Home Smart TV Reviews Micromax 42C0050UHD 42 Inch UHD LED Smart TV Review

Micromax 42C0050UHD 42 Inch UHD LED Smart TV Review

Micromax 42C0050UHD 42 Inch UHD LED Smart TV Review

hey guys what’s up I’m Ruth Khurana host on click digest and this is my review of the Micromax 42 inch ultra high-definition smart LED TV I have used it for over a week and I can give you my complete impressions and review of this television to start with it comes with a very high resolution display and it gives you a display resolution of 2160p which is ultra high definition on connectivity front it comes loaded with three HDMI ports three USB ports component input and other standard input mechanisms like antenna or direct cable input it comes loaded with android jelly bean 4.

2 right out of the box and it gives you remote control features wherein you can use your smart phone or tablet to control this it also comes with a standard remote which comes with easy-to-use control and navigation features the remote is easy to use and has minimalistic buttons when it comes to performance this television comes with around 2 GB of internal memory it comes with 2gb of RAM it comes with dual core CPU and when it comes to smart functionality well it’s not so smart the reason being that the interactivity with the television is kind of limited with the remote and input that is provided however it runs very well when it comes to normal television function it gives you good preset modes for both audio as well as video it gives you sharp pictures and has great viewing angles it comes with lot of connectivity options and you can connect multiple sources at once and later on select which one you want to run using the source button when it comes to non smart features which includes watching television audio sound quality video quality and color production it is very good it comes with game mode on/off toggles it comes with smooth motion technology where it will try to smoothen the pixels but it will not give you very natural effect so it’s better kept turned off it also comes with built in Wi-Fi as well as wired Ethernet connectivity so you can connect it to the Internet using the Wi-Fi or wired Internet things that I like about this television is the sound clarity picture size affordability nice design and build and also capability to run smart applications and run miracast wherein you can connect your tablet and other smart devices over wireless or Wi-Fi some of the downsides or areas of improvement include the ability to interact with the smart features more easily which was not so easy when you are using only the remote also there were some hiccups while streaming high-definition videos from the Internet that was probably because the Android system that is loaded onto this is not very powerful as the panel is what it means is that you can play high-definition and ultra high-definition movies from local media like pen drives etcetera but you may not be able to stream them directly onto the TV because the hardware and graphic support is not very high if you are looking for a TV in 40,000 rupees budget this is probably the largest and most loaded Smart TV that you can get in the price segment if you want a more refined offering and more features you may have to spend more probably double this price to get TV of any other brand for the price that you pay for it it is worth the buck if you want to purchase one for yourself it’s easily available on Flipkart and also there are some exchange offers if you want to exchange it with your old TV I am leaving direct links in the description section where you can check out these offers this is all we have on our review of the Micromax ultra high-definition 42 inch LED television if you enjoyed watching it don’t forget to give us a thumbs up by pressing the like button below and for more such videos make sure to hit that subscribe button this is a host Roy Khurana signing off


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