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MSI INFINITE X GAMING SYSTEM – Special Version with GTX 1080 ti !

MSI INFINITE X GAMING SYSTEM – Special Version with GTX 1080 ti !

I’m near water for kick guru and I’ve just realized a lot actually certain how to pronounce the name of this PC it is from MSI it’s called infinite and then it’s the letter X but I don’t know for sure if is actually X or if it’s 10 like the iPhone 10 I’m gonna go the X MSI infinite X it’s a built PC that arrives ready to go except it actually comes with this regular steel panel no noise deadening returned no nothing it’s a real basic panel and they said no please do install the accessory glass panel because it looks better and you can show off the mystic lighting and such like and I thought yep fair enough unfortunately although we are the first weird kick guru the first media in the UK to do a review of the infinite X I’m sticking with X now it’s clearly been around the houses it’s done at least a show or something because in addition to this ding in the top which absolutely should not be there one of the mounting lugs for this glass panel is bent the thread thing is just keeping giving a heft so there’s no other damage as such it behaves correctly it functions correctly but you never feel great with a PC that’s clearly not in the first flush or what’s it passing is I can’t do the peeling off the you know protective coating on the glass nor arrested such is life my problem not yours there are three versions of infinite X available for sales all down to the graphics the hardware in each case is exactly the same the guts of the system is a coffee lake core i7 8700 K processors so that’s a desktop processor unlocked available to be overclocked and then you get three different types of graphics so you get gtx 1060 that’ll cost you 1,500 pounds to samba gtx 1070 that’s 1700 pounds or gtx 1080s 2100 pounds here in the UK at the moment that’s on sale actually through John Lewis rather than the usual sort of computer outlets which is definitely surprising and I’m not sure if it’s on sale amazon either which is really surprising this damage everything’s in Amazon we however have another version and this reminds me of a bloke I used to know many years ago who had a Lancia one of those Italian cars can used to a by launcher and it was a unique car because it had come directly from the importer it was there demo model and it had every single accessory you could possibly get every single one in the same car and you know nobody did that they’ve got some accessories not others we have GT X 1080 Ti and whilst that’s a SKU that is listed it’s not in the UK and I’m not sure where you can buy that so I’m gonna pick a figure out of the air completely almost at random Unger says is a turn off thousand pound PC there’s another variant also to do with the specification as far as I can see all the PCs that are on sale have a single m2 SSD and then you have a two terabyte bulk storage drive we still running 3dmark oh look at that perfect timing Wow that’s good game um I had a pretty hefty score but then coffee makes six core along with GT X 1080 Ti I mean it’s gonna be good in it it just is let’s run something else it’s gonna give a bit of eye candy okay I’m running the blender render test that’s the standard BMW test or one of the standard ones it’s running in CPU mode so the CPU the coffee lake is working flat out and this will take a few minutes to run one of the other aspects of this PC that is different to the other infinite X’s that are out there is it has dual Intel 600p SSDs m2 s in raid so it has 500 gigabytes of fast storage I’ve written 500 and I think is almost exactly 500 as well as a 2 terabyte Seagate Barracuda SATA hard drive obviously the motherboard is there 370 because it’s coffee-making obviously as an msi as you would expect slightly peculiar however despite the fact we’ve got this you know vertically mounted MSI naturally GTX 280 TI arm a graphics card for some reason on the i/o panel for the motherboard which after was made by MSI and which chose me I’m excited to go in this MSIP see we still have graphics output on the i/o panel and I cannot begin to understand why they do that that just seems weird to me clearly you’re using the graphics card obviously anyway no point moaning but a few more USB or something would have been nice we’ve also got pushes the button an optical drive by why when did you last play a game I’m not a optical disk and for anybody who wants not to cool drive you know I said well fair enough here you are this is this is view I haven’t bought a game on disk in I cannot remember how long so I just consider that to be bizarre particulars it’s quite clearly here on those things where they’ve a crowbar D in a laptop type Drive a slim Drive and then put a fancy bezel II thing on it to fit it into this fascia I mean I don’t understand it yeah there’s space yes they can do it no there’s no harm why just why the i/o panel is here we’ve got a to type AE USBs we’ve got a type C we’ve got headset jacks we’ve got Larry power button oh we’ve got illumination going on which you can see through the glass on the side and also the glass on the front it’s powered by MSI’s mystic lighting system and I don’t like that system very much the software is just not the brightest it just isn’t so I’ve set it to a red thing which looks absolutely perfectly Pleasant and obviously red being an MSI color so that’s great there are other color schemes you can have doing the rainbow thing and suchlike but it all gets a bit tiresome through the smoke glass and such like the red is just Pleasant the glass panel stands off by like that much so therefore there’s no hint of it being filtered I can actually see it’s not sat down correct on these metal standoffs as I say when it’s bent however clearly MSI can either seal it in which case the graphics cards gonna starve over there or they can stand it off in which case you don’t get any filtration I mean that’s obvious clearly starving the graphics card would be a disaster so they’ve stood it off and therefore no filtration so mmm not best pleased about that what else memory now I don’t begin to get this the memory is ddr4 24 hundred megahertz you cannot I don’t think go to another PC assembler across the UK probably across Europe and spec a PC with a coffee lake on a Zed 317 to 1080 Ti and 2400 mega its memory I don’t think the opportunity even exists and for some reason MSI’s gone down that route so that’s not good obviously the memory bandwidth is poor as a result fact it’s not gonna help performance obviously and also the memory looks dull it’s just green PCBs and chips and you think look you know you’re paying a lot of money for this PC the idea you’ve got memory looks dull just seems unnecessary so the choice of memory very strange I suppose on the plus side its dual channel they also say it’s sixteen gig in two modules you can do a maximum 64 well okey-dokey um so you could double up yeah you don’t want to double up on you 2400 you want faster memory for a start other thought also the cooler now the cooler is one that’s appeared in various other MSI pre-built systems before hope we’re done let’s run something else let’s give you a quick rush through times by yeah the cooler the coup has been used in various MSI pre-built systems before and it’s their silent storm cooling three pro I’m not absolutely certain if it’s an ace tech or not but it’s certainly a liquid cooler it’s a 120 ml cooler at the back and that strikes me as peculiar it certainly runs reasonably warm but then of course coffee like does run reasonable if you start to push it you know it heads to 80 degrees that happens almost regardless but the thing is it seems to hurt performance when I ran blender when I was doing my benchmarking of this PC initially the CPU went up to four point three gigahertz and all course which is what I’d expect it then dropped down to four point one gigahertz which wasn’t encouraging and it then dropped down to four gigahertz and I’m gonna say that CPU cooling right there that’s not good now blender is obviously it’s a real test it’s not a synthetic test but it is stressing all calls simultaneously 100% and obviously with games and such like you don’t tend to do it it’s more bursty but it’s a good test is the legitimate test and the fact is to my mind this PC failed that I mean he’d pulled through the test right you saw it running blender but the fact is the processor shouldn’t run it at four gigahertz it should be running up 4.

3 gigahertz and ideally you know fingers crossed ideal it should run beyond that stage it’s a k processor or we’ll put proper cooling on it why not a 120 mil cooler in this chassis strikes me is just a really peculiar to us but then if you want another peculiar choice reaches for the specification the power supply okay so it’s by Delta Delta as a proper brand it’s looks entirely generic I mean the Delta logos on the back of it it’s 550 watts for rating which strikes me as a little bit peculiar since this is 1080 Ti but nonetheless we’re within the 550 watts of power draw but it’s rated bronze bronze I mean why why why would they do that now if you’re building a cheap PC yeah bronze is acceptable this is not a cheap PC even with a 1070 what’s the price of that 1070 1060 even 1,500 pounds 1500 or 1700 or 2100 I mean this as I say is the the special this is the more than that but nonetheless 1500 pounds I don’t think you’re a bronze rated power supply so I don’t get that that is good so overall it’s a really strange thing MSI’s built a regular steel chassis into a Larry looking sort of cladding is the best way of describing it so it looks a bit swish okay if with a glass panel on it albeit you know at some point is received a bit of damage so it doesn’t look entirely correct but fun they put their lighting inside okay it looks pleasant enough it has mystic lighting and the number of times I’ve asked them in reviews and suchlike to just sort out the software I mean it’s getting beyond a joke so any help they can put on the software will take thank you very much the specification is in terms of the motherboard fine except the motherboard could hardly be armed or dull and generic said 370 motherboard and MSI oft will makes a whole range of motherboards so it’s just a peculiar choice the graphics card the msi arm a graphics card yep we’re happy with that processors fine the cooler 120 cooler please more the memory better faster yep the Intel 600 P SSDs fine I mean I think most of us would say well where’s the Samsung but that’s not a problem or when did WD black buy here we are until we’ve got that’s fine we’ve got Wi-Fi we’ve got various USBs I mean that’s all fine but it’s a sort of bit of hodgepodge we’ve got a bronze rated power supply we’ve got an optical drive I mean it’s just this bizarre thing the cable management is not gorgeous now they divided it into compartments internally so there’s a shroud but covers the sort of the mess you take the shroud off to have a look and it’s not really very pretty that’s just a fact of life and overall you sit back and you go well if I was walking through John Lewis and I had a bunch of money burning all my pocket on a gaming PC when I picked this up I might I mean there are alternatives obviously not this one because the 1080i does not want to be looking at but let’s say it’s the 1080 well why not I mean it’s gonna play games but I could go to most PC builders in the UK and spec a PC that had the same broad outline in terms of storage graphics and processor and I’m gonna say a proper case which sounds terribly rude but your case with filters I mean it can still have glass and RGB but it could be filtered and not I’ve bent bits I mean as in it would be inherently resistant to bent to stand off because it wouldn’t use that system and I’d save a couple hundred pounds of that I’m absolutely sure and in addition if I went to a PC builder and in this instance was paying say two thousand three hundred pounds for 1080i with coffee like I wouldn’t be offered at well I would hope I wouldn’t be offered a bronze passive life if they offered a bronze passive like I’m quite sure that for a very small amount aged to say 20 quid I’d get a gold power supply similarly the memory it would not be 20 400 megahertz memory be 3,000 3,200 or whatever maybe 3,600 I mean I know memory is crushingly expensive I entirely accept that but this is just bizarre and overall what are the good points of this PC it plays games I mean of course it does take a coffee like put it said three seventy put in a 1080 Ti of course it plays games and if it’s a 1080 1070 1060 the same you’ve got I oh that’s fine you’ve got lights but you can’t buy a PC at this spec now without lights it’s not possible you’ve got a DVD I don’t get the DVD Drive um and we’re finishing up and overall I’m genuinely struggling to understand the thinking behind this unless someone at MSI simply thought look we make motherboards we make graphics cards we’ve got a relationship with Intel let’s put it all together call it a PC and we’ll call it the infinite X oh and we’ll sell a bunch of parts fair enough it’s a reasonable approach it’s a reasonable premise but I am left with the feeling that this PC has no part in my life I cannot imagine anybody I know who will buy this PC I can imagine there is someone who’s gonna walk through John Lewis and go I’ll have that one how much is it here’s the credit card their money is sort of no object just run it around the corner deliver it to my London house good score but that’s not me I doubt it’s you I doubt it frankly many people that read kid guru reviews or what – guru videos I could be wrong if I am wrong please leave a comment and tell me I’m wrong but right now I am just absolutely at sea and baffled if you like this video thumbs up if you don’t thumbs down if I’m walking kick to subscribe hit the bell button you’ll be alerted to new videos as they become available I’m near water for kick guru this is the msi infinite x or possibly the msi infinite ten


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