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LG 55LM6700: Video overview

LG 55LM6700: Video overview

check out the LG 55 LM 6700 it’s a 55 inch 3d edgelet LED TV it’s got almost no bezel a super slim form factor and you can get one online for about two thousand dollars it’s the kind of TV that looks amazing when it’s hanging up on the wall even when it’s turned off but how does it do when it’s turned on I’m Caleb Denison AV writer for Digital Trends let’s find out okay so first I want to take a 360 degree tour of the TV with you we’ll start with the most attention-grabbing factor and that’s got to be the sets ultra-thin bezel LG’s going head-to-head with Samsung for this and I think they’ve got them by about point zero zero three inches anyway it’s totally tiny and as a result you definitely get that floating picture on the wall by take note though that there’s this long chrome strip wrong along the bottom it’s not you know perfectly thin bezel moving around the back you can see the TV gets it’s four HDMI and three USB inputs on the side while the Ethernet port and legacy connections come in from the bottom so let’s take a look at this remote this is what LG calls a magic motion remote and it’s kind of like a point-and-click device that works a lot like Nintendo Wii does as such there aren’t a bunch of buttons on the remote itself and that’s not a huge problem unless you want to control your blu-ray player or some other device even though we’re totally comfortable using the Wii it kind of took us a while to get into this remote once we did though it was pretty smooth sailing unfortunately though this remote has a way of falling down all the time it feels really great in your hand but the design makes it so it doesn’t like to stand up this might not be a huge problem except that every time it moves it pops up this this cursor on the screen and that got really annoying after a while since the TV is so chock full of features and content it could be a nightmare to navigate it but LG’s user interface here is pretty intuitive and thankfully it’s really quick we love the quick response to our commands and we didn’t have any problem finding what we were looking for save the fact that LG gives you maybe too many options to access the same locally stored media they could have reduced the number of options along the bottom here by three or four pretty easily in photo video I mean there’s you know three different ways to get to this stuff the layout once you get into the menus is pretty slick though and oh yeah check out this web browser it supports both html5 and flash and it’s super quick it’s actually one of the more useful built in browsers we’ve we’ve ever tried all right so let’s get to what really matters here the picture quality on this TV is outstanding it’s easy for these edge-lit LED tvs to have brightness uniformity problems where the image is brighter towards the edges and slightly dimmer in the middle but LG has done a great job of minimizing that effect also we’re really impressed at the minimal amount of light bleeding from the edges it’s a passive 3d TV so you don’t need active glasses with batteries it’s not nearly as expensive but the the passive 3d performance on this TV was actually really good there’s no flicker and the 3d effect has some pretty tremendous depth 2d picture quality of course also excellent it doesn’t make a whole lot to get this TV calibrated and looking superb but for those that like ISF level adjustments LG provides the tools to do it and to presets for saving your settings here so this TV is the lowest of four models in LG’s top of the line cinema screen series and it’s loaded with features there’s only a couple of things you don’t get with this set and we’ve listed them in our written reviews so check that out if you’re curious the bottom line here is that LG has built a serious winter with this 55 inch model is gorgeous and challenges the likes of most manufacturers ultra premium TVs so the bang for your buck factor here is off the charts if you haven’t considered an LG TV before now’s probably the time this set easily earned our editors choice award


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