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LG eXpo Phone Review – HackCollege

LG eXpo Phone Review – HackCollege

killing Sutton here from hack College we’re home for the holidays but that does not mean we’re taking any days off today I’m actually going to review the LG expo it’s the newest phone from LG ok first let’s talk about the few good things about this phone it’s got a pretty nice screen the resolution is 480 pixels by 800 pixels for those of you keeping track that is better than the iphone LG is making a big deal out of their smart sensor technology which is this little indentation which is also a fingerprint reader right in the middle of the phone you can use your fingerprint to unlock the phone or you can also use it to scroll around in the phone’s menus I found it to be pretty nice and it also clicks down cool and on the plus side it has a 5 megapixel camera just like the verizon droid other than that this phone is a piece of crap it runs windows mobile 6.

5 which is an upgrade from windows mobile 6.1 but is still a piece of crap except it looks like the zune this phone fails the mom test on all accounts my mom could not even begin to use it even with simple functionality like placing a phone call or sending a text message and the touchscreen is just about unusable it’s not so much a finger touch screen as it is a fingernail touch screen you have to use your fingernail to kind of scroll around the menus or to type on the on-screen keyboard and even then I found it was clicking things that I didn’t want it to click but LG has solved this problem for you they ship you a nice stylus and the stylus looks like a chic lipstick container I don’t want to send that message when I use my phone but stylist phones are dead especially if your phone costs two hundred dollars after a mail-in rebate so this phone is a big no go for me instead spend the two hundred dollars on a nice iphone 3gs or a verizon droid my brother just got one and they’re very cool and in the meantime avoid the LG expo at all costs if you like reviews like this will be going to the consumer electronics show in january we will be doing a whirlwind of reviews so expect a lot more videos like this at the beginning of January you’ll be able to find all those videos at hack college calm / CES you


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