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MSI GT80 6QF GTX980 SLI Ultimate Gaming Laptop Review

MSI GT80 6QF GTX980 SLI Ultimate Gaming Laptop Review

hey guys it’s tiny some Logan back with another video for you and today I mean I have to look this up but essentially I’m gonna call this the msi gt80 but because they have a few iterations of it this is the msi gt80 6qf and they call it the titan sli Titan is a good brand name but it makes you think of Titan graphics cards so don’t confuse it with that it’s actually got two 980 s and sli not 9 ATMs oh oh no children not 9 ATMs they have fully fledged desktop graphics cores on them so two fully fledged gtx 980 s with 4 gigabyte a fear a meet in this and then you’ve also got a processor which is an i7 and it’s as good as you can get in the mobile land to the 6700 cane it’s got 4 cores and 8 threads so it’s a quad core hyper threaded processor which will go up to three point eight gigahertz and yes I have got some notes but this item we will magic you up the specs so that will go up to three point eight gigahertz and then we’ve got a eighteen point four inch 1920 by 1080 it’s actually a pls display but if you’re used to hearing IPS it’s essentially the same thing it’s just different brands so we’ve got an eighteen point four inch peerless display 64 gigabyte of RAM 64 gig around you then got to 240 gigabyte solid state drives they’re PCI Express solid state drives m2 and in raid 0 gonna get some crazy reading rights that I will show you as well and then there are a lot of other bits and bobs that you can see you know going down there there’s essentially sorry 2 times 256 on to 240 you’ve got a 1 terabyte hard drive it in there for storage as well so they’ve got loads of room for your games and then like I said there’s a lot of stuff going on in this laptop a heck of a lot of stock SteelSeries are keyboards on there with all Cherokees essentially what we really should do is just move on stop looking at me and actually start looking at the pretty stuff so we start off with our look at the keyboard which is one of the most striking additions to this that given the fact that it is a full mechanical with all Brown switches and they’re all individually backlit as well it’s not like thee it’s just patchy or anything like that there is a red background which when we zoom in you can see that underneath but just to pull a normal switch and there you can see the brown switch with lovely bright red LED and the other thing to keep in mind here is the keys do have a slightly orange tinge now I have messed around with a white balance and all that type of stuff on the camera to try and get it to show up better but I think the really nice deep red background is just playing havoc with it the only way they are a really lovely even red all the way across the keyboard as you would expect not orange not kind of bleak as the camera showing it so that’s just the the camera struggling with this one as we zoom out is where you can see we’ve got the lovely strip across the top there and something else is to talk about the trackpad that we have over here because where we do have the keyboard so far forward it does mean that we haven’t got the trackpad at the front where you would in you would just expect it to be on on a laptop because that’s where they’ve always been put but because of the depth of this keyboard and the fact that we have so much Hardware up in this section which I will show you shortly it does mean that they had to come up with something slightly different so we have the trackpad over here on the right hand side now if you consider when you sit down at your desktop machine you would have your hand over here for the WASD and then you would be using a mouse over here so it’s not too far-fetched to see why they’ve done it and amazingly it does work as well you will find yourself instantly with your hand kind of like this so you can use the trackpad and I and even ended up hitting the with the all if my thumb ended up using that to do the buttons with as well and you’ll adjust to it very very quickly the other thing is should you be saying to you always the number pad with if you want to use the number pad you hit the top left hand corner of the pad and then it lights up and that is the to differentiate the difference between the number pad and the trackpad you will probably hit it a few times when you first start to use it but because it lights up it’s pretty easy to see how let’s see why the mouse has stopped working and you can do there that I’ve not been able to find any way to be able to stop that number lock button in the software or anything there’s probably some windows option that you can use to unassign the key but it might have been nice that MSI if they’ve done that just so that when you’re gaming for argument’s sake there’s absolutely no chance of you hitting that by mistake could just be me being a total dump but I couldn’t see anything particularly obvious it might have even been nice to have had a button up here somewhere so that you could totally disable it and know when it’s you know entirely off the other thing that we can talk about here is there are the buttons up here the power button you’ve got a button here to be able to turn the screen off and that might be handy for those of you that live with other hassle parents and now let’s say you’re perusing for videos to come up with ideas maybe you know videos and you can hit that off straight away obviously it’s how you get really good if you’ve got headphones on or if you just want to turn it off where you go make yourself a cup of tea or something like that but then you’ve obviously got sleep and those options as well but there is also the fan button here which does turn your fans up to maximum now we will be showing you more in depth into that sort of stuff in a minute but I just wanted to give you just a quick blast while we were looking at the top of the unit onto the screen itself now I’ve got the lights off obviously you can see me walking around because I have a window behind me but it was the best way for me to show you at least some of the colors now what you need to be able to remember is are no matter how good my filming is this is always gonna get raped by the codecs on YouTube but also it’s gonna be very dependent on your monitor at home as well but anyway it’s 1920 by 1080 Full HD it’s got a seven hundred to one contrast ratio and it’s got a really wide viewing angle which is a hundred and seventy eight degrees horizontal and a hundred and seventy eight degrees vertical it is they say it’s an IPS level but it’s basically means that it’s pls but that’s essentially the same thing it’s just made by different manufacturers the bezel round the outside as you can see you’ve probably got about 12 to 15 millimeters of bezel when the outside of the screen itself and you have a webcam at the top having the bezel can actually not be a bad thing because if you have to narrow a bezel round the sides or even at the top some manufacturers have gone to moving their webcam right down to the bottom here the laptop I own has got it and it can be a little bit obscure if you’re used to a skyping with your friends or your girlfriend or anything like that so especially in maybe even a streaming sense this up here is a much better idea another thing to point out it’s actually quite a large screen it’s 18 and a half inch the diagonal across the screen with a width of just over 18 inches as well so it’s actually quite a large screen for a laptop as well but then when you think about it it’s quite an a hotter laptop our first side-on view and you can see one of the vents here which there are quite a few of them but we’ve got our slot loading optical disk drive here we’ve got our audio out with the gold surround we’ve got our card reader three USB threes digital optical audio out and then we have a headphone jack and a microphone jack around the front there are no switches but we do have a wireless a battery and a hard drive light underneath here these light up blue and then when they’re on your desk they give you a slight glow of illumination down on to the work surface the other side we have a further two USB three and then another view of one of the exhausts for the cooling on the back of the laptop itself with two more vent ports we have Ethernet which is a killer this is the power connector the power box itself is absolute monster and the output is nineteen point five volts and sixteen point nine amps so it’s a it’s a big old beast we do also have a Heights DMI out we have a display port out and we also have a Thunderbolt out as well but this is obviously a USB type 3.

1 C connector so you this is reversible and essentially we’ve got options here to be able to run to 60 frames per second 4k screen should you want so you can actually use the monitor as your Center monitor should you wish and then run to external screens as well so there’s quite a bit of grunt there obviously that’s going to be dependent on what you want to run them on its 4k screens have obviously going to give you a it’s gonna be really demanding but the the connections are all there your options are all there DisplayPort Thunder port HDMI power and then Gigabit LAN when we get round to the back side of the laptop a few screws and a warranty sticker later it is there once the camera decides to change there we go boom void if tampered so one voided warranty but I wanted to give you a look inside it’s not very often we get to be nosy like now first things first this whole front section here is your keyboard this is your mechanical keyboard and that’s why there is so much depth to the machine itself as you can see the rest of the actual components feel fitting kind of nice and tightly but that is a big chunk at the front quite surprisingly this relatively small section over here is the battery which saw the battery life as I will show you isn’t that great but we can see our first two dims and these are sixteen gigabyte DIMMs because obviously we have 64 gigabytes in total I’ve shown you the exhausts and the air intakes and exhaust and all that type of stuff around these sides and the back of the laptop unless you can see that we do have the two cooling sections over in either corner with a lot of heat pipes in between when you consider the amount of actual like cooling fins that we’ve got because there’s one here one here one here and one here there isn’t actually a great deal with them now we do have the back off I don’t know why it’s decided to spin because the machine itself is turned off so the ghosts are with this today and I’ll be make sure that I don’t press on and I’ll make sure I don’t press on any of the electrical component tree but anyway you couldn’t make it up could you I think it might have just gone off anyway obviously it’s quite difficult for us to be able to remove the battery another case in point is normally if we were going to bust something open like they saw it especially if we were going to be changing components like memory and the like we would remove the battery but it’s quite built-in here it’s actually quite difficult to remove it can be taken out it obviously can be replaced as well but for the sake of this video today when we’re not actually removing anything we’ve not done it yes anyway so typically brought to the the two dims here so we’ve got 32 gigabyte in total which means we do have 32 gigabytes missing but I will show you that in the middle here we do have our four core eight thread i7 is basically a 6700 K but it’s the mobile variety which is technically as I’ve already told you it’s called this 69 20 Q but then we do have either side our desktop grades GTX 9 he’s now you may be thinking to yourself they are very small and obviously it’s going in on a laptop spec PCI Express connector but the actual core of it is a desktop grade GTX 980 they are then run in sli with this magical cable across the top we can see that like I was saying to you before we have to very no big cooling areas and then the CPU in the middle which has got a heat pipe that goes off to eat or looks rather lovely we’ve got the high res audio here which it’s saying it’s the msi saber HiFi they even managed to get the dragon on the inside we have a speaker here part of the audio setup this is your little subwoofer underneath now I did say that we would come back to the top and I mentioned to you about this area being full of hardware now he seemed from underneath this is where the bulk of the hardware is on the other side and now I’ve removed the screws because you do have to take those screws underneath there are two with the keyboard marking on it does mean that you can then push a little to the side and then this panel does come off exposing what’s underneath now I posted a picture of this on Instagram the other day and people were going nuts about the mechanical hard drive where the mechanical hard drive is there just as storage and it’s a one terabyte 7200 rpm variety just on the left-hand side of it we do have here an mSATA SSD sock now that’s M SATA solid-state drive it’s not PCI Express solid-state drive so if it will run at normal SATA speeds now again you’re probably going to be going barmy about this but underneath here I have had this off already but you can see that we’ve got some thermal tape here it’s aluminium tape and there is an aluminium panel here as well and if you were peel it off basically what this exposes is your two PCI Express M 2 drives now these are running raid 0 and I will show you the speeds that you can get with this when we actually get around to doing the testing on the laptop but you can see that they are here we can also see like I said we have the aluminium panel on the top there are two thermal pads here so it helps to get the radiated heat it’s like a miniature heatsink there are thermal pads underneath as well so it can put heat back into or at least to let the heat soak away so you shouldn’t get too many problems with some of the drives that you can get when they can get a bit warm there is a fair amount of cooling in this but you doin Lee have to get these things really hot but we’re going to go through and take a look at all of that so that’s out the way and I’m going to just push this back on and just put it over I won’t put it back together properly so don’t Mon don’t worry but you can see as I said to you earlier we had two of the 16 gigabyte DIMMs and we had two missing well here are your two missing ones you get more there and then what you can see across the top as well is our four speakers we do have 4.

1 audio so there’s your four there they’re not kind of spread around in a kind of dual stereo plus a sub configuration you’ve got the two two pairs at the top and then the little sub underneath okay so moving on to some performance I’m going to zoom you in so you can see this result for 3dmark fire strike extreme and that is a fire strike extreme result for a laptop not a desktop obviously we’ve got a habit run we’ve not put it on or any way it’s mental nine thousand four hundred and twenty seven but the most important thing that I have to say here is click the link to go and have a look at all of the performance results on the OC 3d website because you’ve done the loans more benches we’ve done more game results we’ve done all kinds of stuff and there is we’ve also mixed in with another MSI laptop so you can get a good idea as well carrying on with a quick look at the performance one of the things that this is sold on it’s the two PCI Express solid-state drives that it has fitted that I’ve already showed you in raid 0 so I thought it would be a good quick idea to get crystal mark out unless you can see we’ve got almost three thousand megabits a second on the sequential read and over two thousand two hundred megabits a second on this acquaint alright you can also see the sequential results down the bottom a pretty mental as well so the performance is bang-on new I mean it’s mental and you do notice it as well it is very very snappy in nor all going around opening files winrar and stuff unruhe and stuff all that type of thing you do notice it’s incredibly snappy and it doesn’t seem to be any delay when you want to get on and get stuff done so the MSI laptop does have some calls software that we can take a look at now one of the things I didn’t want to show you right from the get-go is this fashion portion here and that’s the shift mode and essentially you can change the performance of the laptop now with a quick flick of the FN button and the f7 button which is the shift button you can change it all quite quickly and when you do it you get the little pop-up that comes up underneath which is out of shot which is typical because this is one of my videos after all but when you press it you can change really simply the one that you’re on and you can scroll for him quite quickly as well now the difference between them are the green mode is the CPU turbo disabled lower frequencies and voltage on both the CPU and GPU and they keep the fan speeds right down comfort mode which is the middle one CPU turbo is enabled but GPU frequency is prohibited from ramping up into the boost frequency so the GPU boost to that Nvidia use and then the sport mode is overclocking of both the CPU and the GPU and it also activates the CUDA boost now with sport mode activated it will go up to 3.

8 gigahertz if you’re only utilizing one core but otherwise it’s normally around 3.6 but I will talk to you about even pushing it further past that um so with the software essentially we’ve got the gaming monitor system monitor here rather so you can just keep a quick eye on the stuff that you’re doing and there’s no real options as you can see it’s just a monitor so that you can check you can’t actually change it from within here you’ve got a utility here where you can go into the GeForce experience and then your game caster instant play it’s all to do with your light yard and display audio in your mouth sort of stuff so but the device setting is the one here you can change the shift mode if you want and change how you access it okay so overclocking quick really very quick so don’t want to go too much into it not like a normally do you’ve got the Intel Extreme tuning utility on here which does give you access into changing the multipliers for your cause and you can change core voltage processor they’re calling the ICC max turbo boost short power so there are a few settings in here that you wouldn’t normally get with a laptop like this also in the BIOS there is no sign of any manual changes that you can do whatsoever but for those of you out there that are actually a little bit o fame when it comes to overclocking one thing that I can say is when we come down to settings here on the fourth active core it will only go up to a maximum of 40 because that means you get a 40 multiplier on all of the course you can increase the one active core up even further it will let you go up further than I’ve been able to get it stable running but generally with our Intel the way the boost is worked out is that you get one really fast core and then the more cause you have to lower the speed gets so this if you were to use a program locked OC CT which are using then set it to run Linpack the if you were to set this up the fastest you’ll ever it will ever show in CPUs it is a 4 gigahertz run and I’ve managed to get this running at 4 gigahertz without a problem whatsoever other than the heat because obviously by overclocking and increase in volts we do end up creating heat which then needs to be cleared so then the fans end up having to work overtime to be able to work with you but you can apply this to your your turbo moment as well problem that I found so far is and I will cover this more in the conclusion is that if you do change the multiplier here it changes the multiplier on all of your profiles so if you change the multiplier up two notches for the sport mode then your green mode will be overclocked it overclocked by two multiplier notches as well so it is a little bit limiting and like I said I do want to talk to you about this more in the conclusion one of the things that we did try with in the sport mode was two configurations we tried it with the brace here which is a lift and this is just something I had kicking around in the office but just to simulate like a basic laptop cooler so we tried it in that configuration and then just down flat on the work surface like that to test the difference between the two temperatures and with it like this rc4 you got up to 95 degrees and then 88 degrees on the GPUs but then with it raised we managed to get the temperatures down five degrees in Scipio and down two degrees on the GPU so 90 and then 86 now we would never be expecting the temperatures to be a desktop call considering the small confined spaces that they’re in but it does just go to show that you may it may be worth if you’re going to be using this for a long term on your desk maybe thinking about raising it up slightly or getting some kind of a laptop cooler just don’t get one of the ones with no vents underneath because obviously this does do a lot of its breathing from underneath but I thought it was something I did want to try anyway but so we’re going to do a quick test we’re going to run Unigine 1920 by 1080 x 8 and we’re gonna leave it running for about 30 minutes I’m gonna put my microphone down so you can hear how quiet it is now it’s just silent it’s making no noise or get your mic back on John it’s making no noise whatsoever but then we’ll come back and we’ll click in really quick once it’s warmed itself up a little bit so we’re about 10 minutes in now and we’re in the sport mode which is you know admittedly the highest rated one it’s also the one where you get the most CPU and GPU power but other than that we’re running it at stock and this is the noise that were greeted with at the moment that’s from one of the side vents I’ll flick it round the other side just that you can hear it there as well it is a fairly intrusive noise you can hear it in the other room but like I said this is in that sport mode and we are although this is only Unigine it’s a very good test to be able to you know kind of simulate hardcore gaming use really we’ve got all the anti only eyes or not as well but it’s obviously not the quietest laptop in the world so it’s probably then best left for the conclusion so moving on to the conclusion and yes we are in a slightly different spot because you know why not the laptop itself at the end of the day we ended up giving it the OSI 3d Performance Award but there’s a couple of bits we always like to have a little bit of a chat in the conclusion and we we talk about the things that we brought up in the meat of the review now the first thing I think is going to be the hot topic of discussion hot being the word is the fact that it is a warm laptop now you need to consider to yourself that you are trying to get a lot of cooling done in a very very small amount of space we’ve essentially got the performance of a desktop i7 in there and a couple of 980 s in something that’s probably a quarter of the size of most ITX cases so the fact that they even managed to get it calling at all is a big achievement you’ve seen the size and the heatsinks they’re tiny so there is a lot of noise and to be fair if you expect to buy a gaming laptop that isn’t the size of a house and expect it to be quiet then you’ve kind of missed the point anyway so noise is something that we do have to mention because it is very noisy and if you just so that you know you’re made aware of it but for the most of us we knew it was going to happen but yes it’s very warm and it is very noisy but the in the same breath you would pretty much expect it when like I said you’ve packed the calibre of components that this one has into such a small space anyway so you’re just going to have to keep that in mind you do have the option to be able to change your speeds with that shift button as well and the shift but is brilliant but something that it’s not great for the shift is that if you overclock it as I showed you very briefly in this but you can see in more depth from the OSI through your website is that if you overclock it you then can’t all sorry you then are overclocking all of them which seems kind of strange now I did grab MSI and I was like this doesn’t seem right boys I think you should be able to set each one of those shift profiles manually yourself if you would like wouldn’t it be nice I thought if you could have the green mode for if you under clocked it and then essentially then you may think chef why would I want to run the clock but then you can keep it nice and cool and quiet maybe get a little bit longer at the battery life because the battery life on this you’re looking you know around the kind of hour hour and a half marker you know if you’re lucky really because it is quite small so without green mode if you could under clock it keep it cool quiet that’ll be perfect for web browsing and all that type of really basic stuff that you may want to do on the move brilliant then the middle mode I would personally go with that I would then probably want maybe not the turbo mode on the C for you but I’d certainly want to be making sure that I was getting some good grunt out of my GPU at that and then try and keep the fan mode without going nuts then this sport mode would be the one that I would probably be running with my 4 gigahertz overclock on the CPU and all the power I can get out of the GPU itself and yes you know that you’re gonna be able to cool it so the fans gonna be noisy so give those full whack but that would also be the mode I would probably be thinking personally be the one that maybe your home gaming with your friends or benchmarking or gaming with a set of headset with a headset on says headphones that was the word I was trying to get so you have three nice easily configurable settings to be able to go in Limassol were like totally agree with you Tom we have a product that’s due out within the next three to four weeks which may have those options in and I have heard that the MSI gaming center will allow you to have that on there and you’ll be able to update this laptop with that software and I think that would make a big change and it’s definitely something I will be checking Mack with MSI about because I think with a laptop you know at the end of the day we do need to remember this say 4,000 pound laptop something that allows the end-user the possibility if they’ve got the knowledge to be able to to tune things to suit their lifestyle I think would be brilliant now obviously it’s only a 1080 screen as well you have got the option I’ve been able to run more screens adding them on if you want or even running this as a slave as well you could you know effectively get away with with the GPU power and stuff that you’ve got yes I would say that you could it has got the ability are to be able to run 4k as well I don’t think that you should though in all honesty 4k is demanding for fully fledged desktop systems so I think if you were to be thinking about a screen upgrade possibly maybe go 1440 now that’s nothing to do with the anything that’s wrong with the laptop oh no that’s just limitations of the hardware that we’ve got available to us at this present moment in time so it’s all to do with what’s inside and to be honest with you like I said that’s not an MSI thing that’s just even I personally you do need a heck of a lot of grunt to be able to comfortably run a wider range games in 4k I know games that you could clip all this laptop in in 1080p so if you want to go 1440 I think personally that is a really nice mix of performance and the hardware that you need but let’s be honest with you this monitor is actually so nice it would almost be ashamed to start hanging more things off of it the colors on it are really nice you do get that pls which is basically IPS 1080p screen on there and I think personally especially if you are gonna be using this on the move that is the the best way to go if you did have a desktop setup we may have a screen to run either side so you were gaming on this and then you might have MSN and own email and that type of thing on your desktop then again really nice but you are then very much blurring the lines if do I really need a gaming laptop that’s the other thing that we need to talk about as well is gaming laptop why would I want to spend four grand on a gaming laptop should I be selling my desktop and buying a gaming laptop well if you’re just gonna put it on your desk then in all honesty no I would say you you shouldn’t the whole point about this is an immense amount of grunt that you can move around with you do you know you could annoy everyone on the train there’s always plugs although you might dim the lights with the power this thing pulls but you could use on a train to game on the Train Starbucks maybe you have a girlfriend some of us do there are females out there if you look outside and a big wide world and contrary to popular belief that graphics are better outside as well but if you did have a girlfriend frogs like or you know you’re a slightly younger and you’re going between your mum and your dad’s house it would be great to be able to move your system with you it you’d also be very lucky if you were going between your mum and your dad’s house with a 4,000 pound laptop but you get the point that I’m trying to make if you need grunt on the move that’s when this comes into play it’s definitely not as far as I’m concerned a desktop replacement but because you do have a lot of compromises to make to be able to have this much power to be able to pick it up and it’s still run on a battery for even a short period amount of time all going on so we’ve gone we have a lot of discussions that we’ve had with this laptop personally but essentially 64 gig around o mode days that’s you know that’s crackers I don’t even have that in my desktop you’ve got two PCI Express solid-state drives in raid zero it makes a huge difference as well I love that made me props jealous about it so we’ve got that we’ve got a lot of grunt 980 s in SLI and their desktop ones you’ve got that as close as you can get with a mobile CPU to the 6700 K because it basically is almost the same sort of set you know running the same sort of things for cos eight threads all that type of thing is essentially as you know the best a7 mobile skylake that you can get at the moment so it’s it’s got a lot going for it mechanical keyboard perfect for gamers love the little scroll pad on the side I shouldn’t have done I didn’t like it in pictures when got it it just works and you do just adapt very very quickly so there’s other than the heat in the price there really isn’t a great deal that you can take away from it so if you are looking for grunt on the move then to be honest with you as far as we’re concerned OSI 3d this is the greatest gaming laptop on the planet as of today let’s see who can try to better this little beast but for now at least this is Tony Tom Logan with something different for you for a change out


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