i’ve already created  a system so i’ll select the existing system name   on the next step it shows your sync module should  have a steady green light and a blue blinking   light if it doesn’t you’ll need to factory reset  it by using the button on the side of the module   tap discover device and the blink app will attempt  to connect to the sync module this part can take   some time bear that in mind there’s something to  note only one sync module can be included in the   system if you have two sync modules you will need  to create two separate systems once the blink app   has found your sync module you need to connect  to your home wi-fi and provide your password   once that’s done it will connect the sync  module to your blink account the sync module   has been successfully added to your app we now  need to add the camera before that i’ll show you   what happens when you add a memory stick to the  module when you add usb storage to the sync module   the app should notify you that the local storage  device has been detected you can then make sure   that clips are backed up every day it’s a shame  that you cannot edit the frequency of the backup   now i’ll add the wireless indoor camera itself  to do this i’ll follow the same steps as the   sync module tap on the plus sign at the top  right of the home screen of the blink app   choose blink wireless camera you then need to  scan the qr code which is behind the back cover   of the wireless camera use the tool provided  to get the back cover off now you’re all set   up the blink camera has an impressive speaker  built into the camera you can use the blink   app to have a two-way conversation the speaker is  loud enough to make anyone jump out of their skin yes please the live view of the blink camera app  is lacking unlike the nest camera app you can’t   view the live camera feed continuously without  pressing the prompt every 30 seconds this is   probably due to the limited storage capacity and  because it would drain the batteries quicker but   it’s the same with any of the wired blink cameras  the live view of the blink camera app is lacking   unlike the nest camera app you can’t view  the live camera feed continuously without   pressing the prompt every 30 seconds this is  probably due to the limited storage capacity   and because it would drain the batteries quicker  but it’s the same with any wired blink cameras   here i tested the night mode of the blink  wireless camera with the infrared intensity set to   low you see there’s ghosting all around the image  this is due to the infrared light bouncing back   onto the camera lens to mitigate this  make sure there aren’t any surfaces   in front of the camera lens during my  testing i found that the motion detection is   very reliable blink gives you many controls  in the app to fine-tune the notifications   to your needs the picture quality is pretty  good but not amazing it’s lacking any kind of   high dynamic range which means that some parts  of the image can look washed out for example   in these three image settings it’s very hard to  see the title of the magazine i’m holding because   the light is directly above if the camera had any  dynamic range it would be able to provide a better   image in this scenario in conclusion the all new  wireless indoor camera from blink is a decent   option for any household price tag is justified  at 79.

99 i just think if you paid a little more   and didn’t need the camera to be wireless the nest  indoor option is a better choice the limitations   in the blink app let it down sadly that’s it for  me like the video if you found it helpful and   subscribe if you want to see more videos like this  one last thing ahan dot credit uk is now available   on google news so make sure you follow us you can  then get quick access to all of our articles and   every single one of our videos and even the new  download section this is the quickest way to   get to our new content so make sure you follow  us now i’ll leave the link in the description


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