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Moto G4 Plus Camera Review!

Moto G4 Plus Camera Review!

hey I got sure from z4d Tech and today on this video they’re gonna be levying the camera on the Moto G 4 plus so this is being recorded on the front camera of the G 4 plus and the audio is also coming from it and yes it’s raining I’ve been waiting for about 4 hours for the rain to stop and it doesn’t seem to let up so yeah I’m gonna I thought we came to continue shooting so hey guys let’s get started the moto G 4 plus has a 16 megapixel rear camera with an F by dou pono aperture there’s a laser assist for the focus and there’s also support for phase deduction autofocus so let’s start with images shot under good lighting conditions the images are sharp the details there the software processing doesn’t really get in the way either the white f by 2.

0 aperture means you can get some beautiful bouquet in your shots especially with macro shots the background just gets cleared out a lot and it looks quite nice the color reproduction is natural and I experienced no issues with exposure or white balance the dynamic range is OK not the best but still decent turning HDR on helps bringing more detail out of the shadows while not blowing the highlights out indoors and the mixed lighting the moto G 4 + continued to perform well very good images and the low-light Lenna was decided to slow the exposure time down and given that the camera here lacks optical image stabilization you do end up with quite a few blurry images if you hadn’t ended up shaking while taking the shot but for the most part I did manage to get very good results with this camera even under low light there is a minor bug with the panorama functionality the moment you hit the shutter key the image goes out of focus and the result is a blurry panorama like this one I tried it multiple times and the result was the same hope an update can sort this out quick this is video footage via the rear camera and this is shot at 1080p 30fps and it’s okay I’m already guess it out tested it out so yeah that’s how I know it’s okay so let me just walk a little bit with it so 17 Mbps is the bitrate and well it’s not a small test but for 30fps constant seems to be quite good and the camera is quite big to adjust focuses well so just to show you guys there you go I know smooth transition for the focus this camera can also shoot 540 p slow-motion video the 5 megapixel front-facing shooter has a wide-angle lens and as a good job it’s one of the better friend facing cameras that we’ve come across in this price segment in fact both cameras on this phone are excellent for the price barring – software issues lenovo has delivered from a camera standpoint the Moto G 4 Plus is excellent so I guess that’s it for the camera review of the Moto G 4 plus if you did like this video give it a thumbs up you couldn’t put it down and for more videos like this including the full review hit that subscribe button down below if you haven’t already so I guess that’s it for now thanks a lot for watching til next time this is Ashley from see foley tech signing off you guys have a great day Bhuvana


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