Home Smart TV Reviews Mi TV 4S: Better AND Cheaper Than Mi TV 4? Not really.

Mi TV 4S: Better AND Cheaper Than Mi TV 4? Not really.

Mi TV 4S: Better AND Cheaper Than Mi TV 4? Not really.

So just after launching their Mi TV 4 in India, Xiaomi has launched Mi TV 4S in China, at 3/4th price of the Mi TV 4 at 3000 yuan or 31,000 Indian Rupees, so it is easy to wonder if this new TV is an upgrade to the Mi TV 4, and if yes, then why is it cheaper than Mi TV 4, and if is it unfair of Xiaomi to launch a product in India at the end of its cycle? Hey guys, I am Siddharth, and let’s talk about that.

So after checking out the specs of this TV, it doesn’t seem to be an upgrade over the Mi TV 4, even though the ‘S’ letter is generally added to upgraded products, like the iPhone linueup or Xiaomi’s own Mi Mix 2S which they recently launched.

So coming on to the design of this TV, you can see that it is not as thin as the Mi TV 4, it has a more conventional design. And it’s not just the panel that is thicker, but the lower body of this TV is also thicker at 7cm, vs 5 cm of Mi TV 4.

Now coming on to the display it has an IPS panel, which generally have more accurate colors and viewing angles but worse blacks than a VA panel, which what the Mi TV 4 has. Now, something to understand is that just because it’s an IPS panel, doesn’t mean that it is better or worse than a VA panel, there are TN panels with 100% of sRGB coverage, and there are IPS panels with high refresh rates.

So the quality of a panel ultimately depends on more complicated factors and not just its type, and how the Mi TV 4s’s panel compares to the Mi TV 4 will only be possible with a direct comparison in person.

Though, if I had to guess, it shouldn’t have significantly better or worse quality than the Mi TV 4, except for the blacks not being as deep on the 4S model. This panel has a 178 degree viewing angle, which is same as Mi TV 4A.

Mi TV 4S has a directly lit panel, instead of an edge lit panel found on the Mi TV 4. And while directly lit LED panels have better uniformity than edge lit variants, I didn’t find it to be an issue on the Mi TV 4, and personally for me, it’s not a significant downgrade.

Another area in which it does make a difference, is that you cannot make a directly lit LED panel as thin as an edge lit one, so the design of the Mi TV 4S isn’t as stunning as the Mi TV 4, but that may not matter to you, and you might actually prefer the added durability you’ll get with this design.

The newer TV also has voice control feature, and an AI voice assistant. This is something that the Mi TV 4 lacks, but I think it should be possible to have with a software upgrade, and a different remote, which doesn’t mean that it will actually happen in India.

Either way it’s not a big deal, except being able to type with your voice can be really convenient because you don’t have to use the dpad on the remote or connect an external keyboard. The speakers are two 8w drivers, which is the same as Mi TV 4, and it could actually be the exact same unit, but wattage isn’t everything when it comes to speakers, and if they are different, the quality can only be compared in person.

The newer TV also seems to have a newer version of Bluetooth 4.2, which is 4.0 in the Mi TV 4. Now, coming on to the specs, it shares the same processor, and GPU as the Mi TV 4A, which is also very similar to Mi TV 4, with an Amlogic 64 bit CPU, with 4 Cortex A53 cores, except that they are clocked at 1.

5 GHz on the Mi TV 4A and 4S, while it’s 1.8 GHz on the Mi TV 4. So that is a downgrade, but if it can play 4K 60fps and HEVC content, like the Mi TV 4, which it should be able to because it has hardware support for those codecs, the only area it will affect will be in gaming, and maybe the UI could feel slightly less responsive, On the GPU side, it has a Mali 450 chip, which is identical to Mi TV 4A, clocked identically at 750 MHz.

The Mi TV 4 has a better performing GPU, which would make a difference while playing android games on it and in the smoothness of the UI. So this is a speculation based on the specs, so there’s a small chance that I could be incorrect about this, so I will provide the sources of this information in the description so you can check this out for yourself.

So to answer the question, the Mi TV 4S seems to be a different variant of the Mi TV 4 lineup, and it’s not really an upgrade to the MI TV 4, as it seems that it will have lower performance than the Mi TV 4, and will also not have its impressive design.

And this explains why the new Mi TV 4S is priced lower than the Mi tv 4. But there are some areas where it is better than the Mi TV 4, like voice support, newer Bluetooth version, and a directly lit LED panel.

So what do you think about this new launch? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. I think it’s a great addition to this lineup for someone who wants a big 4K TV but isn’t interested in paying for that extraordinary but fragile design.

There’s no news about whether Xiaomi is planning to launch this in India, but since they’ve got such a great success in such a short time here, and they have the infrastructure now, they should launch it.

But that’s what I thought about the Mi 6, which didn’t get launched here So there isn’t any certainty about it’s launch in India. Though, it does go on sale in China on 3rd of this April. So that will be it for this video, I hope I answered your questions about this TV, make sure you give it a thumbs up if I did.

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