Home Phone Reviews Mooc X5 Worlds Ultra Thin Card Mobile Phone (Review)

Mooc X5 Worlds Ultra Thin Card Mobile Phone (Review)

Mooc X5 Worlds Ultra Thin Card Mobile Phone (Review)

MOCC mock ultra-slim card phone and the model number of this is x5 and I’ll be doing a review about the hoe or the phone basically okay first of all this is how he came there are packaged up that’s the box the brand logo is there there is very name of the card phone so the size of a card and slim as a cloud and that’s the web side of that true the original from the brand look and honestly that’s register from case then when you open it you will get basically this comes in a plastic packet when you get it out obviously he has there like it’s like a small plastic screams screen protector over it same goes to it at the back as well and then if you just take this up it has the USB cable as you can see it even sees you there all right and you can see let me show you use a micro USB USB cable very small as well this is the empty box probably the way the phone meant to be in and you’re a Chinese menu book okay the phone itself as you can see he is a branded one it’s ultra slim as you can see look at how slim he is and the design is very nice as well you had the brand logo at the back and it says fashion digital phone on the top you can pour umm basically put it on your key ring on it at the bottom alright if you can see it on this side it takes a micro um micro SIM on this part is the charging port micro USB and you just need some kind of like a safety clip if you can just switch you are if you take you to the right switches on if you take the right you switches off and then all you have to do is hold that okay wait they’re bad the battery of this lack of this phone is amazing and this excellent okay as you can see this sliding thing it’s not actually happening on the flue phone it’s happening through my camera for some reason but other than this I can say that this phone the the very life is amazing it will last around a month because it’s not really using anything at all you call the buttons you need one two nine zero hash star pick up hang up me also if I go through the thing called menu he got names if I go from many can go phonebook go messaging you go call history Gosei inks organized Bluetooth use the profile so that’s amazing instead actual place where you talk the speakers there basically overall I could say that this is an amazing phone for someone who’s looking for a very very slim phone and it will just slide into a wallet that’s how wicked this phone is that’s the reason why I could record phone I’ve got this for around 15 to 20 pounds that’s how much it normally cost and you can basically it’s one of the all I could say is that as one of the best phones you can get that will slide into a phone in your wallet overrule I could say this is I’ll give this 10 out of 10 for having the best design and the best battery life you can never get and the way is packaged okay


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