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Mobius action camera review plus hours of sample footage

Mobius action camera review plus hours of sample footage

hello and welcome to my review of the Mobius action camera now if you haven’t seen these cameras before they’re quite new that came out about summer 2013 it’s a tiny little camera about the size of a matchbox in fact if I get my keys beuker the size of a house key there it’s about the same kind of height as a key it’s 6 centimeters tall 4 centimeters wide and 2 centimeters deep now I know you’re probably thinking when I thought when I first saw it you probably think about the footage from this is rubbish I bet it’s like a cheap mobile phone it’s not this recording full 1080p HD and it looks absolutely superb it looks to me almost as good as a TV show um it is incredible when you see the footage today’s review is going to be done with three stages first of all we’re going to look at the camera itself I’m here talking to all the little buttons show you the camera and tell you what it does secondly we’re going to look at the software that comes with a camera because two loads of options you can play with different resolutions different settings tons of stuff thirdly we’re going to look at some sample footage and I’m going to show you lots and lots of samples a lots of different qualities now throughout the video or maybe the end I’m going to put some links on the screen and you’ll be able to see all of the different video qualities now the reason I’m doing it this way if I put all those those samples into this video you wouldn’t get to see the different quality you would only see and the same quality throughout the whole video so they were going to be samples of low quality medium quality high quality in a car and walking at nighttime tons of different samples I’m going to try and put the links to the samples on those videos so you can download the original file and see I would look to instantly because YouTube does convert the files imagine look a little bit different but it’s very very similar hey you wouldn’t really tell the difference unless you look really really closely and so yeah let’s move on with the review and let’s start by looking at the camera itself ok so here we have the camera itself this is the top of the camera click and a bit confusing to know which way if he goes when you first get it but this is a top with the buns on and that’s the bomb he doesn’t actually matter because you can turn you around and you can have it either way up as I’ll explain later on in the software but you can’t flip the video so it doesn’t matter which hope you have it so let’s double cutter buttons the first wink see here is a shutter button so that just starts recording and stops recording this candle also works as a digital stills camera so like a normal everyday digital camera and he works really well I might put some samples in the video now that I’ve taken with this so on the screen in a moment there should be some photos coming up to say the quality of those pictures so as you see it’s a very usable camera it’s not just like a throwaway gimmick he actually works really well as a stills camera obviously there’s no flash – no zoom it’s not really meant to do that but he does do good photos next down we have the end button which is a mode button I should say that in a moment because the further one down is a power button so let’s press you and turn you on you see I just feel an LED on the lights it it just feel light on the left that will start to flash yellow so it goes blue then he goes yellow now I’ve got the camera set up steady the cords as soon as you turn it on so when you press the shutter button and turn that off and the yellow light will stay on now this cameras different mode so yellow is Full HD 1080p 30 frames a second for press the end button he goes blue that’s now recording 720p 60 frames a second for press 10 again he goes to red orange red and that color the red color is the digital stills camera mode so I can press the button there the light will flash and it’s taking a photo pressing in again will go back to the first yellow mode 1080p now you can also know his mode you can change them to whatever you want so you can call it customizing I’ve never known to come and are this B so customizable it’s going to learn out there there’s so much you can do to this camera both accessories so you can add things onto it loads of different cases different mounts whenever you want to do with it put it in your car put it on your head for skiing or whatever works brilliantly and you can also customize the insides as well if you look at the other things on here before talk about that these two silver things that the heat sinks when you call any fly HD any camera gets really hot because it’s a lot of things that the cameras doing so this helps dissipate the heat that he kind of comes out of there and you’ll notice that when you’ve been filming physically all this five minutes if you touch those they’re not going to probably burn you but they are warm to the touch so be careful if you’re in recording of this and you put your thumb on there you might go off and take them off quick they’re not meant to be touched or not buttons they’re there for the heat so if you look now at the front of the you’ve got the lens and there’s not much else on there just a lens and they’ll hole there you can see is the microphone now as I was saying you can customize the lens you can actually take this camera apart unscrew that lens and put another one in so if you break it no problem you can just replace it then it’s about 15 pounds I think very cheap to replace you can also put a wide-angle lens in there and which dozen this standard lens recorder records at an angle of about 87 degrees the wide-angle lens the cords at about 112 degrees this was fine though for using in a car or general purpose use is fine if you do want an even wider angle you can’t do that this side of the cut that has nothing apart from this little Ridge which I’ll mention more when we look at the moments because I helped you to mount it the back of the camera turn this work you’ve got a USB port which is so your standard USB port on the right there so you can plug in any USB port you’ve got a USB cable and it will power the camera or connected to a PC on the left here you have the memory card socket / moster just tab your phone now and it takes microSD cards of any size you can use SDHC SDXC you can see I’ve got a card there one quick point without gain of topic is don’t worry about having cost 10 cards people also have this thing about your must buy cost 10 it’s got to be the fastest card you can get these memory cards it cost about 50 to 80 pounds it’s like ultra speed mega speed super speed you do not need them this one is a classics and I actually use a class 4 normally this camera going to view called 2.

1 megabytes of data at its highest resolution so even a crosswalk card plus 4 means you can be called a minimum the 4 megabytes per second plus 6 is in just about maybe see on their classics this one means you can record six megabytes of data per second minimum you do not need to buy expensive memory cards just buy and thereby a good quality one but you don’t have to spend loads on a class 10 any cast will work apart from cast – because that’s a lot bit slow we also have on their back then there is an LED which flushes when the camera is on and again you can customize adding turn y’all not turning off we also have a little reset button I’ve never had to use that because it’s never gone wrong but if the camera does go on you can pull your PIN in there and we set it this side are the other there is a much and on the other side this one there’s nothing it’s just flat this camera does come in a lovely kind of rubber texture it’s like under hyun expensive mobile phones and it’s just incredible how you know for the price you pay which are just I light on you get Cisco quality it’s not cheap plastic it’s very nice kind of well it’s our valve you feel to it so there you go that’s the camera now you might be thinking well hold on there’s no tripod name well there is because with the camera you get this little cradle now this cradle if you’ll come inside the tripod name I’m not going to take care now but you’ll see that it’s kind of hinged in there we’ve got to do is push down your finger and he’s quite stiff you won’t play easily if you push it from that side you more come out and and you can then mount it up the things are straps so if you want to pull strap through this hole some tied to your chest or to your head or whatever if you guys scheme then you can do that this little cradle you just simply push it down like this then I’m just going to scroll close to this when I’m filming it but you just push it down there and it clicks in very firm very secure you’ve now got the camera in its little case this is brilliant because if your Cal our cameras are the GoPro hero3 that kind of insist on you putting all of their cameras into these stupid waterproof cases not all of us want to do that we don’t all want to go still swimming under the ocean filming I like live in car videos I don’t want to go drive my car through a lake and I know you can get our skeleton cases and that but this is brilliant and you notice when the case is on you can still access the ports of the back really good design you can still plug things in still get a card out very securely is not going to come out and you can push you there days not going to come out when you’re doing things and you also get with a camera bottle a little lens cap like that which I normally leave off i have accidentally on a few occasions gone out and filmed a video and not forgot to add the lens cap off which is a really bad error but it’s so small Iskander and you can easily mount a mistake because it’s so easy to remember to take off so I let them in leave that off one of the thing I recommend is do not leave this camera in your car overnight because if you do you’ll get maybe the temperature goes too low do you get condensation forming on the lens and you can go inside and like the camera so I recommend and I think it’s supposed to go up to 45 degrees or something like that but I don’t know how low you can go wouldn’t recommend it for like you know sub-zero temperatures so yeah there you go and I’m going to show you one more thing which is the car mount so I’m just going to turn it off neither camera okay so I’ve just zoomed out to they’ll be now so you can see the car moans this doesn’t come with you but it’s very very cheap to buy so you can buy one of those and then you just screw it onto the top and here’s another one I’ve got and there he goes that’s why you’re putting your car you clip it on where you stuck it to the windscreen or that you put it on pull that up sticks on the windscreen no problem at all you can have a feel me forwards backwards whatever you want and you notice now the camera is upside down because you notice the top is on the bottom that doesn’t matter because you can change the video so the flips upside down automatically I’m going to show that in the next part of the video now I’m going to go through all of the software with you and say exactly what you can do now there are loads of other mounts you can buy for this camera they’re all kind of held me mounts bike mates will ever you want there’s tons of accessories for it and because he’s got the standard tripod notes on there you don’t even have to buy specific mounts or you can just plug it into any tripod you want so if you want to go and buy no cheap tripod for you car this one’s really cheap anybody Sony cost me five pounds but you can go and buy any of them anyone you want and plug it in yourself but let’s not have look at the cameras software and show you what it can do okay so one more point I forgot to mention two quick add on this when you go car Camelot is not meant just for the car but when using the car and see you guys a stabilization hardware you can get which makes the picture look smoother stops of shaking around one of them is called digital image stabilization and one of them is optical image stabilization now optical image stabilization is the better one because it means to the lens actually moves around inside the camera it kind of bounces audience on suspension so soaks up the vibrations digital image stabilization it’s not so good because it’s just either the camera and the software tries to solve the ditch appeal so much which ones you think this camera has but he actually hadn’t got either of them it’s got nothing at all which is so impressive that this camera has nothing and it’s so stable I mean look I know I’m not even a but when it wasn’t me okay staying for picture was he had his fancy expensive cameras above all these gadgets built in and um they don’t work anywhere near as well so yeah just a little bit I wanted to slip into the video there okay so here we are with the möbius software so you get this program you can download for free off the website that multi-port link on the screen africa and when you plug your camera in it comes up at the top there I hope you can see the screen quite well he comes up and he gives you the camera so you click on it and you know you can go down to change all the settings so I go over these in great detail but before I do if you look at the top you’ll see you’ve got this thing about creating profiles and this is great because what you can do is you can change all these settings and always different tubs and then you can just save a profile so for example here I’ve got one called everyday looping that’s just what I use when I’m in the car and it’s just everyday recording where the video loops random and then when I do a special one-hour video Cyndi nada I’ve got here a long video no looping so yeah you can set up all these different profiles I don’t think there’s a limit on how many you can have so let’s go through all of these little tubs so first of all you’ve got basic settings synchronize date if you hover over this it shows you and it tells you what to do but I’m going to explain in a bit more detail synchronize date and time that’s obvious when you put the camera in do you want it to synchronize the day with a computer’s time and date well yeah I have that click – yes if for some reason you don’t you can set it to note timestamp when you record with the camera sometimes people week all the time and the date down the bottom of the video now I don’t like that being turned on so I’ll leave that turned off but it’s up to you USB charging disable or enable do you want it so that when you plug the camera into an external power supply it starts charging now you might say why would I not want it to charge but you can actually plug this camera into a phone as well let me explain something I’ve just got to mention site this software only works on a PC if you’ve got a Mac you cannot use this software for Mac users you have to edit in a text file so you will say things like you open up a little text file and it says date/time equals 0 which is now with date/time equaled 1 which is yes and you have to change all the numbers you don’t get this nice interface used to soccer you might see that before it to be awkward if you’re on a Mac but with this one you can just come and you can actually plug it into an Android phone there’s an app you can get so you can get this software you see here on your phone now that’s brilliant because if you’re down at the PC you can still use your software that you can actually change the settings when you’re out on the road so if you’re like filming maybe you film yourself for today mountain biking or something you might be halfway through for whatever reason you want to change the settings you can plug the camera into your phone and changeable move which you can’t normally do another thing I forgot to mention briefly on the last bit of the video is because I can my housing on an off button so he has an on and off button you can actually turn on and off in the car without dragging your battery because this is where this comes in mid sized Thea auto start external power on or off so that means when you plug the camera into a car supply or any battery supply and do you wanted to turn yourself on or not now what it means is inside the camera there is a battery that will last for one hour and 15 minutes so if you don’t have access to linear power source the camera does actually have a battery built-in so you don’t need to plug it in which is an excellent feature not many comers have that most of them you have to have them plugged in this one you don’t you can also buy a battery pack which will last for about five hours so you don’t have to have it plugged in but all this does here is its own when you plug into a car power supply or any power supply and do you want the camera to turn on automatically and start recording and I’ve set it to yes which is on now the problem is in a lot of cars online I think all four cars that it’s nothing in Volkswagens as well they have what you call an always-on power supply you cannot turn the cigarette lighter Stocki off even when you turn the ignition off and type of care and lock the car it’s still on so this can be a problem in most cameras because if you leave the camera in your car overnight you would drain your car battery and you only had to get your car started not a problem in this camera because you can change these power settings and it’s also got an on/off button on the camera so you can just turn the car off press the off button and you won’t drain your car battery really good feature so let’s carry on another one though auto start power on quite simply when you turn them when you turn when you plug in a power source Ollie do you want the camera to start recording immediately well yeah I’ll do so I’ll turn that on if you don’t for whatever reason just turn it off power on July 1st or did I this synced means that when you press the power button on the camera it will either come on immediately or you’ll have to hold a button for a few seconds with it slugged with their denied the reason you might one night study if you bring your pocket you don’t knock me on my mistake you might have it set to delay mode but I don’t carry around in my pocket much I put it on for the first start of power standby how long do you want the camera to light before it shuts down and obvious up power off disconnect when you unplug the external our joinder power took off immediately up to 10 seconds or disable that feature I have it on a medium so if the power gets cut the camera goes off you could have it on 10 second mode so for example if you were if you accidentally unplug it you’ve got 10 seconds to plug it back in and you haven’t lost any video well you cannot be so if the power gets disconnected disable that you can no more keep recording off its internal battery so if your car power supply fails you can just kick in the car the the camera battery and you won’t notice any difference at all TV video oh I don’t use that mode you can plug in an optional cable into your TV why would you do that you can just take the memory card out and program you turn there you can watch it on your PC I don’t bother with that mode I don’t use it photo frame size how big your photos are going to be time-lapse photos you can do time-lapse mode so when you can just have it to take a picture every you know have you 5 second and not 0.

5 seconds every second every 2 seconds in 5 seconds and you can do a time-lapse thing there is actually a hidden option on here which I’m going to say like a secret mode if you hover the cursor and hear where is it now and there there you go see mentioned motion detection now this is supposed to be a feature coming in the future firmware update it’s supposed to be made so you can put in your house or whatever and you can turn on motion detection so if you detects them while I’m walking around your house it comes on and starts we call you know takes photos so yeah that seems to be coming in the future but they’ve kind of left in there a bit it’s kind of a hidden little box you can find there let’s go to the next tab global recording settings I’m gonna go through these quite quick because similes of obvious foursome are recording indicator on or off that’s the LED lights on the back of the camera do you understand all off as you’re recording then you might wanna off because you know you might just wanna not have it showing either corny if you didn’t some got a secret recording leave the Gordon gone enough what is 30 record continuously so that when your memory card is full it will just go back to the beginning and start recording again so I turned on so you don’t have to keep thinking I’ll know the memory cards for it we’ll just go back to the beginning and start recording again now I’ll go through how much dietary takes in a moment audio volume on and off again I’ll think they’re going to update that so there’s different levels but she’s microphone on and off lens type A or B lens a is the standard lens if you put a widescreen wide-angle lens in you select lens B this is a good one video data rate low standard and height now there’ll be links in this video so you can watch what each of these looks like did not be put off by a word low low quality on this camera is as good as high quality on most cameras as you’ll see from the samples and but this affects how much data it’s going to take up on your memory card so listen to this carefully if you have our low setting yet we’ve gone at 12 megabits per second data rate which means one-hour video will be around and five gig in size if you have one studies on 1080p mode on standard he will recorded about 15 megabits per second and the file size is about 6 gig for an hour per video in high it’s 18 megabits per second and it records 7.

8 gig so a musty file per hour now one thing to understand about this divide looping mode works I might put a video on the screen now but I might now I don’t know the way it works if you watch this video watch the video I might put on in a moment is there any records a loop here will record bytes I see a video clip length 3 mids that’s just even famous for now he will record for 3 minutes when the next clip starts and this is very important isn’t is carefully when the second clip starts recording it will be called the first one three mates this file one you will then go to record file two and it will start recording that file – will have one second of the first clip on it at the beginning so imagine you’re driving past the phone box and the bonnet passes a phone box then it goes on to clip to your bonnet will now go back before it’s passed the phone boxing your dry pasta phone box again so you kind of gain one second each time it starts recording a new clip now it’s not a problem when you’ve got these going through a video editing package and Eddie typed out one second again I’ll try and pull it I’ll do another video about that and explain more depth but quite simply and you will record for three minutes on one second so you need to revise the first one second of each video clip otherwise you’ll get a bit of a jumpy video now it’s not a problem because you can have your own three minutes 5 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes or max max means it will record for as long as it can up to as far size of 4 gig so a max mode if you have this setting too low this will record 45 minutes on one clip standard mode of your cords for about 38 minutes high Modi record for about 30 minutes so you don’t have to worry about your videos jumping you can edit the little jump at easily it’s not a fault it’s designed to do that so you deliberately don’t lose any video but a max mode it’s going to be called for about 45 minutes of time on each clip rotate photos 180 degrees that means that the camera will be called upside down mode so if you click that on line yes you can turn the cameras are down and it will record the right layup artificial light in the UK of grades 50 Hertz because our lights work on 50 Earth’s between the USA whatever you might want that one it just means that the camera will record better based on the light settings if you’re indoors this is a very good one wide dynamic range one study simply gives the camera access to a wider range of colors to recorded so when you record in low-light conditions like a night time things look a lot better and they’ll be a sample clip probably on the screen now have an odd time owed it’s so impressed of this this makes nighttime look like day and the video clip you’re watching your swag it’s night time and a looks like date night night and everyone says oh it’s a time it’s not this makes night look like date brilliant not exactly but it looks very very good much better than that my other come where night time you just completely black you couldn’t see anything last one video most settings quite brief on this question do you got mode 1 and mode 2 you can set up the mode dark thirty five sixty frames video resolution Friday tight you can only have it 35 a second but you can fiddle around with these angle of view small or large so does if you could narrow angle of you from a large angle of view so doc you know nano screener work a widescreen picture I have one large because I like to quarters and wider pictures account and small he kind of zooms in more into square the picture it’s still widescreen picture but it looks like a square and so you can have mode one may two and remember earlier on I press that button then you flush the yellow or flushed red outside flash blue this is the blue mode that’s the yellow mode so you can change it so that when you’re out in the move you might want to according your car a widescreen you know like wider screen with 1080p then you might want to switch it to recording a close-up of your face to do a little talk to the camera in 720 mode or something so the ever in handy the other buttons like updating this firmware not kind of stuff tools you can update the card format the card ID the software gives you the latest software there but let’s look at the moby of software i’ve yet to have you break i’ve yet to have you as a single bug he works brilliantly so it’s a very good piece of software completely free and they are regularly updating it so the final part of the video now we’re gonna have looks at some samples i’m going to show you now a page you might just be a blank page with lots of links on it cuz i don’t know how i’m going to do yet but here are lots of links for low quality medium quality of high quality and when you click on the links you will pause this video and you’ll go and watch those in the new window and then i’ve skews my final summary of the camera you okay so there we have it the Mobius action cam the one thing I haven’t told you yet is the price I’m going to tell you this now it’s quite shocking now bear in mind quite recently I had the top-of-the-range car camera called the roadog HD it supposedly the best on the market cost around 300 pounds really expensive top of the line supposed to do everything I found it was a load of rubbish the video quality was average at best and the sound was horrendous he was so poor all you got was a constant crackling hissing sound over that the audio and they said there’s nothing wrong with it that’s just how the cameras with that’s how it is it’s rubbish that was a pile of junk so I’ll go with it out and so compared to that how much is in this cost because this does a lot more now okay doesn’t have things only like GPS it doesn’t have a built-in speedo but as a quick point I understand those Speedos buildings a car – comes and not admissible as evidence in the court law because they’re not approved and when you driving along the start now signal that the GPS signal so you can bounce off trees and bridges whatever and distort what the actual car speed is so as I understand these foreigners have a speeder on there anyway because he doesn’t mean anything and a mine I like she got my car has a speedo in the windscreen so you can see anyway but anyway and compared to that camera which is supposed to do everything that was about 300 pounds how much is in this one costs surely will be about what 500 pounds look at the size of it the technology to feel the modes to software it must be like five or 500 pounds I thought how much think it was 45 pounds can you believe that 45 pounds for a camera like this which I performs the top-of-the-range way in every way that road walk was a pilot junk compared to this I mean looking it’s amazing now when I say 45 pounds at 50 by 3 bi-directional Hong Kong now I didn’t do that because I’ve had that experience before where things have taken literally a month – alive and all I haven’t evolved it all in you email them and the other people be much English and they’re trying to translate it for you to miss so I paid extra 15 pounds and aborted through and a little company up on link on the screen now and you can buy them from the UK that come from the West Midlands I’ve been taking pulled them off from China for your something honor and the cost sixty pounds for me I’d rather pay the extra me more I mean gonna pay three in Japan before that pilot junk okay now buy five or six seeds for the same cost I have actually got two of these a lot of so much of what one tried in bore another so if you’re looking for an all-purpose camera whether you want a camcorder if your holidays are coming a few ala days an in-car camera and scheme camera a scuba-diving camera because it’s gonna have a waterproof casing no in the water whatever you want this camera can do it and this is the only camera I’m going to use from now on the only reason that I’m not filming this video on a camera is because I’ve been using both of them to demonstrate things but normally I’ll be filming these videos I like on this camera it’s amazing I recommend it without any doubt at all videos great sounds great it’s very cheap if you do drop your bike it it’s only sixty pounds to go and buy another one if you’re watching the broad sixty pounds is a buy or think you to like 80 or 90 US dollars it’s very cheap so that same cost as a cheap pocket camera so yeah that is the mobius action cam i’ll thoroughly recommend it if you want to see more videos that are made with it check out my youtube channel which is youtube.

com slash first drive and i think forward or back slash work to society slings be a brilliant camera made loads of videos that is so far i have a look compared it to the older videos i made on the road or motor walk HD see what you think of it your nothing was wrong with I come out it’s just it didn’t work that well this is to mine in a so yeah that’s my view please subscribe to my videos please like the video leave a comment if you choose now being sorted axes and record this it’s all in a mess being merged with Google+ and all that so yeah let me know what you think and


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