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M6 Envy Laptop Review And Game Test

M6 Envy Laptop Review And Game Test

what’s up guys why May 15 and today we’re gonna be bringing a random video about the HP Envy m6 laptop alright so I’m kind of just going off of you know nothing I’m gonna I’m going to show you a lot of the features of it I’ll show you the backlit keyboard I’m gonna do some gameplay and stuff like that alright so let’s start off with showing you some of the stickers is so over to the life do you have HP Envy m6 notebook PC and then you have obviously your Beats Audio which thumb will actually be installed on the computer and you can see I have a little bit’s audio logo on your speaker and then you also have your backlit keyboard which is obviously on right now just so you guys can see it and it glows that it works really good obviously when the lights are off which I will show you the only thing that I’d say I don’t like about it is it kind of the light in a way it sort of leaks out to the sides but I mean it still looks really good and it’s really helpful for at night and stuff and then um we got actual touchpad it’s kind of a I mean all my friends say it’s kind of a weird material cuz it’s not like exactly it’s almost like if you get like an agenda or some of this 3d and you can hear it sort of but if you get some it’s kind of like scratchy you know but I like it that you really used to it and obviously you have a brushed aluminum finish if it’ll focus but I’ll show you the there we go and then right here you have some type of I’m not really exactly sure these works I know it’s just somewhere you scan it with your phone and you get something from it and then you have your processor which is an AMD a10 and I’ll go into further detail with that like how many gigahertz in it’s a four core and then you have your thumb scanner which you can see it just blanked them I don’t have it set up because I never really had the need for it but it’s a pretty cool feature and then obviously you have Windows 8 so you have your windows 8 features and all that and then your camera we should have at the top can’t quite see it um but yeah that camera is um it’s an HD camera it’s pretty nice he goes up to 720 it’s not too like yeah but I mean yeah it’s just a basic camera so let’s go to the back you can see we have the Hewlett Packard and the HP’s symbol over here and like I said you have a really sunlight you have a really nice brushed aluminum finish and then let’s go to this some of the USB and stuff you have a VGA and HDMI out and then you also have a LAN port and then you have two USB I’m pretty sure there’s three USB 3.

0 ports and then only one 2.0 which is pretty cool I guess and then you have one SD card reader at the bottom and that’s it for that and then right over here you have it’s gonna obviously bring in a guy real quick right over here though you have another 2 USBS and then you also have your power cord and then this right here shows that it’s on and then you have your disc reader really quick startup time which is pretty convenient I usually just have it touring when you close it it goes to sleep or hibernates and literally just open it and it’s instantly up so it’s it’s a pretty quick so now I’m gonna show you some on gameplay are you so I use the game that uh most people know about and I’m just taking a guess that a lot of people will be playing on the laptop alright so let’s go to the settings you can see we have we have pretty much everything all the way up and it runs it pretty nicely obviously you’re gonna want you know some type of my house for it because using a touchpad I’ll show you there and now how it looks when you’re trying to move you can’t really turn or nothing but other than that it’s definitely it’s really good for gaming I can record just like this too so and that’s mainly relying on the processor will depending out what you’re using but do you see it as a pretty good I don’t have it plugged in or anything right now just in case y’all are wondering it runs most other games pretty good obviously you can’t really get into major gaming and recording but you can still you know play any game if you’re just trying to get the fun out of playing it but not exactly making it look really nice


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