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LG Ultimate 2 Phone Review

LG Ultimate 2 Phone Review

everyone this is Ledbetter 17p today we have a product review on a new phone that I just picked up we’re actually going to be reviewing this phone right here this is the LG ultimate 2 from straighttalk upgraded to this phone from the ZTE valet which is also from straighttalk which in my opinion is a terrible terrible Android phone it’s an entry-level Android phone $100 phone so you get what you pay for this one is a little more expensive this one runs 120 $9.

99 at Walmart or online on the straighttalk website like I said it is the LG ultimate 2 so we’re going to take a look at this phone first thing right off that you see the screen right here is a 4 and 1/2 inch touch screen on the back you have your back cover which you can see almost has like a design to it it says LG has a little straight talk tracfone logo has a flash and a 5 megapixel camera right there this back camera is 5 megapixels so in it’s capable of video and photos as well this phone also does panoramic photos and others editing stuff so on the top you have your headphone jack in a microphone port on the side you have your volume rocker switch right there on the other side you have your power on button and your lockscreen button and so forth and on the very bottom is your charging port with the micro USB with another microphone as well alright and your earpieces right here on the front right there alright so let’s go ahead and power this phone on I already have it turned on so we’re just gonna do like that sorry about the glare from the light above me but there you guys go that is your lockscreen just a swipe to unlock I mean everything is super smooth on this phone I mean it’s really nice the screen is very responsive the touchscreen on this phone let’s go into our settings we’ll talk about this phone a little bit more it’s go all the way down to about phone and let’s go let’s see software information like I said this is Android version 4.

4.2 which is KitKat so we’re gonna go one two three four you got your little KitKat logo right there let it do its thing you’re in a second it should pop up a red screen there we go well let’s see if we can get this without a glare there we go Android 4.

4.2 which is like I said KitKat alright we’re gonna go ahead and click our home button in the middle which is an actual button this time we have an actual home screen button which is really nice we have a back button here and then a menu button here and this menu button will do some different things each time you press it as you can see it brought up another menu this is like I said it’s a very responsive phone has a front-facing camera which is 1.

3 megapixels which is located right here next to my finger right there so if you guys actually I can turn it on real quick just like so flip it around and there you guys go you can see yourself being recorded alright so let’s get out of that go back to our home screen this phone like I said it’s a four half inch touchscreen as 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity five megapixel camera on the back 1.

3 megapixel front facing camera this phone is capable of video and photos it also does panoramic photos it has bluetooth 4.0 which you can access the Bluetooth in the Wi-Fi connectivity right through this little quick menu at the top we need to drag the status down also this is a one point to give your her quad-core phone has 5 gigabyte of internal storage and it takes an SD card up to 32 gigabyte so what we’re going to do is I walk the screen we’re actually gonna pull the back of this phone off for you and show you where the SD card goes and where the battery is and all that back just pops off just like so you have a 21 Mille 2,100 milliamp hour lithium-ion battery right there here’s your camera as well with a flash next to it and your microSD port right here is where your micro SD card goes I have a 16 gigabyte in there at the moment alright let’s go ahead and toss the back on this just like so it snaps right on pretty simple now I’m going to show you sound quality on this phone but it’s not the greatest but it’s still not that bad the phone is nice and loud I have it on vibrate right now so put it as loud as it goes and I’ll just go in and play one of the ringtones that comes with the phone let’s see sound let’s see if CC phone ringtone alright so let’s go with one of the ringtones that comes with the phone right here as you can see the phone is plenty loud it’s pretty good I like it it’s a lot louder than my last phones which is nice the headset piece where you put your ear up to to listen to talk to somebody you can hear people a lot better there a lot clearer with this phone they can hear you better receptions way better with this phone like I said this is 3G Wi-Fi capable so I can connect to my Wi-Fi just by going in here and going over and clicking on Wi-Fi which is another neat little option with this phone so definitely check this phone out it’s from Straight Talk and you can pick it up at any local Walmart or anywhere that carries a Straight Talk section you know or the Khitan where they sell Straight Talk phones or you can buy this from straight talk comm it’s 120 $9.

99 for this phone which is well worth it we’ll run through the specs one more time this is the LG ultimate 2 android 4.4 kitkat four-and-a-half inch touchscreen 3g Wi-Fi capable 5 megapixel camera rear camera and a 1.

3 megapixel front-facing camera that does in both cameras do pitcher and video Bluetooth 4.0 1.2 gigahertz quad core 5 gig internal storage and takes an SD card up to 32 gigabyte and has a 21 milli 2100 milliamp hour lithium-ion battery so you’re gonna get a lot of talk time out of it as long as you’re not running your Wi-Fi all the time to playing games so there you guys go I definitely suggest this phone I enjoy it quite a bit it works great for what I need it for works awesome actually quite happy with it so if you guys like what you see go ahead and click that like button down below leave a comment in the comment section with a questions or concerns and I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible also don’t forget to share and subscribe so once again this is Ledbetter 17p


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