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LG TV OLED, review en español

LG TV OLED, review en español

hello stoppages for six weeks we have been testing this little girl that I have behind here one of the new televisions of the lg people that come here in our market with oled technology you already know these panels that we They offer some pure pure pure blacks so we go with the review of this Great TV that the truth is that it has us lost in love above all Coming from our TV of these that still has an ass because it has been everything an advance and I tell you why and we started the drinks again oled tv of lg people talking about its design, which is a section that has been given a lot of interest The Koreans in this case what we have is a thickness of only 4 millimeters in its thinnest part, that is, in the part of the sides, the thickness is so only 4 millimeters however its dimensions are a little larger we find 127 centimeters wide by 79 centimeters high by 12 centimeters thick these 12 centimeters thick are due to the fact that the back of the TV what we have is a small belly that is in The one that includes all the connections in which the processor is included is tell who the TV itself is a full 4 millimeters as it is, new model of the axis that we saw during ces de las vegas one of the sections The most important thing is that the TV does not have frames on the screen, that is, all completely glass we have no aluminum frame at all for the style as we have seen in other models of the competition and it is fully screen that is to say that the full screen more than 90 percent cent of the front the base that we have here below as you can see is quite It is a plastic base a transparent plastic base that is like curved at the back so that it can be held on a table in the TV the truth is that I think it suits him quite well very curious is something different because all the equipment is black and underneath we have the transparent base, although it still has a system behind it.

universal anchor in case we want to hang it on a wall to put it as we prefer and finally to highlight is that the model that we have we tested it is curved as you can see it is a very slight curve it is a curve that We practically do not see in sight unless we get on the side that is where we see that it actually has a small curve rather than a level functional and more than on a level that we are going to use on a day-to-day day how many people think and how the brands themselves do marketing because We already know that well that all brands start with him marketing itself immersive experience I don’t know who is here I don’t know how many really more than aesthetically it has no other functionality and man yes It is true that if we see it we see that it is a curve, it is very cool but from day to day we will not notice that there is a difference compared to a television flat or a curved TV these days TVs seem spaceships and with this I say it because they have two hundred thousand connections both physical and wireless I have prepared a list a list quite great with all the connections that this device incorporates, let’s see if I remember there are three usb ports three usb ports two of them are 2.

0 and one of them is 3.0 these ports are going to be used to connect hard drives external we will be able to connect the usb keys that we all know the called pendrive that will serve us therefore to be able to pass content to TV and being able to view it, we also have four connectivity ports HDMI and these ports are going to be used because you already know how to connect peripherals if we want to connect our computer to play content a cron cast a nexus play in any kind of related stuff because we’re going to be able to easily connect also what we have is an input port of the hard drives traditional hard drives those that go with the play these that are small because we have an entrance of this type of hard drives to be able to introduce them and increase the internal storage that our TV either for this the applications to consume more content Through its platform, that is, we have multiple options for another part we also have connectivity is that we will not touch very often as They are the antenna input that you already know is super essential if we want visualize content that is offered through the antenna we also have input and digital audio output you already know digital optical audio and on the other hand we have a port of entry the unne fernet rj45 that will allow us to we can connect to our network through cable it also has wifi connectivity wifi direct dlna protocol cl you already know all these kinds of things that incorporate the TVs so that our lives are made a little easier as I say yes It is true that it incorporates the lan port but we can replace that easily over a Wi-Fi network which is what we have been doing because the router is not exactly close to our TV and on the other hand also highlight the connection through servín that is one that is a lg’s own platform we will be able to send information from our lg phones or devices easily to tv i for example I have tried a lg 4 and the truth is that it works very very well we send the content to our images our videos our multimedia content in short directly to the television to be able Carlos in a very simple way and in a very way we go with the section in definitive most important thing that we use to our televisions because you already know that today they have 200,000 connections is what I tell you that it seems in a spaceship but really the most important thing is still like formerly the panel the panel is the section I think the most interesting is more we have to stop to see when we test a television we find in This case in our device is 55 inches, you already know that choosing them has presented in various sizes we have them from 50 inches to practically 120 inches in addition in various resolutions but we have tested a 55-inch computer in full hd 1920 x 1080p resolution and for another part we have the oled type panel that is what characterizes these new televisions that now I am going to explain how they work and also of course which is curved in this case because of the curve I have already mentioned before that it is not worked more than aesthetically but we did notice that the other parts make us have a very very positive user experience an experience of use remains enough of xi’an at the time of consuming multimedia content to when watching our favorite channels even enter applications Netflix type we see a lot of options to be able to see our movies for to be able to enjoy our content, which after all is what everyone We want with this type of televisions the oled technology is already the one that incorporates that incorporated the axis in its new products such as this entire range and even more devices with this type of device are being introduced little by little panels we leave a little aside the led type to pass these new ones smell what what gives these new panels is simply is some better colors of some brighter colors some colors that really encourage very much these vivid ones that we like so much vibrant colors that give a very good feeling of being in front of a quality television but we also offers infinite contrast infinite contrast with pure blacks that allow us to see the scenes with darker colors than really be very very pure this as it does it because so far it is simply What was there was that the pixels instead of turning off completely darkened that is those pixels darkened but there is still a small white spot that I did not get those blacks so so pure with oil what we do is simply turn off the pixels turn them off completely for what It is a black pixel also add that you already know that the pixels are RGB colors.

say green red and blue but in this case you have added a yellow pixel in order to get some colors well a little better in the day to day what we have seen is that it is very useful, it is a very complete screen and that it is very feasible therefore we will not have any problem the truth of consuming our content and it is something that we like a lot therefore the perfect panel as you expect and now we are going with the section dumbest of all the radio and it is a section that although it seems very silly because it seems so because I’m going to tell you now what it really is to we find it quite feasible because we always look at the details we look so much at the details that we are able to see the quality of the peripherals such as this small remote control here is is the magic control that comes directly included with this television oled and that is quite useful is quite useful because it looks super good at hand with this I tell you that the way of using it is very comfortable it adapts perfectly at hand therefore we will be able to change the channels of a much simpler way has a pointer to go can be a way go moving through the interface that then I’m going to eat you a little more about her and the most important thing that she has a microphone in case You want to talk to TV and ask where you can order a pizza Yes, I have done it, I have asked the theory where I can buy a pizza well that and she will guide you with google maps you you are making food around here around here passing by here buy the pizza or you call and they bring it to your home which is much easier and you don’t have to leave from watching your Netflix movies what we have is a remote that connects to via bluetooth to our device is a very complete command that how I’m doing well now I’m moving it around and it’s coming out around the screen and has basic buttons has buttons as basic as the turn up volume down change channels even activate 3d function a 3d function that come to work with these glasses that are directly included with the equipment sales pack we can take them out and we have passive glasses that is to say that they are not the typical lozanne glasses Samsung televisions or televisions are and that work with batteries that connect to our television but they are glasses a lot more comfortable more comfortable because they are very light they are more comfortable glasses because they are not they carry batteries they are much cheaper than active glasses but also to me It is something that I was very surprised about and that I just was just surprised when I’ve seen it because I said, but the glasses come without a temple, then no really what we have are these lenses here that go with a small clamp that allow us that if we have a problem at the time of then at the time for our vision because you already know that many of us get layers Nowadays, we put on our glasses and we can already enjoy our 3d content without having to be far away and have myopia there that does not let you see an iota of what is happening on the screen finally also highlight this other sleeve here that although it does not make much sense for now then you are going to understand that it is the control of the sound bar that I also have the sound bar here, we can control it with the remote the TV can also be controlled using this remote that is included is quite feasible and quite the audio is one of the aspects that firms are not fully perfect when they manufacture their televisions You already know that the higher-end televisions do have good audio but usually they tend to stay a little step behind what we see Currently, it is true that we have multiroom speakers that sound perfectly but also televisions are not all that we would like therefore lg has opted for an alliance with harman kardon that has two speakers here placed on the p now on the base one over here and another on the other side that are 20 watts each really the sound that We have obtained it is very high it is a very high sound we will be able to burst all the windows around our house if we put it up but also when we reach maximums the sound sounds like quite the box is something that I realize that people who have been here with me he has never realized it but when I tried it with the smartphones and any of the lg 4 sounds to me it sounds to me like saying a boxed way like it’s in such a place small as is the base that is very thin that does not have a sound as perfect for that the axis has told us not to I could solve in a much more interesting way as these bars of sound this sound bar that I have around here that is hs 7 of the team the multi room equipment of the multiroom family that we already know from the axis music flow that what they have is a huge speaker that we can connect to through wireless connectivity to our TV through a direct wifi connectivity on the other hand this sound bar also incorporates what comes to be bluetooth wi-fi to connect it with our others devices, that is, it is not limited only to being able to use it with the televisions to me is something that I have found very useful also down here is where I have the subwoofer the sup do what it does is take out the bass and this It was inhabited here, it brings out the treble, so we are very happy with the audio hip this bar but not so much with the harman kardon speakers that directly incorporate the device and platform that uses the axis with all your TV devices is egg is in this case in its version 2.

0 that we can know during the ifa in berlin 2014 as you can see is one is one quite old version of the elegy operating system but still being very functional I until now thought best smart tv systems were undoubtedly those of the axis because in the photos in the promotional pages come out as very attractive but this really is the panel that we have to be able to move through the interface and personally it ends leaving a little cold to this I mean because really we can do a lot of things we can enter youtube we can enter other applications such as disney chanel replay that I have used little my little cousin when I was around here to give him the approval of we are going to do that all this by the way of series on the other hand we have the application of the Spanish radio television you already know the own channels from here in Spain but I notice some deficiencies such as the applications in the application store we find very little variety of options we find very very few applications that we can download for our device we can install in this case two of the most important and that everything less than one hundred percent are three player behind media group antenna 3 and lasexta and the other application is my TV that is from mediaset group that are four and telecinco therefore are the applications that they are available through the computer and you get on my TV point that in a 3 player dotcom and you can see all the series you can watch all your favorite shows easily as you want is say on demand but just like there is a Spanish radio television application should be available an application of these two options are Missing gaps Missing operating systems many applications and I after all what ended up doing with my friends is to take an hdmi cable and connect to my laptop and from there start looking for movies on the internet that such fraud and we close finally the review with the price the price section that always We put special interest here is when many of you are going to scare I know that you have been constantly licking your lips with everything I have Told from TV but now comes the section in which we slap each other this usually happens quite often these types of devices are expensive when are just launched on the market because still a little more and in this case the official allergy website we can find it for about seven thousand euros specifically 6 thousand 999 euros yes this same model that I am going to leave in the description what is the model number you will be able to find it through other authorized dealers physical and online for a reduced price you already know that brands they always put their starting price but then from there the stores physical as the purchase price is a little lower for this type of stores by itself it is true that they are climbing and according to what I have seen so far you can find it for about four thousand five hundred euros a something like that between four thousand five hundred euros and five thousand can be find in a lot of physical and online stores that are right now in Spain and other countries and well, as you can see, we are not going to have a opinion we will not have either positive points or negative points because at final I have already told you everything about TV and the only thing I would do would be repeat myself like spinning tops so from here I want to thank the people from lg that they have sent us both the sound bar and the television so that we can try it for a few weeks the truth is that you have a great team in Spain ‘that’s all great so keep doing like this Keep it that way and with you, see you in the next review unboxing comparative or whichever comes first until next time


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