hey whats up guys its monster Mendez and this is my first tech review ever on another episode of mm zee TV this is a review of the phone samsung galaxy liked i hope you guys enjoy and i can’t wait to get you guys other tech review videos i will be posting more gaming videos i’ve just stockpiled a crap ton of them and i’m editing through a bunch of them so i could just post them a lot also i’m going to start posting on the weekends i got school so it’s going to make it harder to post during the week maybe i can fit in one video on wednesday and then two on saturday and sunday or friday night but we’ll see how the schedule works out i still trying to get three videos out a week but until then please enjoy this video and i hope you liked this review hey whats up guys its monster mendes with your first mmm zee TV review this is the samsung galaxy light with a gh T just like any other review let’s start this review off with the specs of the phone this phone has a 4-inch scratch resistant capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 that’s a pixel density of 233 ppi it’s running android 422 jelly bean / samsung skin i’m running nova launcher and google now to give me the closest thing to stock android on the device it does come with samsung bloatware but not as bad as the other phones it carries a 5 megapixel rear facing camera with video recording up to 720p with no optical image stabilization and a selfie camera with point three megapixel has a quad-core cpu at the clock speed of 1.

4 gigahertz and one gigabyte of ram it comes with a gigabytes of storage with up to 32 gigabytes added via microSD as a talk time of eight hours and an 1800 milliamp hour battery it won’t last you just enough to get through the day with some medium usage the phone also features NFC also if the phone died on you you can just put in a new battery that’s right the battery is removable on the phone you can just pop off the back and put it on the carrier I have for this phone is metro pcs and this phone also has 4g LTE capabilities now let’s get started with the overview of the phone at the front of the phone we have the gorilla glass 4 ATP screen with a point three megapixel camera on the front with a light sensor next to it and also a speaker but only for conversations while you’re having an audio phone call call quality is okay but not great but not bad either it’s just in the middle it’s okay on the bottom of the phone of the front screen we also have the physical home button with a light up back and task menu button you can hold the home button the physical home button to bring up the apps that are running in the background and to dismiss task that you aren’t using on the back of the phone we also have the 5 megapixel camera with an LED flash and the Samsung logo stamped right below it on the bottom of the back of the phone we also have the rear-facing audio speaker it can get pretty loud however because the positioning of the speaker it is easily blocked by your hands also the playback quality isn’t great kind of sounds tinny and almost like it’s from the outside of a soda can here’s a sound test for you at the top we have a 3.

5 millimeter jack with a microphone next to it and to the right we have the lock button of the device on the left we have the volume rockers this phone sports an all glossy plastic build except for the gorilla glass on the screen obviously this phone is really a fingerprint magnet and can get really slimy and gross because of the build it also makes it easier to drop this phone is one tough cookie I’ve dropped it way more than I should have on concrete and tile and it survived every drop with just minor scuffs on the bottom of the phone actually I use this phone as my daily driver and it’s pretty great for a budget phone if you’re just getting a smartphone or don’t have a lot of money this phone is going to be a great choice for under a hundred fifty dollars I’m very impressed with this gaming video playback and overall general usage of this is just great for a smartphone especially for the price it gets a thumbs up well that wraps up this video the samsung galaxy light i hope you guys enjoyed it please leave a like and subscribe you didn’t like this video please leave a thumbs down and tell me why not also give me things that you think i can review that don’t it costs a lot of money because I don’t have any money but besides that I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I’ll see you next time


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