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MSi Creator 17 Review: The Makers’ Machine

MSi Creator 17 Review: The Makers’ Machine

i finally did it 25 years after seeing the volleyball documentary shower room drama fighter jet movie top gun i finally got a proper replica of the f-14 tomcat control column for my flight and space simulators that’s not what this video is about tune in to the next episode of mr mobile stays home for more about this triumphant tribute to the tomcat this video is about the latest laptop i’ve plugged that joystick into my first ever review unit from msi a machine so monstrous it takes two tubers to tackle it i’m michael fisher and i’m joshua vergara what’s going on everybody and this is the msi creator 17 a desktop replacement built for well creators the reason i wanted josh to help me out with this one is because stress testing pcs is really not what i do as you may recall when my nose is to the grindstone i make my videos in final cut on a macbook pro and when it’s thrustmaster time well i’m usually playing games from the late 90s that would barely tax your phone let alone a pc so i’m going to take you through the fundamentals of this laptop from casing to keyboard from screen to speakers and then i’ll pass it over to josh for his thoughts on performance when you first lay your eyes on the creator 17 it’s kind of a love it or hate it situation isn’t it for my part i love it in a kind of this could have been an independence day too kind of way as with all desktop replacements this one is supreme in scale and hella heavy but unlike other manufacturers that seem to be leaning more and more minimalist msi had fun with this design sure the fan grills are gaudy and the keyboard font is capital a aggressive but as you know i’ll take bold over boring any day along the sides you’ll find enough ports to keep your production pipeline humming from usb-a to usb-c thunderbolt to hdmi even an rj45 ethernet port along with separate jacks for headphones and microphone which should make streamers and podcasters happy the only complaint i had here was the micro sd slot which is nice to have but a full size sd would have been nicer it’s not like they didn’t have the room on the other half of the clamshell msi is very proud of this 17-inch 4k display which is backlit by mini led technology that gives it more versatility especially for hdr content and of course it also has the range and accuracy for editing photos or video i tend to prefer oled in my laptop panels every time i go back to my asus zenbook pro duo it’s a feast for my contrast obsessed eyeballs but this display nails two other details that other manufacturers too often miss a matte finish so i can still see the screen even in high glare environments and peak brightness of nearly a thousand nits you haven’t tasted frustration until you’ve tried getting work done on a panel that just doesn’t have the oomph to overcome harsh sunlight whether that’s on a rooftop patio or in front of big windows so this retina searing backlight is probably my favorite feature we’ll talk about what that means for battery life spoiler alert it’s not good but first let’s touch on these keys i had high hopes for this keyboard when i took my tentative first taps they’ve got great travel and a nice soft stop with quiet switches but the layout has some challenges look i love a numpad and i think every desktop replacement should have one but for some reason on this machine i feel the offset of the main keyboard much more keenly so it always feels like i’m typing slightly sideways maybe that’s because of the very wide track pad which picks up erroneous touches all the time and when i do mean to click it feels as mushy as an old pillow it’s also frustrating to two-finger scroll which often triggers a three-finger gesture for some reason about the only thing i like about this trackpad is the fingerprint scanner which is swift even if it’s made for southpaws back to the keyboard even things that should be a win aren’t it’s great to have these full-sized arrow keys but they’re totally nullified by the decision to place the right arrow in line with the last row of the numpad the result is whether i’m using the numpad or using the arrow keys i’m always pressing the wrong button even after a week there’s also no visual indicator for num lock there’s no function lock that i can find and this is another one of those pcs with no media shortcuts in the function row all in all it’s just not a great input experience which is a shame because of how comfortable the keys themselves actually are i was also let down by the crater 17’s endurance i understand that desktop replacement machines aren’t made to be road warriors but with msi claiming seven hours of run time on the 82 watt hour battery i thought i could at least squeeze out an afternoon instead i got exactly two hours from unplugged to power down even though i was behaving i was only using microsoft edge with a handful of web apps and i had the display brightness set to 40 oh also i had the creator center scenario set to silent otherwise i would not have been able to think over the omnipresent roar of the fans which spin up even when i’m just scrolling twitter now if you’re thinking there’s something funky with my experience yeah join the club notebook check reported a four hour battery life in their testing dave 2d reported the same and josh is i think about to reinforce that so maybe something’s amiss on my review device like this pre-installed executable that the pre-installed norton suite keeps warning me about apparently this is a software suite pre-loaded to maximize the audio side of this spec sheet a spec sheet that’s one of the most potent you can find in semi-portable form and i’m about to hand it over to josh to tell you all about it but since i mentioned audio here’s one last disappointment of mine pc manufacturers i sound like a broken record and i’m sorry but in a world where the macbook pro exists you’ve just gotta do better on the built-in audio now that stuff aside i’ve mostly enjoyed my week with the creator 17 but before you decide whether an msi laptop is right for you let’s turn it over to josh whom i picked for this collab for a very specific reason he’s my first and so far my only friend whom i’ve seen use an msi laptop of his own for real work like out in the real world so let’s go to him for what it’s like to use the creator 17 for its namesake purpose okay i know you’re not much of a pc gamer michael but i gotta say you’re missing out the experiences and fun that you can have with a good powerful pc like this take gaming to a whole new level and that’s why it’s easy to love the msi creator 17.

it’s got a lot of what a gamer would want in a portable shell an intel 10th generation i7 processor and the rtx 2070 max q are in the upper tier of performance specs and it shows in every game that i’ve played so far i’m actually playing a recent game called control and it runs smooth as butter on ultra settings with ray tracing put on medium it’s the most recent game that i threw onto this laptop so every other game that i’ve played just followed suit games like borderlands 3 jedi fall in order and yakuza kiwami 2 to name a few and how could i possibly complain when it’s all being done on a great 4k high refresh rate super bright vibrant mini led display it only gets better when the computer is paired with a few peripherals like michael said the keyboard and the speakers are definitely just the weakest part of this package but you know what this laptop is called the creator 17 and i think that the shift in focus to creators makes perfect sense see i’ve used msi laptops for years because the same specifications that drive high-powered gaming can power the video and photo editing processes too i edited this very video with davinci resolve and even with my somewhat simplistic approach to video i can overload any standard laptop with 4k footage and high resolution photos in the timeline the creator 17 right here is actually the first laptop that i’ve used that doesn’t buckle or even stutter under my 4k workflow so as i get into my office and connect my monitor and other tools to this laptop i’m setting myself up for a great battle station to get any part of my worker play done it just so happens that the laptop can actually leave the office with me honestly it’s just the quality of life details of this laptop that do give this rig some diminishing returns if i could even fit the creator 17 in any of my current bags i would throw this laptop and its huge power brick in them and enjoy power while on the move my crater 17 has gotten a lot of good use for both work and play it just hasn’t moved nearly as much msi got a lot right with the crater 17.

don’t get me wrong but if you ask me they did more to create something like a foldable desktop than they did a powerful portable laptop folks if you want josh’s full rundown on the msi creator 17 i’ll link to his video and for more chill tech reviews that just make you feel a little more relaxed be sure you’re subscribed to josh’s channel the msi creator 17 is available on amazon for between 1500 and 3 000 depending on configuration and you know those prices seem awful competitive given the last few laptops i’ve reviewed while it wouldn’t be my first choice i’ll leave a link to that amazon listing in the description below this video was produced following seven days with the creator 17 review sample provided by msi but mr mobile works for you not the manufacturers msi offered no compensation for this coverage and it was given no copy approval rights or an early preview of this video which means they’re seeing it for the first time right alongside you if you use the affiliate link in the description future plc mr mobile’s publisher may earn a small commission please subscribe to the mr mobile and jv tech t on youtube if this is the kind of video you’d like to see more of until next time and if you can’t stay home then at least stay safe and wear a mask while you stay mobile my friends


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