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MSI GE60 0NC 498US Laptop Review

MSI GE60 0NC 498US Laptop Review

this is my review of the msi ge62 on c4 98 us laptop this laptop is part of the lower to mid range laptops at msi offers and it comes in at $900 i also bought this laptop from Newegg first off i want to start off with the specs first thing you’re gonna notice is the 15.

6 inch full 1080p HD display coming down here you can see the specs badge it’s a core i5 32 30 M processor base clock speed I had 2.6 gigahertz and it turbos up to 3.2 gigahertz there the video card is a NVIDIA GeForce GT 650 M with 2 gigabytes of gddr5 video RAM non-glare screen forgot to mention that 8 gigabytes of ddr3 ram at 1600 megahertz a 750 gigabyte 5400 rpm hard drive and 802 11 B G and n Wi-Fi looking at some of the ports on the laptop on the left hand side you can see the headphone jack microphone jack and two USB 3.

0 ports a HDMI port a USB 2.0 port the exhaust power and Kensington lock there’s nothing on the back and on the other side here there’s your Ethernet port VGA and another USB 2.0 port with your CD Drive another cool thing about this laptop is the fact that as a steelseries keyboard and they know how to make their gaming keyboards in one way that is shown is that over here where normally your hand is there’s no windows button so you’re not going to be accidentally hitting that while you’re gaming this keyboard has a full number pad as you can see over here but one downside to it is that it’s not backlit so you know not that big of a deal but that’s obviously a nice touch but it’s not on this laptop taking a look at the trackpad you can see that there’s a textured finish over it it’s not that bumpy but definite lets you know where your finger is single rocker switch here some of the notification lights are hard drive Bluetooth Wi-Fi battery charging caps lock num lock and sleep mode some of the other buttons up top here our power turbo button which is a you can set it to be whatever you want as a function key but when it’s lit up it means that the processor is running at a turbo speed and the fan for you can turn the fans at to 100 percent with that button Wi-Fi display off and also a check button for the CD drive even though there’s one on there too so you have two of those the performance of this laptop is surprisingly good considering that the processor is only a dual-core you know and the graphics card isn’t you know some high-end graphics alright it does does uh do pretty good frame rates in most games I have some other gameplay on my channel so if you want to check out games like Diablo team fortress or planetside 2 or cod 4 I’ll have gameplay videos of those games and I will show what settings I’m running but you know most games you can run definitely at 1080p at high or medium with no problem with this computer another thing to note about this processor is that even though it’s only a dual-core dude hyper-threading it will show up as a quad-core processor in task manager so that’s another pretty cool thing so overall for $900 I definitely recommend getting this laptop it performs pretty decent very good for most in most games the performance is is really good I mean it looks good it runs good the display is fantastic and for $900 you’re definitely definitely a pretty good deal so I definitely recommend this I thought if you’re looking into getting a decently cheap gaming computer so here’s at the top of laptop looks like as these cool red lines in it also this should be a good comparison at how thin it is it’s not that thin but for a gaming laptop it’s definitely pretty thin also you can see that this is a glossy finish on the laptop so you can’t expect that there’s any fingerprints all over the place not that big of a deal though also the laptop is made out of plastic and it’s not the best build quality ever but I mean the hinges feel pretty good and strong so there shouldn’t be that much of a problem and it’s also not that heavy it’s only like 5 and 1/2 pounds so I was pretty good for a gaming laptop one thing that is not that good about this laptop and with most gaming laptops is that the battery life is not that good I’ve used it for about 2 or 3 hours just for you know web browsing and using word light stuff like that off the battery but if you turn on the brightness and put it in power saving mode it’ll definitely last 2 to 3 hours on the battery


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