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LG Smart TV Review and Demo 49UB820V

LG Smart TV Review and Demo 49UB820V

hello guys I’m welcome along to this review and demo video of the television you can see in front of you the LG 49 UB 820 V now this is one of the latest smart 4k ultra HD televisions from LG I’ll run down some of the specifications for you obviously we know it’s 4k that’s a 3:8 40 by 2160 resolution as a hundred Hertz it’s got upscaling it’s a smart TV so it’s got BBC iPlayer Netflix that kind of thing I’ll show you that in a second and we’ve got Wi-Fi built in there’s three HDMI ports a scart port component I’ll show you that in a second when I have a look at the back and it’s got the Magic Remote I’ll give you a quick demo of that that’s really cool let’s start by physically having a look around the television in the middle you’ve got the LG logo and just behind there is the power button you’ve got a standard either side a lot of televisions have got the stand in the middle where this has got one foot either end give it a unique look the bezel is really small on this television you’ll see in a minute when I give you a demo back we’ve got a LAN cable a headphone jack AV in a now optical in and out satellite in aerial and cable in that’s for your free view at couple of HDMI ports down there at the bottom and then at the side here we’ve got another HDMI port and three USBs remote control wise this LG television comes with two remote controls you’ve got the standard LG Smart TV remote there nothing exciting about that but you also get the LG magic remote this works a little bit like a Nintendo Wii where you point at the screen in an arrow comes up so also all the basic functionality of volume that kind of thing it’s mainly for controlling the smart stuff and selecting things in menus I’ll give you a little demo in a minute we start a television that’s good and the standard remote works and your similar way to what you would expect it’s got a guide button atop let’s bring up the EPG left and right buttons for selecting in the menus no cable and volume buttons it’s really pretty blog standard so here’s the magic remote now all we need to do to activate the magic remote is to shake it and the arrow comes up on the screen as you can see if I go into the menu or pressing home we can now see that we can move them air around the screen using my hand much like a Nintendo Wii with almost the same accuracy of a Nintendo Wii actually this is the Smart Hub you can see here so this has got all different things all the apps you can install you can install new apps as well from the app store it’s got iPlayer Amazon Netflix pre-installed channel 5 on-demand obviously this is going to vary based on the country you’re in from here you can get to Time Machine so that you’ve got a hard drive USB hard drive you can plug it in and you can record stuff straight onto that you can browse the internet click onto that brings up a browser go on anything you like let’s say the BBC homepage have a little picture in picture there of the television that you are watching and there’s the internet icon the X in the top right hand corner it takes us back to the Smart Hub let’s go for a little demo of the EPG I could press guide on the book on the remote you can see me there hello so here’s the EPG unlike the Samsung TV I used to have it doesn’t show a little picture in picture in the corner of the channel you’re watching it doesn’t even have the sound of it if you have it unmuted and but the EPG is really quick and responsive you can use it with the Magic Remote or with the normal remote as I’m doing here it shows you what’s on now descriptions and the little red bar you can see going down the slide is how far through the show we are so it so it’s currently 642 and that’s how far through the Hollyoaks we are if you enter that kind of thing it’s really easy to reorder these channels because obviously this is a got Freeview HD tuner so to begin with the HD channels weren’t tuned there’s one two three four five kind of annoying you have to go into the settings and change it I’ll probably do another video on how you do that and we’ll see change this one to have the HD channels as one two three I switch to the Magic Remote give it a shake it turns on I can now select things using the Magic Remote exactly the same way as you would not want very in fact you can probably do it a lot easier let’s say we wanted to go on Two and a Half Men press on the button there gives you a brief synopsis and it also gives you the ability to remind advance schedule so it comes on or record it now that way workers haven’t got hard drive plugged in but all you need to do is plug a USB hard drive into it above 30 gigabytes and you can record straight to that just like a PVR you’re probably not getting on the video quite how good the picture quality of this is this is BBC One HD just showing a preview real because the regional news is on and you can see the slim board around the outside is really really only about centimeter thick the bezel means you can pack a lot more screen size into a smaller space the sound quality is also remarkably good I’ve read a few route few reviews saying the sound quality is so-so but I found it on a par with the Samsung TV I reviewed previously on this channel it’s not a little bit better there’s plenty of options optical HDMI for plugging in sound bars speaker systems that kind of thing so let’s go for a little run through of the settings menu you can see all the different settings you can change then I press settings on the remote brings up the remote control I’ve rid of the arrow I can point to different things sound you’ve got all the different sound options volume modes they’ve got like different picture modes for example supports viewing time clock options is for your like regional settings so you can choose which region you’re in if you don’t want the region you actually are in you can review someone else’s network option so bus is all about the Wi-Fi access miracast which is you can transmit your android device onto the television directly give it a name on the network figure out of that will give you a little quick demo of some of the smart functions here’s the Smart Hub these are the apps we have installed you can go left and right Plex is installed that’s a really good media server and the odds easiest want to look out I’ll BBC iPlayer doesn’t many people use this run’s really quickly actually compared to my samsung television loading new CI player so from here is substandard BBC iPlayer interface sometimes the radio goes off you have to wave it around a bit doesn’t appeal you can actually use the Magic Remote on iPlayer which is a unfortunate we try the other remote I can probably select there there you go so from there you can set all different channels catch your TV that kind of thing it runs a lot quicker than on my samsung TV still a little bit sluggish though I think like yet to find a television where iPlayer isn’t a little bit sluggish disappointed that you can’t use the magic remote in iPlayer actually I guess that’s a BBC thing these fit settings will be the same as we’ve just seen yet let’s take a Williams in full view I’m gonna use the guide down here this gives you all sorts of detailed instructions in slightly broken English about how all the different functions work all about recording Smart TV all the options and program guides etc that you read through that so it’s available online on the remote control there is a rather handy my apps button you can press and it brings up all of the Quick Links or different apps you can change what’s in here as well so it’s got settings internet you can put iPlayer in here if you want Time Machine which is where you view the things you’ve recorded and you can play stuff straight up an ass drive for example so if I go to videos I can probably play stuff off of my network that’s up go and you can enjoy contents of devices smart phone PC camera and connected to the same network beautiful next yeah that’s the wide network I’m on ok all different things I’ll select – drive and here’s a little nice little browser of the stuff that’s on my drive so if I go to videos I go to my folders and movies okay I say I’ll go it should play it and there you have I’ll go playing I go back out of there pretty simple really also in my apps we’ve got camera but this television doesn’t have a camera installed on it quick menu that’s a place where you can change the light aspect ratio and picture mode sure different picture modes there are sports video games cinema vivid I always just leave it on whatever the standard one is especially on eco so that’s probably good for the environment we like that kind of thing you might notice also that the magic right here doesn’t have a numbers on it any numbers on it but you can press the one-two-three button there it actually brings up kind of a remote control on the left hand side here that you can press numbers on press the time-machine buttons there press all the color buttons you can switch which side it’s on first in that the other comes up over here very clever so overall guys I am really impressed with the user interface of this LG television and all the menus work really well they’re really smooth and the addition of the Magic Remote makes it really simple to navigate and the picture quality is awesome I mean I haven’t got any 4k sources but I’m sure that would be amazing I’ve only got 1080p through my my network drive if it’s got Netflix 4k on it if you subscribe to Netflix so that’s a really good thing if you’ve got any questions guys please let me know in the comments I will try and answer them as quickly as I can I know these kind of videos all up to make a lot of questions about the interface and what them they can and can’t do and if you have been guys please hit a like on this video and share it if you really enjoyed it and hit subscribe appear to be notified of my next videos I’ll be doing a couple of videos on setting this up in a couple of different ways how to reorder the channels and if you have been


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