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MSI Aegis Ti3 Review | Killer Desktop Gaming PC

MSI Aegis Ti3 Review | Killer Desktop Gaming PC

this crazy-looking thing is the msi a GST i3 it is a relatively high end gaming desktop with a rather interesting form factor and style we’re going to take a look at it in the video Sidhu stick around now this system can come in a variety of form factors with a variety of options available although they aren’t necessarily customisable by you you just have to pick the one that you want from a setlist and get that one as opposed to the more custom PC builders people like / clubs UK for example where you can go to their site and actually customize each of the components in the system yourself this is a full pre-built this is an off-the-shelf machine as you get it and I guess that works for some people now as I mentioned this is a pretty interesting form factor so let’s take a look at it on the front you have a rather aggressive angular design obviously your i/o at the top with a couple of USB 3 ports and a type-c ports as well as a VR pass-through or an HDMI pass-through would come from the rear I’ll show you that in a second but especially if you want to connect to your VR headset you can do it there as post at the back of the PC where you get a little bit more room you also get the overlock one on the front which as you’d expect lights up when you press it it gives a light overclock to the system assuming you have the MSI software installed which obviously comes installed by default the software itself is relatively simple allows you to do a couple of little bits and pieces of controlling the machine a little bit of overclocking if you fancy and a little bit of monitoring core temps and stuff like that so kind of a semi useful item between the i/o and the overclock button you do also get a DVD or a disk drive this is a slimline one actually came unplugged when I got the system had two replug the SATA and power connector into you know make it work but I would also mention that as incredibly flimsy and feels incredibly cheap not that anyone’s gonna use it and when you have the system on the front lights up red and a very aggressive styling option which doesn’t look quite cured obviously kind of depends on your taste this on both sides of the system you have these headphone hangers that Slayer that kind of fold out these are quick kill a few you know will have headphones do you want to hang on say you system and you don’t already have a place to put them so I guess that’s kind of cool they just kind of look like an 10 those although they most certainly aren’t but you know kennel oh cool and if you’re looking at it from the front the left-hand side of the system is actually where your graph is carved mounts you can see it through a window especially a window and a great so kind of difficult obscure to see but the crabbers car that’s hiding in here is a 1080 TI you can actually get this entity i sli variants although this model specifically isn’t one and what we’re talking about specs the cpu in here is an 8700 k with a 120 millimeter liquid cooler which you can actually see if you open it up which apparently does void the warranty or something at least there’s temper stickers in the back which is a bit of a pain and also you can see the internal 16 gigs of DDR 4 Ram it’s actually so dim memory as opposed to full-size memory and there’s actually two extra slots for Soudan memory on the back if you want to upgrade even further also on the back is to end up to SSDs these are your boot drive you can also find your a hard drive in the sort of base section you do remove two screws at the back and just slide it off you can install a hard drive technically you can actually install a second hard drive in here although I didn’t see a second hard drive sled so you would just have to sort of balance in although it does look like they’ve provided cables here so I’m really I’m just kind of confused by that but it’s an option if you want to just above those m dot two SSDs I mentioned it’s actually slots for three SSD are three two and a half inch drive modes there’s actually a connector already available there if you want to add a two and a half inch drive although again I don’t see any drive sleds available to actually mount it and there’s obviously positions for three of those other only one cable available but it does look like there are more sense of what’s available on the motherboard inside so if you did want to load this thing up it looks like you could and while we’re on the topic of storage instead of a second 1080 TTI this system has an MDOT two riser card it’s actually shaped like a low profile graphics card has a blower a kind of cooler fan on it which is kind of cool and has to endow two SSDs this is the year their game drive these are in I believe raid zero for ultra fast performance and is they’re pretty impressive to also have that much speed and that much capacity either way it’s still really nice see multiple em no two drives especially purely as a game drive take a look at the back of the system you’ll see that the power supply is actually very far in sent to the back it’s actually more central than anything and can be a little bit difficult to get into but obviously it’s it is possible so not too much to worry about on the actual top side of the back you have obviously the Grandpa’s currents at the top depending on if you have the SLI system or not you have the VR link port in the middle where they include a short HDMI cable in the box if you want to connect one of the outputs if your graphics card to this to pass that through to the front port and also you have your motherboard i/o which includes your standard USB to USB 3 I gave you Ethernet and audio connections another I’ve already showed most of the inside of the system here but I just want to cover the design of this chassis it is a completely proprietary motherboard so there is no way to upgrade this in the future besides just buying a new version of this it seems like the month board there’s two sections there’s the motherboard section at the bottom which includes your cooler or your RAM and SSDs and stuff like that and you have the top section which has its own air flow path and it’s almost entirely blocked off from the motherboard section for your graphics currents which again uses a custom proprietary extender board that allows you to then connect to the motherboard underneath so if L out of the way let’s take a look at the performance results from this rather unimpressive systems dongle for three more first-strike you can see that this is twenty-two thousand four hundred eighteen points at 1080p which is really pretty impressive 40 40 P is over thirteen thousand points and 4k is over seven thousand points in Doral and ultra settings you’re looking at 150 fps at TP 126 at 40 40 P and eighty to 4k which again is really pretty impressive and in GTA 5 on very high settings you’re looking at 170 150 and 108 respectively for 1080p for 240p and for K in Unigine heaven you’re looking at 228 fps at 1080p 143 at 1440p and 59 at 4k which is actually a really impressive score considering how optimized unit in heaven is for 4k so really very impressed and I should expected on a 700 K and a 1080i these are really impressive performance your notes I’m happy to say that upgrade in the graphics card in these systems are relatively easy to do so it’s definitely nice to see and of course in terms of upgrading the CPU that’s pretty unlikely I don’t really expect the MSI’s to be updating the BIOS on these systems that much and even if they do I don’t know that Intel’s gonna support there’s an 370 chipset in the future anyway so I’m grading the CPU is probably unlikely here but obviously upgrading the GPU which is kind of the main factor in gaming performance at the moment anyway seems to be relatively easy which is definitely nice now of course with all these sorts of pre-built especially with custom components like a custom chassis and a custom motherboard you’re likely looking a pretty high price premium now this may be depend where you are in the world and when you watch this but for the most parts these systems are a good couple hundred pounds more expensive than if you were building the system with these sorts of parts yourself and of course you won’t necessarily get the same form factor or anything right now so this is quite a custom chassis but in terms of its sheer size you can definitely find something for less than this with the same sort of spec but as you kind of expect with these sort of things if you’re happy to build your own PC definitely go do that this is for the sort of person who has some money to spend once an awesome aggressively styled gaming PC but doesn’t know how to build a PC or just doesn’t care enough to build a PC and just wants a ready-made box that they can you know look at and smile knowing that they have the best of the best and they’ve paid for it so do I recommend this system well in terms of its performance definitely it’s an awesome system in terms of its overall spec and design it seems pretty decent there’s a lot of upgrade ability ish options here and overall it’s it’s not too quiet but it’s not the loudest thing then what I think that’s mostly down to the high-end Essos spec on the system and the fact that there are probably seven fans in here if you include the graphics card fans so a little bit on the load side but nothing too bad and otherwise I said in terms of its value proposition I don’t think so of course that is my faults I’d love to hear yours in the comments down below is this a sort of system you’d be picking up are you interested in buying one or is this something that you you know kind of look at and go how that’s cool I’ll go build my own thanks let me know in the comments down below but with all the other way let’s take a look at the scoring for me this is gonna be a 3.

5 item but five for performance it’s going to be a 4.5 for functionality and a 4 for styling with a 4.5 4 times mu score and a gold award it’s a pretty high-priced system but again as I said this isn’t really looking at the specific value for money proposition it’s more about cents or a piece person who wants to pick up a PC in Best Buy our PC world and just have an awesome gaming experience so with that in mind I think that’s what I’m going for that if you have any thoughts and that feel free to let me know in the comments down below and we’ll get back to you as soon as I can and if you have any questions about the system leave those down there too I’ll do my best to find the spec for the link in the description down below but if you want to take a look at pricing when and where you watch this use that link that will take you to your local Amazon store you can find all of that out if you wanna support the channel keep me making these videos on a monday wednesday friday and saturday basis feel free to take a look at the patreon link in the description down below or you can use the Amazon and overclockers UK affiliate links to support me down there too there’s also some extra things like merch which actually aren’t wearing today or you can also take a look at that subscribe button if you need to the channel – otherwise I said if you’ve got any questions feel free to leave those in the comments down below I’d love to your thoughts in this session as well there’s somebody who’s over here for you to take a look at and otherwise that is pretty much it so or see you all in the next video


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