Home Phone Reviews Napoleon LV50 Linear Gas Fireplace Smart Phone Review

Napoleon LV50 Linear Gas Fireplace Smart Phone Review

Napoleon LV50 Linear Gas Fireplace Smart Phone Review

hi my name is Trevor with Amber’s fireplace we’re giving you a brand new look at Napoleon’s LV 50 this is a new linear gas fireplace it’s really quite different from any other product they offer it’s instituting a brand new technology instead of using a remote control it’s got a built in app that you download on your smart phone and control the fireplace on your phone which is really quite cool and gives you a lot of added benefits you can adjust the flame height you can adjust the blower speed and probably the coolest features you can change the color of the LED lighting all from your smart phone does have different fronts and finishes you can do in black frame instead of a stainless steel as well as Riverrock driftwood or a river rock driftwood combo or the crushed glass or marbles that we have here you can see it does have the 2015 approved safety barrier on it and you can see we’re kind of switching through toggling through the lights here it has over a thousand different color variations in the LED lighting system with the smart phone feature the black porcelain reflective panels in the background are standard if you have any other questions you can call our tech store sales staff at eight oh five nine five two five four four zero thanks a lot for checking out our video today


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