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LG LF630V LF63 series webOS TV review

LG LF630V LF63 series webOS TV review

Welcome to the review of LG’s LF630V, Full HD TV with webOS interface in latest 2.0 version. This is the cheapest webOS 2 TV in company’s lineup this year, available in sizes from 32“ to 55“. 32“ and 40“ models have direct LED backlight while 43, 49 and 55“ models have edge LED.

Difference is also in so called Picture Mastering Index which defines how high motion resolution is. The higher the number the better, although this is one spec that is really stretched by the manufacturer’s lately.

43“ and smaller models have PMI of 450 while 2 biggest models have PMI of 800. LG uses so-called Dual metal design with this model, with silver and black bezel that is made of plastic and metal. Silver metal stripes make TV look more interesting with different light reflections around the glossy screen.

Depth is 5.5 cm, equal from top to bottom thanks to direct LED backlight system. TV is possible to mount on the wall. Stand is made of black glossy plastic which goes well with the rest of the TV. If you want different stand you should consider LF632 model which offers titan silver stand of the same shape.

Overall build quality is good, but except for 2 metal stripes there is nothing special design-wise. TV offers 3 HDMIs and same number of USBs in version 2.0. There are also analog interfaces looking backwards, including SCART and component inputs.

Supplied remote control is standard, well known model with many buttons and overall good ergonomics. If you are interested in using apps and browse the internet, you can always connect USB keyboard and mouse or buy LG’s WebOS in versions 2.

0 adds new submenus for easier access and keeps the same principle which users grew to like since its introduction in 2014. The only thing which I didn’t like is the speed – menus do not appear right away and transitions are slow.

LF630V is much slower than UF950V and this you can see in realtime video which I’ve published. With contrast of around 950:1, gamut which covers 95% of Rec.709 standard and good viewing angles, LF630V is a good TV for those who want good picture quality but are not avid movie lovers or sports fans.

As opposed to higher end models, this one does not offer any kind of local dimming which would improve low contrast, which makes images look washed out when viewed in dark room environment. This was especially pronounced during watching of Cinemascope movies with black bars below and above picture.

TV plays 24p content smoothly with Trumotion active and same goes for all types of interlaced materials like TV programme or DVDs. When speaking of Trumotion, I have to emphasise that it offers only dejudder, not deblur component which would improve motion resolution.

This lead to only about 300 out of 1080 lines to be reproduced in dynamic content like sports or games. There are better performers out there for similar price, like Samsung’s H6500 for instance. Picture scaling was good and there was no stairstepping or moire effects in the picture.

It also worths noting that LF630V shows much better performance in terms of Dirty Screen Effect, which was a dealbreaker for many of LG’s LB series TVs last year. Gaming is possible on this model, but with input lag of 56 ms, low motion resolution and contrast, there are better models out there.

If you are seeking TV that is also good for gaming check out Sony’s models but also Samsung’s 2015 lineup which has greatly improved input lag. As a conclusion, LG’s LF630V is a good but not a great TV, which will satisfy average customer who wants decent picture and menus he or she will understand.

Good viewing angle is also a benefit, just like good Smart TV platform with web browser and many apps. As alternatives to this model I recommend: Samsung H6400 – a 2014 model which I still consider a very good buy thanks to good picture quality for a good price and Panasonic CS520E – TV that offers bigger screen size and bigger contrast for similar price.

Thank you for watching this review. If you want to support my work, please comment, like and subscribe. Till next time – bye!


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