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Moto Z2 Force Review

Moto Z2 Force Review

Motorola’s best smartphone for 2017 is a thin classy looking handheld with a long-lasting battery it’s compatible with moto mod accessories and sold at a fair price that phone is the Moto Z to play which I reviewed several weeks ago it’s newer sibling is the Moto z2 force and it’s a much better deal for the wireless carriers than it is for you if you’re a spec sheet shopper who bases buying decisions on the numbers maybe you’re puzzled by my preference for the mid-range Motorola afterall the z2 force brings a cutting edge 835 processor and quad HD display neither of which are present on the z2 play but I’m still convinced that at 5.

5 inches most normal folks can’t tell the difference between full HD and 2k and Motorola did such a good job tuning the performance in the z2 play that I would have no problems whatsoever using it as a daily driver especially given how well its predecessor aged so I don’t see the Snapdragon 835 as a particularly compelling argument for this phone either it should make the carrier’s happy though since the 835 s modem supports a few network friendly features the cheaper ones do not I was more concerned with the decision to go with the battery smaller than every other flagship Android of 2017 and after a week of testing I’m sorry to report that that concern was justified while most of the competition can see me through a 14 to 16 hour day the z2 force is an 8 to 10 hour phone for me and I’m doubtful that any amount of optimization can overcome this combination of a flagship spec set and a small battery if you buy this phone and spend any length of time away from a charger you basically need the $80 Turbo Power battery pack to go with it great for the carrier that sells it to you though part of the reason Motorola slimmed down the internal battery was to accommodate the shatter shield display and if there’s anything that’s going to sell this phone apart from the modem odds shatter shield is it it delivers on its promises I saw a review device is absolutely brutalized at the launch event and afterward and it’s genuinely impressive to see how well it would stands impact but it accomplishes this by trading the typical brittle glass for soft plastic as a result the top layer shows warping and visual distortions and more damning it’s extremely scratch prone there’s a feature in the Moto software that lets you silence the phone by placing it facedown on a tabletop but I’ve never used it on this phone because I’m too worried about the soft plastic being scratched up by toast crumbs from whatever Motorola recommends buying a third party screen protector which I’m sure your carrier will be happy to provide for a fee in brighter news the software is as awesome as ever almost every feature motorola has added is a useful addition that Android itself doesn’t provide I’ve gone into detail on this and earlier motorola reviews from the simple gestures to activate key features to the small but super useful conveniences so I’ll just say that this is the best version of Android you can find outside of the pixel and 1+5 around back the phone is crowded a second camera with the same resolution as the primary but the lack of color filters on that side card means it can kick out monochrome photos with more sharpness clarity and depth than just slapping a black and white filter on an existing photo the added depth information also allows for a portrait mode on this camera which artificially blurs the background to make a subject cop I don’t like portrait mode on this phone any better than I like it on any other Android there are stitching errors galore and it’s little more than a toy but parrot with the Moto depth editor and it becomes a pretty fun toy mostly I was happiest when shooting standard photos and video with the phone which have a bit more saturation that I’m used to seeing from Motorola the typical complaints about low-light photography hold firm and there’s a more digital noise in sky shots than I generally like to see but well these are issues with almost every phone out there and not every front-facing phone camera has a front-facing flash something you’ll appreciate if you take a lot of nighttime selfies my two biggest complaints about this shooter are the lack of optical stabilization and a bit of a lag between hitting the shutter button actually getting the capture there’s a software update landing post launch that will hopefully tweak that latter issue and hopefully improve that electronic stabilization a little bit but even if it doesn’t this camera will serve the vast majority of folks just fine everything else is the same as on the z2 plate from the too quiet front facing speaker phone to the call quality which is just fine on t-mobile us so let’s spend a second touching on the latest Moto mod on the plus side I love that it’s stick it and click you slap it on there and start using it right in the main viewfinder ultra wide-angle photos and video tiny planets live streaming to Facebook coming soon it’s a 360 camera mod and it’s a lot of fun but it’s also a lot of money $300 and it doesn’t bring any spare battery capacity even though it has the Broom for it and it’s not as widely compatible as the gear 360 from Samsung which is also much cheaper the last time Motorola made an overpriced mod with this many compromises well it ended up giving them away for free a year later that’s a snarky way of saying you get a free projector mod when you buy this phone which is cool but this phone really needs a turbo power mod a lot more than a projector and it would also be nice to see the 30 watt charger that came with last year’s force this year’s is a pokey 15 watts and that complimentary style shell from last year well that’s gone to all this corner cutting to produce a phone that Motorola wants to charge you seven hundred twenty dollars for the privilege of owning if I were buying a moto Z this year I’d make it the Z to play you’ll save at least two hundred dollars the sacrifices you make and processor and camera will not be noticeable to most folks and it’s still compatible with all the mods that make owning one of these so genuinely fun unless you really need shatter shield or you can pick it up for a song there are better phones in the class than the Moto Z to force learn more about the siblings and the mods mentioned in this video by checking out the mr.

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