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My Dell G5 15 (5587) core i7 gaming laptop Review – (Specs, Features, Performance)

My Dell G5 15 (5587) core i7 gaming laptop Review – (Specs, Features, Performance)

A 15.6-inches gaming laptop with Nvidia’s GTX 1060 graphics isn’t bad at all, Now, that’s my Dell G5 5587 core i7 gaming laptop. This laptop was released in April 2018 but isn’t bad to talk about in 2019.

It has a lot of unique features that makes it stand out even in 2019. It’s a core i7 8th generation laptop powered with 12 cores with a 2.2ghx of speed. Now, that’s not bad at all It has 16gb of ram which is DDR4 and supports up to 32GB.

It is equipped with a 256gb SSD drive as well as a 1 TB mechanical drive, so it’s using the dual storage technology in here. I hope you know how good an SSD drive is, speed and performance at its peak.

The screen is 15.6inches with an LED backlight technology. It is a full IPS display which is great for wide angle display. Whether gaming or watching movies from a distance, it has an awesome experience Talking about sound, it has two great stereo speakers which is positioned right Infront close to the base of this laptop.

I must say, they sound really great and can even be configured to give an immersive sound. It has two array microphones positioned next to the webcam that sounds awesome. Yes, just awesome. This laptop is oculus ready, which means virtual reality is a part of its features.

So, If you’ve got the oculus rift from Facebook, then you are ready to have some VR experience. What I like most about this laptop is its ability to last longer, I mean its battery life. It is a 4 cell lithium battery, powered by a 19.

5 volt 130 watts adapter which is heavy. Yes, very heavy The connections and expansion interfaces are, a 3.1st generation USB port of which 1 usb one is powere enabled or power share enabled. It has 1 LAN port, an HDMI port, a headphone/mic port, an SD card port as well as the almighty thunderbolt 3 or USB type c port which serves as a display output as well.

Let’s talk about the fun part, its graphics processor. So, this laptop is powered with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics adapter. You must be licking your lips already? Well, it also has a 4gb dedicated graphics memory which runs on GDDR5 SDRAM.

So, you can imagine, whether it is gaming, running of high end applications or being in virtual reality, this laptop has got you covered. And oh! It has a red keyboard backlight which makes gaming experience pretty fun.

I have owned this laptop for some months and though it’s a great laptop, it has some few downsides I would like to talk about first is the price, it’s is about $1200 plus with the specs stated in this video.

It sometimes heats a lot when under pressure and for the last part it weighs about 5.1 pounds which makes it a bit heavier when carry about. So that’s it for now, there’s more we can talk about, concerning this laptop, but let’s just end here and talk again about it some other time.


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