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LG is Dead – Here’s Why XPERIA won’t be next…

LG is Dead – Here’s Why XPERIA won’t be next…

if you’re watching this video you’re probably a  big sony fan and probably a big xperia fan make   sure you’re subbed if that is the case i’m  a little bit worried because lg at the time   they decided to get out the industry in terms of  smartphone sales were the third biggest brand in   the us with eleven percent market share at two  percent market share globally which is a 23 was   it 23 million units per year they were shifting at  the point they decided to get out of the industry   now when we look at sony’s numbers right now well  let’s just say we’re looking at well under 1 i   mean the numbers are you know maybe 600 000 up  to potentially a million per quarter this year i   would guess but i mean we are talking a fraction  of one percent is xperia safe will they survive   let’s find out first of all let’s look at what lg  got wrong and then when they got right and what   you’ll see when we look at sony straight after  that is the the similarities the parallels are   kind of uncanny so let’s look at what lg got wrong  first of all i think the first thing i want to say   here is the updates the software support it was  pretty rubbish i mean it was really bad actually   and because of the sort of general lack of  consistency they were always jumping around   sort of you know at one point they were really  into the whole modular idea and then like within a   year that was out the window completely done with  there was a lack of consistency a lack of strategy   as far as i can tell and the losses i mean this  is the key here i talked about the sales they were   doing the losses amounted to would you believe  this 4.

5 billion within six years okay so that   makes sense you’ve got to get out at that point  and the other thing is in terms of the marketing   generally i gotta level with you i think some of  those names are not great like really not great   you see what i mean think ah lots of words  too many words but let’s look at what lg   did right innovation creativity it was an  environment clearly where people could come up   with wacky ideas and they were given the freedom  to make it a reality and a lot of that innovation   has been a critical part of the evolution of  smartphones in general capacitive touchscreen   huh there’s something every smartphone has that  and of course double tap they were the first lots   of innovation with the cameras as well the first  to have more than one camera the first to give us   ultra wide here on a smartphone and the first  with all three lenses here on the back i mean   this is impressive and here’s another thing 18  by nine aspect ratio that kind of taller slimmer   look which hey we’re going to get on to sony in a  second but sony’s obviously run with that in fact   let’s talk about sony now so let’s look at what  sony does wrong and it’s very very similar i think   to lg here let’s talk about the marketing the  consistency we’ve gone through quite a few names   like look at look at this look at this  all these names that one what what’s this   that’s bob the bonsai what about that you  see what i mean now i love sony and i love   xperia phones that’s why i do this channel  i didn’t do it to make millions of dollars it’s for fun the names have been a little bit you  know all i’m saying is a little bit ski with but   potentially now one mark three five mark three  ten mark three uh you know okay the one five   ten thing the mark three thing i’m totally fine  with because of course it makes perfect sense   it mirrors the kind of alpha mirrorless camera  setup that’s cool but it was a shame that the   compact name got dropped because sony was just  like when you thought of compact android phones   they were the guys now the compact name is missing  and i would argue that it’s well it’s certainly   borderline isn’t it as to whether or not the  five mark iii is a compact maybe if it was just   a bit smaller it could be a compact and then you  get the brand name in there and it’s like okay   all the previous compact owners going back in  time when they come up to renew their devices   makes perfect sense so that consistency the lack  of consistency i would argue is a problem here   with xperia devices too but there’s a lot of  similarity here with sony and lg when it comes   to innovation i would argue there’s even more  innovation here from sony and it’s partly because   of course there is with bravia and playstation  alpha i mean it’s inevitable this is a company   that’s passionate about what they do and and  sometimes i feel that with lg okay they sell a   lot of fridges good fridges and samsung it’s kind  of like it’s i don’t sense as much passion from   those brands as i do from sony now samsung were  very very good at importing dried fish i mean   right up there with the big names in importing  dried fish but sometimes i don’t get that same   level i don’t feel like there’s the same amount of  passion flying around at samsung who again makes   superb you know fridges and cookers and things  and i don’t think they import dried fish anymore   but i don’t get that same level of passion  that i do from sony and i love the way that   sony communicates that even in the launch event  and all the promotional videos that sony put   together they’re good and they do communicate that  passion and if you care about alpha brand or if   you care about photography in general or music and  in fact let’s talk about music i didn’t mention   this i should have done with lg music lovers were  very fond of the you know audio files i guess   is the best way to put it very fond of the lg v  series the dac the quad dac absolutely superb now   sony isn’t quite there really i mean in terms  of lossless it’s still technically not lossless   what sony’s doing it’s very very close and  i would argue there’s more convenience there   in terms of noise cancelling and the whole sony  ecosystem thing is very very cool and of course   there’s the headphone jack let’s  never forget that so as you can see   lg and sony with the xperia brand here seem to  have made a lot of the same mistakes but they   get a lot of the kind of cool stuff right but the  reason and now i’m going to answer the question   is sony xperia next to dying to leave the market  i don’t think so and here’s why it comes down to   those losses over lg which were catastrophic  well the xperia division is not losing money it’s   making money it’s a modest amount of money  but they are playing things cautiously and   conservatively and bit by bit they’re growing  it scaling it up in a very very sensible way   now my guess is the closer they get to the  alpha camera division and of course the boss   there um is now running xperia it’s an easier  thing to make sense of sony doesn’t want to   lose its foot in the marketplace here it’s  foothold i should say or foot i don’t know   either way it wants to remain present here and my  gut feeling is that when it is crystal clear that   this is sustainable and scalable xperia phones  will go global again all those countries where   you cannot currently buy xperia phones you have to  import them i reckon you’re going to get them and   i think we’re going to see massive improvements  around the world in terms of carrier support   because sony has shown its ability to make a  profit to make this sustainable and to give us   more so do you agree with me about that analysis  there with lg the similarities between sony and   lg there in terms of the good and the bad and do  you agree with me also that sony’s gonna stick   around here it makes sense for them to do so and  it’s it’s looking good either way if you agree   or not let me know in the comments section  below i’m tom this is bob the bonsai and we   will see you next time he’s still alive i mean  it’s looking all right well i’ll be here anyway


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