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MSI Pro Cast #13 – The All New Infinite A | Gaming Desktop | MSI

MSI Pro Cast #13 – The All New Infinite A | Gaming Desktop | MSI

Hey, Richard Here from MSI and welcome to an episode of MSI Pro Cast. Today I’m really excited to show you something new. Over the past few months our engineers have worked really hard on this and I’m very proud to announce a new member of the MSI gaming desktop family, the MSI Infinite A.

The Infinite A is our latest high-performance desktop gaming PC. It is more powerful than any other gaming desktop PC we’ve ever made. So let’s take a closer look! Taking a look at our outer design you’ll immediately notice a large tempered glass window that allows you to look inside we are using bold design cues to express a sense of fearless performance.

One cool tidbit here, depending on which reseller your Infinite A from, you might also get a regular side panel. No compromises here, you choose whatever you prefer. For all you LAN party goers out here, this handle on top is another awesome addition to the chasis design.

The I/O on this machine I’ve been arranged to deliver the best gaming experience. No more searching for the right port at the back of your rig. In the front you have direct access to the usual headphone and microphone jack inputs; One USB 3.

1 Type-C; Two USB 3.1 Type-A with one of them supporting our MSI SuperCharger feature and one VR-Link HDMI connector. The VR-Link feature is something we’ve already implemented on the NightBlade, the Aegis and the Trident already.

This simply allows you to connect your HDMI cable to your VR headset from the front of the case. One last touch Mystic Light. Just like all of our motherboards, Mystic Light on the Infinite A allows you to customise your LED from different colors and patterns.

And moving on, to the insides of the machine the cooling we’ve also built this chassis with gaming and cooling in mind. For the Infinite A we use the technology called Silent Storm Cooling 3. With this technology we’ve optimized every inch of airflow within the case we’ve devised the chasis into three distinct chambers to separate heat sources to drive up the efficiency of the overall cooling.

As you can see we position the gaming graphics card vertically. This greatly helps to improve the airflow for your GPU, and this also improves stability during transportation. In idle, you can expect fan noise to be as low as 25 dBs up to 36 dBs when I maximum.

Now keep in mind, having a quiet chat like we are now with average around 40 dBs, that’s really quiet, what’s that haha. The internet a comes packed with the following Hardware 7th generation Intel core i7-7700 processor with DDR4 memory.

For your graphics card you can choose between the MSI GTX 1080 Gaming 8Gb GDDR5X or the MSI GTX 1070 gaming 8Gb GDDR5 Wi-Fi AC wireless connectivity One gigabit Gaming LAN 5.1 channel HD Audio with Nahimic audio enhancer.

One M.2 SSD, Three 2.5 inch SSD or HDD; Two 3.5 inch HDD. Did I mention this makes the MSI Infinite the most powerful gaming rig we’ve ever made? I think I did. With this MSI Gaming Graphics Card expect 14% higher GPU clocks for 35% less noise and lower temperatures and any other GTX 1080 on the market.

This machine comes with useful software bundles as well the MSI Gaming Center, One Click to VR and the new Nahimic audio 2 +. Here at MSI we always value your feedback, we listen and pay attention to like gamers.

One with the Infinite A you’ll be able to upgrade your system over time. It’s very simple, you can at any time open the back panel and upgrade your 2.5 inch drives from the three available slots and also add two additional 3.

5 inch hard drives. The same goes for the other components, no soldered onboard memory or things like that, here you can upgrade the memory the CPU the motherboard the power supply the graphics card. And not just that we’ve also added support for the Intel OPTANE memory technology with Optane Genie you can easily activate this feature from just a simple click in the BIOS so basically the whole system can be upgraded to any new parts whenever you need.

To let me know in the comments so this is something you like personally we think it’s pretty awesome of course don’t forget to check out the official product page for the latest compatibility hardware list.

So that’s it for this video keep an eye on the product page and for availability at local retailers. We always appreciate your comments if you liked this video please let us know why and give us a thumbs up drop your questions in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to MSI thanks for watching and happy gaming


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