Home PC Reviews My Updated 2014 PC desktop setup at home – By TotallydubbedHD

My Updated 2014 PC desktop setup at home – By TotallydubbedHD

My Updated 2014 PC desktop setup at home – By TotallydubbedHD

hey what’s up you sexy people turn it up here and today I’m going to another set up to her it’s an updated set up to her on my 2014 set up to her I also got lots of views 2,800 views and I was like what people are actually watching this I’m like okay I’m gonna make another one because I’ve updated my setup I thought why not update the people as well clearly someone’s watching so why not so it doesn’t take much of my time so let’s get on with this sexy set up tour I know it’s pretty sexy right anyway so my PC it’s an i7 3770k that’s been deleted at 4.

5 gigahertz it runs with an antic 920 cooler on it which is using push-pull and air is going outside before it was coming inside now it’s going out simply because that’s what she said no because I’ve got sli 680 s now in there I used to have only one 680 that and that was pretty good but I’ve updated my monitor from resolution 1080p to 144 o P in just a little bit and therefore I went SLI six 80s and I’ve got to say that magnificent about msi gtx 680 at a KF a gtx EXO C in there and they’ve run a really good the motherboard is asus new tooth 777 that’s what I call it and it’s a fractal r44 awful case my monitor so I just want mentioned that monitor mentioned that much much much it is AK unix q x2 7 101 4 4 o p pls panel now pls is just like IPS is just Samsung’s equivalent of it so yes it’s a Samsung panel and you might be thinking ok but that was probably expensive right nope because these are kind of rejected monitors by Samsung which go to Q NICs and Kunik Sri packages ISM and sells them often they come with defective pixels why can I not remember they have defective pixels or in a backlight bleeding or something’s wrong with them somewhere but my monitor was an ultimate perfect pixel I bought for 233 pounds including customs from a store with story no toys I’ll link it down in description and it’s a lovely monitor overcooks 296 Hertz as well it can do hundred and ten Hertz but 96 Hertz is the sweet spot for me and it’s absolutely lovely I can’t stress it enough it’s a 27-inch monitor as well because you won’t be able to tell all the size but as women like it the bigger the better and I definitely agree with monitors bigger it’s better to an extent you know aren’t too big whereas it’s gonna hurt your eyes I see what you did now anyway my my keyboard is a logitech g7 100 plus brown switch keyboard it’s a beautiful keyboard and I love it and now it’s even more sexy because it’s a game yes but its older isn’t and therefore we always have clicking arguments between each other good I’m horrible at this for anyway I got these little key covers that go over these white LEDs which are placed behind because it’s a backlit keyboard with only white and therefore you have key covers that have just different colors on them and you can position them the way you want and I did it like in a rainbow sort of gradient way and it looks askew lovely I’ve also got some key caps over here which just remind me of Lego and they look kind of different I’ve also got some extra key caps which I stuck on my desk because why the hell not and so there we go apart from that I’ve got a Ankur 8200 dpi Mouse I used to have the 8000 dpi Mouse but something happen with the mil click and contact anchor and their apps you brilliant they send me 8200 dpi Mouse which is the updated version has black on the side because you know when you go black you never go back and and it’s got color over here which adjusts with this colour which is over here which is lovely I’ve gotta say lovely Mouse best mouse I’ve ever owned best mouse you should you should get it whatever you media your gaming doesn’t matter get it because I do meet you and gaming and I love it it’s so good anyway more orgasm on that later so the my headphones that I’ve got are for listening for listening to music obviously they were listening but listening to music and then an ahd 2000s they’ve got d5000 cups and they’ve been dampened I’ve gotten lost in audio mods and it’s been Rica with d7000 which has been returned to my 3.

5 millimeter jack I did all the mods myself yes indeed very impressive very cool the amplifier I’ve got over here is a Denon AVR x500 it’s connected connected via optical to my PC and it is a lovely amplifier and receiver really I can’t recommend it enough I’m Anubha amplifiers and receivers but this one just hits the nail on the head for me speakers wise I’ve on a 5.

1 setup I’ve got five speakers I’ve got the f-35c Center speaker by Celestion and I’ve got this Celestia in three Bookshare speakers there’s one two three four so I’ve got a nice 5.1 setup and my subwoofer is a trifle subwoofer so for you I was almost doing a woofer there but yeah it’s absolutely lovely as well and it’s brilliant sound a bit bassy but I love that so really cool overlooking while I’m typing and doing whatever I’m doing on my my PC I have my little chimp man’ll Yoda I love my little Android man I’ve got my little two little fluffy guys over here and I’ve even got a Warhammer over here yes I painted that and made that when I was younger and I’ve got loads more war hammers over here which are completely misaligned but I’ll get to that in a little bit so yeah arrey guys I think that pretty much covers everything apart from one to other things one two three four so that’s the desk the desk is the IKEA Fred a desk it’s a lovely desk of what I say cupholders are really good because I can put women in it and I can adjust their cup size and you’ve got foot holders over here so you can kick back or you can put your PC on it but for me my PC is such a beast course so it doesn’t even fit so I put my feet instead because they’re relatively small oh they say with small feet no I’ve got quite big feet trying to pull this but I’m just digging the whole thing you know no but yeah it’s really comfortable for a for a footrest and I kind of chilled back and lay back on my on my my chair and my chair is a top star chair it is really good and it’s really for keeping good posture I can’t stress that enough keeping good posture and standing up straight is very important I’ve got scoliosis on my back which means my back is a little bit bent like my keyboard okay but yeah so posture is really important I’m trying to improve my posture I’ve even even been working out and it’s actually been helping quite a lot with my posture and my general bones and my muscles around my bones so it’s always helpful in fact I have to work out off this video because I haven’t worked out for quite while due to being busy I know excuses excuses do you even lift bro anyway guys hope you enjoy this video if you like this video make sure you like it if you if you haven’t subscribed why the hell haven’t you subscribed go subscribe if you subscribe I love you you know you know that I love you and make sure you comment below to see how much porn you watch right take care guys bye bye


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