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LG42LM760S Smart TV Review

LG42LM760S Smart TV Review

welcome to level TV with the test of the LG 42 LM 760 3d TV by LG which we unboxed a few weeks ago and now I’m going to show you what exactly the TV has for you if you will buy it for example we have the magic remote inside the box not only the regular remote which I also have right here so you can see and we already turn on the TV and you can see in the background it only takes about four seconds to turn it on and then we can watch right away CN n so I will show you what you can do with these kind kind of remotes the magic remote has also microphone built-in but our model this 760 doesn’t support the microphone but what it supports is of course and wireless display for example with intel you can access over Wi-Fi also your network attached storage you can plug in USB sticks is all these are all features that we will show you we have of course also 3d TV so you can use your nice little slim glasses by LG that don’t have batteries at all inside them like you are also know from the cinemas so this is the better 3d damn for example in Samsung or inter Shiba TVs as far as I would say and also if you wear glasses you can buy these kinds of 3d glass extensions which are quite nice you can just clip them on your glasses if you will need that and then we have also the feature that you don’t even need a Magic Remote so if you will buy a cheaper model then this TV you can use also your smartphone like for example your iOS or Android device it doesn’t even have to has to be a smartphone it can also just be a regular Wi-Fi Android device like the Samsung Galaxy S or Wi-Fi and then you can also use that for controlling your TV so this TV has quite a few features for example you can go really quickly from one channel to another as you can see it takes maybe two seconds or actually even less to go from regular channel to regular Channel we have more German channels than English shell so we will stay mostly for you on CNN but actually what we want to show you is more around the device a software features not what happens on TV right now so you can for example hit your my apps button where you can set up your own applications that you will probably M also know maybe from your iOS or Android and devices not only in terms of gaming but you can go also on the Internet you can check out the TV Guide by the way you can go to the 3d world where you can buy 3d movies for example you can check out the TV our menu enters lots and lots more here that you can do and set up for yourself in your my apps area with one of the most important features is probably still the home feature where you can go into all the apps that MLG is offering you which are quite a lot and not too many but it’s perfectly enough to just watch something if you are bored of TV like for example of course you can access YouTube but we have also certain things like put pet TV which is TV music TV channel then you have also a 3d world game world smart and you can set up even more by hitting edit you can drag these boxes with all kinds of apps around and then you can add even more features right away on your home screen where you have access them to games for example your network it has storage like you see here these are the last songs for example that we played you can buy right away here is 3d world some content which is of course looking quite good that you will also expect for maybe an Apple TV that should come out or will maybe come out in the future but you have also Skype integrated or right away installed here and there Premium Zone which actually needs webcam which is also not available yet by LG even though they announced it a few months already ago so you can see here we should be able to soon maybe also use this Skype feature but actually the camera costs quite a lot of money so let’s go out again just to do TV and let’s see what we can do when we just watch TV as you can see here on the bottom the TV has been on now for a few minutes and we could go back up to four minutes here since the TV is on for four minutes and we also plugged in an external hard drive into one of the three USB ports in this LG TV so Nextel harddrive allows you to and record your TV schedule TV and just browse through your channels and it actually helps you to keep track on what you have what’s on the bottom you can of course turn off that feature but it’s actually quite handy to just go back all the way back to what we have watched since the TV is on otherwise you can go back always to just the one moment that you missed maybe because you had to take a phone call and you forgot to hit the pause button on your remote but then if you know that you want to watch the live TV again since you were watching maybe a football match and everybody else is roaring in the neighborhood you can just hit again here on the bottom the live TV button and then it will go to that channel again that you were on before and you can continue watching your maybe a football match so also here on the bottom you can check out what you have recorded already as you can see here we have a short list for example we recorded a sample 3d sample actually from a TV channel which I can play from the start as we were able to see I can also delete it it looks like this but if I go to the 3d feature I can tell it that this kind of 3d and then you have right away here your beautiful 3d picture which is of course quite hard to show right now with only one camera lens but I can yeah sure to you maybe like this to just have the glasses here in the front but you shouldn’t be actually to see much of the 3d but it’s actually looking quite beautiful on this LG TV so we can always go back one menu and then again you can see on the top we have 114 gigs of free space and also we can record 13 hours of HD material and 32 hours of standard definition material and I can also go again out here and if I would record just now one of these channels it would of course be standard or HD material and what’s interesting also is that wants to turn on the HD the 3d feature it stays on as you can see here we have when I hit the button on the top right corner here this little 3d logo which only goes away of course if you press the 3d button and then it’s off as you can see on the bottom so and what else we can of course if you have your regular remote around hits the TV and radio button and you can go to radio channels which look exactly well you won’t see much since it’s only music then and what’s also interesting is if you channels offer you the feature to give you more information about what’s going on right now or just what was on a few days ago by hitting the red button it’s called in Germany the hbb TV and you can actually see it was on the bottom in the right corner saying also you can hit the red button for more information for example here we have right now what we have on TV right now that I can say and we want to go to the teletext we want to go to the media antique where you can watch previous content and so on and so on I just hit and teletext actually and you can as you can see here on the top go back a few days and watch other things for example so you can also like it this is all in German right now I know but I just wanted to show you that and channel TV channels have the option to give you even more features then you would have maybe on the internet on their own websites so I can just hit somehow clothes I think I just have to hit the red button again but at least I hope maybe just go back here on the left or I can just hit home home means usually you go back to the home apps screen which is actually not that that since I wanted to show you the input list which is quite an interesting feature and you have three USB ports as I already said and one of them would be the external harddrive right now where everything is recorded and you can see here also I have a Windows Media Player on my desktop PC and there’s also a NASA network attached storage on here which I haven’t which is one more right here mr.

right side psychology knows we have there a photo video and music section but actually I think it’s more interesting to see what happens when you plug in the USB stick so I prepare the USB stick which is right here 64 gigs there are some movies and videos and music on here so we can show you how that looks like in the media player of this LG 42 inch TV so on the left it should show me now the next USB stick right here as you can see extreme that wasn’t there before if you just are in the TV mode it will show it to you right away also in the bottom-right corner that there’s a USB stick installed and you can just hit the input and button on the remote and then you will be writing this menu also so you can see I have some music on here pictures and videos so I can just play something like the movie The Dark Knight and then you will see right away on the bottom we have 3d the resolution what kind of codec and this movie has we can also set again 3d even though this is not real 3d we can go and back again and of course you can do this which is quite nice you don’t have to wait long at all you can just really skip through the video quite quickly and then watch the movie of course we can also set right away the different settings for the kind of picture you actually would live always in the quick you button with the Q button here on the TV remote which is right here on the bottom right corner on the trackpad where you can select different channels sometimes it takes a little bit sometimes maybe it doesn’t even work actually with USB sticks that could be so I just let me go out just hit back I will play you some music crank up the volume a little bit so you hear a little more of the internal speakers and now what’s of course interesting is you can listen to music and what your pictures maybe in a diet show that’s actually or slideshow that’s actually me in a picture in Vegas so you can just browse through pictures and listen to music and what’s interesting about this is once you are finished with one set of pictures in one folder it will of course begin at the beginning but if you just would want to go into a different folder with more pictures and by hitting for example just you the back button it will stop the music if you hit the close button it goes back to TV so the only thing you can really do is go back to the list and to start again the music and go into your folder and then play the neck next slide show so this is quite well interesting but maybe edgy we’ll fix it with the next update oh actually this was a picture not music I wanted to play music but you can actually see that in the folder it sees the different kinds of CDs and it also saw the picture for the acedia for mp3s but it hasn’t integrated it inside so that’s of course again not perfect but you can again play your slideshow and then listen to the music and it will go also back to the next music you can also hear cancer the background music and who wants to hit it again you can select where you it should play your background music from and then it should play but again this doesn’t always work for some reason so this was it from the USB stick now the next feature I want to show you is what I mentioned before the quick view feature which I will use again at CNN so you can also have something English to what look at no that’s wrong okay and it’s called down with the volume a little bit so quick view okay goes back and forth between the last and actual I wanted to show you a quick menu exactly so you can select subtitle language your sleeper timer sound mode picture mode which in standard is quite good usually they won’t have to use different modes then we have here what’s quite great about edgy when you have the or original aspect ratio and my camera is sharp so if you have the original aspect ratio and then it will not crop the patient will actually show you the picture in the size that it is it will also not stretch it and not do anything that you can actually see here on the left and what you all could do then we have here the option to select an external hard drive again then we have skip AV mode energy-saving audio description and different German well actually sound so you can maybe it’s like between Spanish and English also in some us channels and again we have this beep your timer and so on and so on so this was the Quick Menu which you can actually actually find here on the regular remote below the colored buttons right there so then we have also the feature to use the device with your smartphone as already mentioned so you don’t actually need the magic remote which you can maybe see right here so the magic remote is not really needed especially if the TV is often you well quite surely not needed but you have also the possible to use your iOS or Android device here so I have my Samsung Galaxy s3 why I actually let’s install the LG TV remote app and once you pair the device with your TV you can use it to access your TV wire smartphone usually which of course is not working right now since this is a review video and nothing is working here why you okay why are you up and down is working so I can set the volume up and volume down I can go to the next Channel last channel and I can also hit my channels capture I can shoot a screen shot which actually is quite interesting what then happens I would be ok I can send that right away why a Twitter or something else here from my smart phone anywhere which is quite cool feature and so you can show off what you’re watching right now on TV and then you have also the future to access 3d options the input where we were before selecting the USB stick and you can go to the channel list you can just have your numbers here for accessing the last channel the next channel then we have also a usually the feature to use the mouse so you can see here me moving the mouse with the touchscreen we can scroll here also which is also helpful for going to the next channel last and a little bit quicker and volume control again here on the bottom when you have the mouse here you have a drag button here which is handy if you have another hand free right now and you have also the feature to use the smartphone as a game controller which is quite handy if you want to play games with your MLG TV mentors also here the possibility to use it as a little bit better in-game remote controls you can see here it looks a little bit like on the Xbox and wow this looks quite nice so this was the LG TV remote here a short list but I will stay actually with the magic remote since the 760 model has it right here so what else we can do with the TV is of course to record things we can say we want to watch life to you now that if we have a schedule list we can access that what what’s more interesting is I have here in the my apps section on the bottom something called program guide and then of course you can see here right away what kind of programs would be on maybe in the next hour or later or earlier let’s actually go a little bit down down down maybe there’s a little bit more happening there yes I want to sell and record South Park for example here on comedy or Nickelodeon and then you have a sort of short description here tells you from when to when it goes you can hit the record advanced schedule close and remind the button remind will just remind you record will start recording and what it says right here on the top the time and you can also say at once schedule so you want to maybe record it every time manually or you want to record it daily or maybe even just from Monday to Friday or just on a weekend and then we are back once again once you hit the next button you can also set the different times you want to let it start a little bit earlier for recording for example and finish a little bit later that’s of course no problem but now I want to it cancel otherwise it will and of course record it then but what you can also do is remind yourself maybe if it starts at 1:15 so it reminds you at 1:10 that soon and South Park is starting and you should stop doing everything else or just so you know that you have to get up and get yourself something to eat before you start watching your favorite show so this is the record feature you can also skip 24 hours ahead go back 24 hours you can so you can check everything that will be happening the next few days you have a manual timer where you can just set everything manually and you can also just select your favorite programs which I haven’t done right now but okay just go back to all and then you see here all the everything that’s happening on here and you can again use the scroll bar on Magic Remote to go up and down which is quite nice and of course it’s searching it’s also possible so I could just little search maybe hit something Simpsons like a tool and see it said it right away Simpsons you know when it’s searching it can actually search on YouTube as you can see here there’s quite a lot of videos you can search on the web with LG smart world or with app content so this will not actually search here on your TV mainly what you get is YouTube videos which of course works quite great you can just select something and it will stream right away by a Wi-Fi from Bluetooth and actually Intel WiDi or also what as known as wireless display also supported so your which a book can stream also 3d blu-ray movies to the TV with no cable and snow has Leon all all that you need is there and WiDi app so why is it not playing Simpson in Brazil there we go as you can see YouTube is well pretty simple we have the fastest internet that you can have so if it’s lagging it’s not us it’s the YouTube server and well you can see this works quite good but maybe the person that recorded it and haven’t had in mind that we won’t watch it in this big of a resolution but it got four point seven million views so kudos right there we can always go out by going hit me hitting the back button so this was the YouTube app and we already showed you the recording so what we can also show you is if you go home and you are in the end to this section where we have all kinds of programs like you could do Skype with the next camera you can also browse the Internet bottom just after it internet and then you can also go to some news sites or just want to shop on Amazon okay that’s maybe not that handy but I just want to check out Emma’s on to maybe see when my package is coming so it can also turn on right away here on the top the TV which is then here on the bottom and then you can browse through the Amazon store which is actually in German right now I know but I can for example check right now what and what’s on sale soon and just really use everything on the off the web right here and if I see that the TV program is not that interesting anymore or there’s some advertisement claim just go with the mouse over here and then scroll up or down to select the next channel so thank you much for watching and able TV please subscribe right here on the bottom this was the LG 42 LM 760 TV available this year probably next year also for a good price good size and this tablet does everything that we want so take much watching please subscribe to a level TV my name is Pilar gal the next time please tune in again and thank you for tuning in


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