Home PC Reviews Logitech HD Pro C920 Widescreen 1080p Webcam Camera Review

Logitech HD Pro C920 Widescreen 1080p Webcam Camera Review

Logitech HD Pro C920 Widescreen 1080p Webcam Camera Review

what’s happening panda nation Peter Vaughan Pandey here hey I just bought this it’s a Logitech c920 Logitech HD pro webcam as you know I’ve tried some webcams here recently including this really cheap one which is like a 480p and then this one which was a really cheap but 1080p and you know I haven’t really been thrilled with either of them this guy wasn’t thrilled with it all this guy works and I think actually shoots 1080p but the like the color saturation and rendering is all so this would seem to get really good reviews so I bought it and I thought what will we do give it a try and not only give it a try but also compare it take a little footage with you those other two too and kind of compare it and see you know what what we think of it compared to some of the cheaper alternatives and hopefully the Logitech doesn’t let us down you know hopefully in this case normally I’m not a branding guy but typically that Logitech name brand carries with it superior quality now I have used some Logitech products in the past and always been happy with them what I was most interested in is 1080p you know in a webcam I think that’s got to be pretty expected if you’re using you’re shooting video these days man if you’re not shooting 1080p at least that’s I think you’re missing the boat and like I said I try to shoot in 4k whenever possible but it’s certainly in the webcam world you know as you’re doing something in front of your computer probably not super necessary to do any more than 1080p at this point but obviously I think there will be some higher and what webcams coming out now here is the logitech webcam and it’s kind of interesting looking it kind of looks like a a really wide alien face code and so we’ve got the camera in the middle 1080p it says logitech it’s got this kind of flat glass a panel over the whole lens shaped kind of like this like a mushroom and then it looks like we have speakers I I don’t think they’re speakers I’m hoping these are microphone pickups and probably maybe stereo sound and then we have the cable coming off kind of the left side here and then we also have this mount and so we have a little lip here and then this is all like a rubberized material up here on the front and here on the top so you put this on the top of your monitor and then this does rotate so you can make some adjustment there and then this back looks like there’s plastic here that you take off this will okay so this is like shedding piano black plastic right there and then you have more of this rubberized material there so you kind of brace it on the top of your monitor and there seems to be a fairly decent weighting under there also looks like you have a little female screw hole here so if you wanted to mount this on the top of a camera tripod or something like that you certainly could Oh looks like this opens up I mean yeah there we go so it looks like you get a little you get to brace it off of the kind of the back now this is plastic you can see the rubber stops right here so there’s no rubber on the front edge which would if it’s if it’s kind of pressing into the back of the monitor it’s not a big deal if there’s somewhere there but you know I don’t know it’s kind of interesting you’ve got a little kick out there as well so you can kind of make this adjust it to brace your monitor appropriately then you have a pretty long USB cable here that’s just a standard USB plug so that is a tour of the Logitech c920 camera and now the next thing is let’s shoot a little video with it and see what it looks like compared to some of the other cheaper cameras so let’s try this cheap camera here this is just like a 480p camera I think and they’re like available for five or six bucks all right guys so I’m using the cheap little webcam here now to focus 10 I think I can’t seem to do anything about the size or anything like that so what you see is what you get the audio from this camera is being recorded with this BC master microphone so it is not being recorded with the camera which I don’t even know if it has microphone on it but to keep that in mind just we’re just looking at it for the video quality next let’s look at the footage from this busi it’s an HD 92 1080p camera I’ve used this for of things and take a look at that video alright so now I’ve got the GU see up here as you can see just much better resolution the colors I you know to me I think are a little washed out obviously I don’t have it set up here likes to do with great great lighting or anything like that but obviously much better resolution much better picture size and obviously in the kind of the widescreen frame rate again using an external microphone for the audio portion so not to the camera for the audio only a video test let’s check out the next one we’ve all been waiting for is to try out this Logitech and see what kind of video quality of this thing takes now I’ve got it recording here that Logitech webcam and I want to say right here at the beginning that I’ve got it set to use the microphones on the webcam for picking up the audio so the audio you’re getting right now is coming directly from the webcam wanted to give you that experience the cool thing about it is when you hit recording and the camera is active there are two little blue LEDs on the side that light up which is kind of nice something that’s different than the other web cameras again using an external microphone so not using the microphones built in the camera you know it’s looking as I’m looking at the picture it seems to be better I mean all of it all the picture just seems to be a little more not necessarily realistic but you know kind of doesn’t have that overly sharp look of the other one and kind of the washed out super bright to look you know again not I’ve got a light shining on me I don’t know if that’s helping you’re hurting my case for the for the camera here but you know it looks it looks pretty good now I I bet I could tweak this a little bit you know you know I know in in the camera recording app that I’m using I have an adjust color and video effects feature but overall I think this one is the best and you know especially the focus right here on my face and there’s no way I can focus the camera as far as I can tell it’s just auto focusing because there’s nothing to physically adjust you know it seems to be getting and sharpening that up pretty well and in fact I’m getting kind of that bouquet effect in the back where things are a little blurred and that works that’s just fine for me what I what I want is usable video from the webcam I’m not looking for perfect video obviously I can look at some tips of really kind of making that even better but you know this is what I’m getting from a Logitech right out of the box at 1080p so so far I’m pretty happy with it I think from what I’ve read it’s kind of the you know it’s a very good webcam for home and personal use and so I don’t really expect you know if you spend more or buy a different one to get any better resolution or you know kind of image quality from from an alternative now I do know on the webcams you can go up in the price points to a couple hundred bucks and at that level of maybe just phenomenal but I can tell you what we’re not doing here at the Panda Research Institute is spending that kind of money on a webcam because I don’t have the scratch so there you go logitech 1080p webcam peterhof handle out


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