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LG LA740 Range Review 47LA740,55LA740, 42LA740, 60LA740, 3D Cinema Full HD SMART LED TV Review

LG  LA740 Range Review 47LA740,55LA740, 42LA740, 60LA740, 3D Cinema Full HD SMART LED TV Review

Here at Hi-Spek, we love the LG LA740V LED Smart TV range. Bringing you stunning picture quality, enhanced sound and the smartest content, this TV range is the perfect entertainment package for any home.

Beautifully crafted with a unique silver ribbon stand, this TV has the perfect balance of style and practicality and comes in four great sizes: 42, 47, 55 and a huge 60 inches. LG Smart TV opens up a connected world of entertainment.

Watch catch up TV, movies on demand, TV series and listen to music instantly, all enhanced by the Dual Core processor. Your favourite shows are instantly available with apps such as BBC iPlayer and Sky movies.

Stream live sports via Sky Sport and access music from apps such as Napster. You can also stay connected using your favourite social network sites such as Facebook, twitter and Linked-In. These TV’s really have it all.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Miracast allows you to share your photos, music and videos from your mobile or tablet directly onto the big screen for all your friends and family to see. The LA740V is one of the most intuitive TV’s to control.

The new unique magic remote allows you to point and gesture as well as using your voice to command if desired. The scroll wheel is ideal for surfing the web effortlessly and this unique remote allows you to control all home entertainment devices with the Universal Control.

For a superior gaming experience and faster Smart TV, this LG is equipped with the exceptional technology of an inbuilt Dual Core Processor. Perfect for a TV that is bound to get lots of use. Enjoy the spectacular technology that is Cinema 3D.

With the LG LA740V, you can convert any 2D content to 3D with the four lightweight, comfortable, convenient, battery free glasses. LG have also made improvements to their 3D viewing experience by including a wider viewing angle and brighter images.

In addition to this, whether you are watching 2D or 3D, the LED-plus backlight panel dims unused parts of the screen in order to optimise the rest. Offering the deepest blacks and the brightest natural detailed picture quality, this LG TV really delivers the smoothest picture possible.

And, thanks to the Motion Clarity Index and refresh rate you’ll experience crystal clear fast moving action as it cleverly reduces motion blur, perfect for fast moving action in your favourite sports and action movies.

To complement the incredible visuals, the LA740V offers an outstanding realistic cinema-like sound experience. The built in two-point-one speaker system with separate built-in subwoofer provides full and rich sound meaning you can experience TV and movies without having to head to the cinema.

And what’s more, these LG LED TV’s boast fantastic connectivity with three HDMI ports, three USB inputs and built-in Wi-Fi. Offering a sleek design and the most advanced technologies in TV, the LG LA740V range is the perfect companion for any home.


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