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Maximus Floodlight Camera outdoor security camera review | TechHive

Maximus Floodlight Camera outdoor security camera review | TechHive

the Maximus camera floodlight lives up to its name it comes in a huge box but is it any good I’ve been testing it out so the first thing you’ll notice is that it looks a lot like a traditional outdoor security light system and that’s indeed what it’s meant to replace if you have one already you can just take that down and put this up on the wall if not you’re going to need to mount a junction box either on or in your wall and you will need a continuous electricity feed there’s no battery option with this but when it’s set up and connected every time it detects motion those two big LED lights will come on at 2,400 lumens is the power of the of the lights and you can set them to come on either when motion is detected between certain hours of the day that you program or simply have it come on from dusk to dawn to provide continuous illumination over night if the light from the lights is a little bit too bright there’s also a dimming feature as well the infrared sensor at the bottom has a detection range of 270 degrees so it doesn’t just see down to the size but almost down behind the light as well the camera however is a hundred and fifty-five degrees one of the unique features of this is that it has a chime or pre-recorded message function that there can be triggered when it detects movement or when someone comes to the door the two-way audio function will allow you to talk to someone or you can just listen to what they’re saying and press a button to play one of the pre-programmed messages so I’m gonna give you an example of some of these now I have it set up at the moment so that any time it detects any sort of motion there’s the sound of a barking dog you can also go a little bit more traditional and just have a door chime or one of the pre-recorded messages like for example if you have this mounted near your front door and someone comes to your front door and rings the bell hi we can’t answer the door right now but the camera is recording so please just leave us a message thanks for coming by and there’s a couple others – there’s three others – I’m sorry we’re pretty busy right now hi can I help you I’m sorry we’re not interested so these are pre-recorded you can either get them to go off as soon as they detect motion which makes sense or say they’re the dog sound or when when someone comes in ranging you you’re looking at it live you can press a button and have the unit broadcast these these phrases one of the things that this system doesn’t have is infrared lights so there’s no night vision on it it was looking into a dark garden then it’s just going to be a black black video picture until the lights come on when they do come on they aren’t quite bright and they give good illumination one of the advantages of not using night vision is that when those lights come on you get a color video image most of the competition at nighttime even when lights come on continue in night vision mode which is which is a grayscale picture rather than a color picture so you’re gonna get you’re gonna get color pictures with this Kunar the company that makes this like most other video camera and smart home companies wants you to pay a monthly subscription fee you can get away with a free subscription but you don’t get very much for it if you decide not to pay you can look back at video from the last two hours only and you can download three video clips a month which is not particularly generous looking back over two hours means that if something happens say overnight when you wake up in the morning the video might already become so you’re probably going to end up with a subscription plan and the subscription plan from kuna is seven dollars fifty for the last week’s worth of video or the last two weeks of video will cost you fifteen dollars a month and the last month of video will cost you $30 a month there is a 33 percent discount if you pay for that annually as if you do pay for the one week of video annually that goes down to five dollars a month but that’s still $60 a year if you put this on the side of your house you’re probably going to have it up for what five years so that’s an extra $300 that you’ll be spending in addition to the price of the video camera so certainly take the subscription prices into account when you’re considering what camera to buy take I’ve rated the Maximus camera floodlight four out of five we like the bright LED panels and the color during night vision as usual we didn’t like the subscription prices you can find a full review of this unit and competitors at techyv.



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