Home Camera Reviews Misafes Mi Cam Best 720p High Def Budget IP Security Camera REVIEW

Misafes Mi Cam Best 720p High Def Budget IP Security Camera REVIEW

Misafes Mi Cam Best 720p High Def Budget IP Security Camera REVIEW

you hey guys it’s Johnny tech review today I have a review for you I’m just a me say me cam HD this is a IP security camera that’s designed for use around the house and as you can see here uses everything that come in a package so you have a simple packaging box here have some features and instruction and then on the side here you have some specification so folks this is a 720p camera you also have night vision and then this has viewing Wi-Fi so it’s support B G and M and it does not support AC at all in case you were wondering it has built-in microphone way speaker and then the base is magnetic and it’s also swivel support Android 4.

0 and iOS 6 or better this unit here is a Wi-Fi only unit so there’s no internet connection so you do have to have some decent Wi-Fi to use this and it also support local recording here with up to a 64 gigabyte SD card so there’s no online monitoring or any more money cost so that’s the good thing about this part so let me show you what I was coming in the product here you have a instruction manual of course and just has the QR code to download the app and there you go pretty easy instruction menu has a pretty detailed instruction but it’s a very simple 1 2 3 step in start and you also have some additional mounting accessory this is a metal plate that you can use to mount used to the wall or just tape to the wall and then you have this screw here you had this small bow prick charger and then a really long cable I think this cable is about 10 feet long if I remember correctly and here is the camera and the camera plug into the back here is one port as you can see here so uses a micro USB power port and you plug it right into there there’s a reset button this your speaker on this side you have the micro SD card up front here you have some sensor you have the lens and then you have the microphone here and there’s the mix cam logo and the base is make out plastic of course and you can see how swivel and they can also hang go up like this and the neat thing about this guy is that it can attach to metal stuff so let me show you just right now if you have a middle let’s say you want to mount this on the fridge or anything that’s metal you can see down it will stick to it and there’s a very very strong magnet so you stay in place and yeah keep the the really light camera in place so it’s very nice the said obvious camera is quite simple you have two different way to do it and they both require the app so the app is called me cam as you can see right here the first time you launch it you do have to create an account and it’s a free account and after that you can just add your camera let’s add button up top here and you can just add a camera it here to just plug it in and let the light flashing already did this bar will tell you what’s going on so you turn it on the language car flashing and then this instruction on the app here you can enter your Wi-Fi information and then you have two ways to connect the camera and you can do the same system where it emit a sound from your phone of course make sure your phone sounds on it will MIT a sound to the camera and a camera will pick it up and that will give it all the setting information for where your Wi-Fi network the other option is it will generate a QR code you just place in front of cameras just like this and it will walk perfectly fine both option works pretty well and I like the sound of ssin because it’s a lot quicker one thing you will notice when your camera is that it’s a quite verbal and there’s no way for me to turn it off it will talk and you will let you know about status information but there’s no way to turn it off so as you can see that it just say SD card mounted successfully so it will say stuff like that but there’s no way to turn it up and that’s kind of annoying to me I wish they were just an option you know some people might like that look you can see some people might like that but you know for me I didn’t really care for to always talk so now that we have a good connection to the Wi-Fi it let’s say I’m in my camera here I can press play and when I press play here it will let me know that someone is watching so here we go there we go and you see here on the thing no fee is really live and really good I’m pretty far away from my router actually and I just super fun for giggle Hut walked kind of well I also have a pretty good railroad Oh top yeah you tempt them and everything the only thing is that you can’t really edit any of these you do have some adjustment option I think the app is quite simple and very nice especially for beginner but you do have some good option here so at out the bottom here you have the video button a snapshot if you press the video button here it will record you can see that immediately start recording up top it will tell you and when you press stop it will save that to your camera roll it also continued record on the SD card here soon you insert an SD card it will continuously automatically record all the time there is no motion sensor or anything like that so it’s constantly recording I’ll show you that in a minute here there’s also a snapshot button you can press this button take a snapshot and that’s a to your camera on the phone here so you have here the button to unmute and then you have here another thing that’s a quality thing so you can see here there’s a fluent button I guess is mistranslated but basically it just means fluid you can also click it to switch to HD mode and that will give you a nice 720p footage you can also rotate a camera use direction to see the full version here as you can see it look very nice if you go back to this mode you can also talk to the camera so you press in holes button down so I’m going to do that real quick 1 2 3 you can hear though it’s quite nice and clean quality again testing 1 2 3 1 posting 1 totaling 1/3 as you can see here I’m in the same y5 so the sound is actually pretty fast and fluid if I use this over LTE you would expect about 1 second delay but usually that’s not too bad for this kind of device so that’s pretty much the setting here if you go back to the main menu you can press in this little arrow here and you show you a few options you have a delete camera you have the Edit which you can just name it whatever you want you have the little thumb here and yes it’s kind of like a timeline so it’s getting a phallus from that camera right now from the SD card and Mason that phallus you have a Tam stem here so down here we will have a tam scale 10 13 and then you can just rotate you slow down here and let’s say for example I want to go to about 1 p.

m. and 12,000 wait a second it should be loading here and then there’s the live footage readout and it’ll continue to play so you can see here it’s constantly record everything so you got 10 13 and then eventually he’ll be 10 14 and the last video cameras me on blog but you can’t give you an idea you can grow to all these there you go and we can continue and we still knife or thing that kind of give you an idea and you get a live footage it you can also maximize yes of course and this is at night now and you can see there’s a timestamp about rolling but yeah it’s a pretty nice camera I wish that it does have some motion sensor so it doesn’t always record it’s nice to have to always record option but it also will be nice to have an option where you can just record a motion or something like that but I think for basic camera and for the price this is a really nice quality camera and the sound quality for both reaction is very good under foul these are some of the pictures that I take earlier for example when we took a pictures it make a timeline on that so you can see these are picture that not only save on your phone even if you delete on your phone we still save on a camera so I can just press play here for the footage to apply earlier and plus play I’ll tell you you can see that and so there’s a little timeline that you can go to and here is another one for example the other day when I was playing it’s pretty much almost real-time and so you can use this like a baby for baby monitor or some like that so the night vision automatically kick in too and you have no control of that but I want to show you right here so I have everything turned out and we just go ahead and put my hand over here you can see here it goes black and white and you can see the night vision immediately so that kind of give you an idea that I vision is good for about five to ten feet so it’s not very far at all and yeah it just kick in and it works fine but there’s no adjustment on it so it all we come on at night and during the day it doesn’t come on so kind of give you an idea so if you go to setting and this is all option you get and it’s not a lot of option at all I guess the camera slept all the events option now I even tried to go to the website and visit some of the other option there’s no really actual you know Silva website for this camera so I can’t find anything about it but that’s pretty much the device of all I think is a very simple device it works quite well the cameras never seem to go up line this constantly stay on for the past week and a half or so the recording quality is pretty good and it recorded use memory card here and eventually when you run out of space it will continue to rewrite the older stuff so that’s good I have in here I’ve seen currently a 16 gig if I remember correctly yeah this is a 16 gig and now that’s pretty much my quick review yes me cam HD camera I hope you short load will help you in your budget decision you have any question let me know in a comment below and as always stay tuned for future review thank you you


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