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LG 43″ LED 1080p Full HD Smart TV | HSN

LG 43″ LED 1080p Full HD Smart TV | HSN

most unbelievable value ever on an LG 43 inch television you picked it this is a huge customer pick on hsn.com almost every review is 5 stars on this beautiful television it is unequivocally the lowest price look at it was I mean at $4.

99 it’s amazing at four 69.95 we have never seen a 43 inch television price this low on top of that friends this is LG LG is our customer top-rated top satisfaction brand we sell in the world of televisions on HSN so if you’re going to choose a new television today consider this one and consider LG we’ve ordered a couple LG’s in the past we love this brand the quality is amazing for the values that you get and for that little price a for 69.

95 it’s a smart TV it’s a perfect size it’s skinny and streamlined the picture quality is incredible we’re to learn all about it from our friend Joe Harrison but I would say truly lowest price is really funny because my card here it says that give me all the planners give me all the notes Joe that says for 99.

95 Milton price on my card and at $4.99 they’re telling me lowest price ever offered ever offered on a 43 inch and then we get out here and they took another while I was on the air they took another $30 off this price so guess what it’s a first-come first-serve there’s about 400 people who get like this before it’s gone so we’ll get you the lowdown but if you’ve been in the market for a television boom this is only this is perfect for you because for a lot of us we want a TV that not only looks stunning but could connect to all of our additional devices too and leave it to LG to make it so simple and so easy to be able to access all of our content and when you look at this 43 inch to me it is the perfect size I have an LG in my house we love my family love it it’s our main TV room that we have when you see this 43 inch I want to compare it to a 32 inch the 32 inch right now this is the number one seller number one you’re watching at home are watching on this size because the majority of people have babel 30 times and when you step up to the 43 inch you’re getting 80% more screen 80% more entertainment 8 percent more movies and the great thing about this is it’s all screen notice that there’s not some big thick bezel that’s going around the side all you’re looking at is the entire screen no skinny tunak comes on a stand right but it would be beautiful mounted on the wall over the fireplace and this works in any room in your home it really hits that sweet spot it does especially the design on this and this is LG’s newer series every single time we’ve had this here at HSN it is always sold out and it’s always been at a much higher price and when you read the reviews 94% of the people that bought this television would recommend it to somebody else is one of the highest rated LG is the top customer satisfaction brand in televisions excel more customers rave Dustin our directors telling me he has an algae loves it we bought to LG’s love this brand it’s an excellent brand most the reviews on these TVs come in at perfect five-star every time we have never been this low and as I said there’s only about 400 we expect every one of these to sell out so treat yourself someone you love this works in any room bedroom family room mancave you know wherever you decide to put it it’s not too big it’s not too small it hits that sweet spot it’s just right your hundred-percent corrected is the perfect spot for you especially when you look at the screen the screen on here is 1080p High Definition normally at this price you don’t get a TV that’s this big you’re in the 30 inch range you don’t get 1080p high definition you get 720p this has more lines for that sharper clear resolution another thing you rarely see below $500 is the fact that this is also a smart TV it has a brand-new the Web OS 2.

0 from from LG they’re making it simple to connect because there are a lot of smart TVs that are out there federal thousand $1500 and it’s difficult to be able to access all your content LG has made it as simple as just changing the channel so if you have a subscription to Hulu or to Netflix or to Vudu you just hit the button it automatically load up and Here I am without any wires instantly connecting and downloading the latest movies because you know school see the school is about to end the kids are going to have one I have something to do you can now do it all throughout your LG and the smart connections there’s even an LG store that’s available on here we can download games you can download karaoke you can download movies all that great content directly through the screen and it’s just one simple button to get you there one more thing real quick the free shipping and handling that’s just for this show this is of this state only you’re the only audience who’s going to see this this has never been offered like this before one other thing I want you to see see that 7830 three cents that is all you spend right now on your credit card you’re spending seventy-eight dollars and 33 cents free shipping we pack this up we deliver it to your doorstep it’ll be there in a few days you have an unconditional money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work out put it back in the box we send you the return label just the label on the box return it no questions asked call ups they’ll come and pick it up for you whatever if you decide you don’t want it I know you’re going to keep it because our customers love it it is our top customer satisfaction brand in televisions and this is the biggest value best value truly we’ve ever seen on a 43 inch and the LG name is one that people know love and trust so I only encourage you spend your $78 right now with everybody on the phone there might be 300 of these available Rick will show you what’s left it says 438 of these available but we have over almost 400 people on the phone and on hsn.

com so people are recognizing what an amazing value this is there are 67 perfect five-star reviews on this TV perfect five-star reviews so that’s what we’re excited about we know that you’re going to love it and you’re the only people that ever get to buy it at this price has never been offered like this at this day only is exactly that so it’s a special treat for anybody looking for a great deal on a television special e at this price we’re offering features that you just don’t see at this price exactly they have is something called LED backlit now this is a big deal Colleen because traditionally TVs LED TVs at this price they’ll have what they call side lit LED so the light is emitted from the side what happens in the middle is he gets a dark shadow because the light can’t reach that way well a lot of times the act might be over the side like the bird is or maybe it’s on the other side this the entire back panel is one LED light so it is perfect whether the actions here there are anywhere in between that is a high-end feature that you don’t see anywhere else but we’re including it in this high-end LG the other thing you’ll notice that we go from the birds from the darks to the lights the other thing this has something called the triple XD engine and what this does is it enhances the color color it makes everything sharper it enhances the contrast to so it is a movie quality experience right here in the 43 inch size it is perfect for you so whether you’re watching your cartoons whether the kids are playing games on here whether you’re watching your movies or your TV shows throughout the week it is one of the best pictures that we’ve ever offered and also love to that has something called clear voice which um LG has created and what this does is a lot of times you might be watching a movie or maybe it’s an action you hear like the car screeching back and forth but then you really can’t hear the dialogue can’t hear the dial is often all the toilet that I’m having to put the volume by you’re creating a dialogue but then you’re blowing your eardrums out and then all the background stuff is so loud and with this clear voice it enhances all the dialogues so you can perfectly hear everything that’s going on I love the shot to Colleen because having a pitch-black like that is so difficult how many of you watch black it ends up being like a grey you’re right is that perfect enough because of that XD engine that triple XD engine from LG and that’s a feature that LG trip that traditionally doesn’t have until you get to the seven eight nine hundred dollar range and the other thing you’ll notice that it is all bezel I would just want to talk about the screen for a second look at that edge edge my finger is actually as thick it was thicker than the whole TV bezel from itself so all you’re seeing is all screen and it was lacking a side college oh it’s so thin you guys it’s been thin and by the way I know it’s saying that there are three hundred ninety two of these left there are not three hundred ninety two we have a couple hundred people in the ordering process for this we probably have more like about a hundred or one hundred and fifty these left this does not come back at this price it’s only because it’s our customer appreciation grand finale this was saved for this show you’re the only audience it gets to see this at this price it’s called a this day only for a reason it’s a one I’m this day only offer you can do your $78 on flexpay it is free shipping and handling it’s LG it is our top customer satisfaction brand our customers who buy LG love LG virtually every LG TV company comes a customer pick this is already a huge customer pick so if you’re thinking about getting a new TV the 43 inch is perfect it’s the perfect size it’s just larger-than-life but not too big and overpowering for any room over a mantle over a fireplace in a family room in your bedroom you know anywhere in your office in the basement in the mancave you get the stand included it of course would hang beautifully on a wall somewhere if you decide you want to mount this up on the wall we sell wall months as well you can check that out on hsn.

com but the bottom line is that this enhances your television viewing experience you will be very impressed with it if you if it’s your first LG I can almost guarantee it will not be your last I remember the first time we bought when my husband was not familiar with the brand but the value is so good I said Carlos I saw it in person I’m like you think we need to buy that TV long story short we got it home he was blown away it was like wow everyone is that’s not familiar get it home you will see these are beautiful television it has one of the lowest return rates in HSN history LG has a brand because it does blow you away when you first look at it here we are looking at the Alps or are you going to watch the Olympics this summer or are you going to end up watching your just your nighttime programming everything looks better when they turn the lights down and this is the only thing that’s lighting up the screen it is an absolutely stunning stunning screen now keep in mind this is 1080p it’s not only going to be great for the picture but it’s also easy if you want to be able to navigate because sometimes my wife is she wants to watch Netflix and on our older version it’s difficult to get the Netflix because you have to hit this button hit that button here LG with their brand-new web OS it makes it as simple as just turning the channel do you have an Amazon Prime subscription well now you have movies there I want to watch Hulu you got there 27 million of us have an alux subscription we’ve got it there Vudu has a quarter NightA million you can do Facebook on here if you want to as well my daughter loves watching cat videos on YouTube she’s addicted to that he died of all that right from the remote control right there directly from the remote control it makes it so easy and when you get this at home you think okay I saw what he did I forget how he got there if you just keep going left like there’s the World Wide Web do want to shop on HSN orga log on Facebook anyway the big question mark that’ll walk you through your entire user guide bill day so no longer saying well actually I’d use of this just go to the user guide to make a it’s right there to make it easy for you yeah this is unequivocally the lowest price for 43 inch Smart TV from LG I mean it’s not happened in the past even at our price of $4.

99 which is what it was going to be for this event that’s still great but you have the extra savings $78 and by the way if you have an HSN credit card we’re going to put this on an extended flex pay for you it’s 50 2.

22 cents if you put this on your HSN charge card we’ll spread those payments out over nine months for you so either way if you want to do any major credit card or your HSN credit card the best part you’re getting a beautiful television this one has is tried and true you guys picked it I mean our customers pick this you voted you picked it that’s why it’s in this show so we know that you are going to be thrilled with it this has been such a fun show today because every single item we’ve been presenting for you are things that our customers voted on they chose as their top favorites and here we are today sharing all of those picks with all of you so this is a chance for you to get a beautiful television lowest price ever and now with everybody on the phone hundreds of these out the door I’m so excited looks like these are going to sell out with everybody ordering this we might have I don’t know maybe 100 left if we’re lucky I hope you make the call okay Rick our producer saying maybe 75 people can can call and get this before it’s completely sold out most of us who work here I think a lot of the work here have at least one LG in our home that’s the thing is like LG’s been a brand we’ve all known and grown up with and loved and now that LED technology that we’re creating it’s truly that amazing experience but you know typically this price Colleen normally you get a 32 inch and this is the most popular screen size that’s out there in America is a 32 inch when you see the comparison this is 80 is it for Sony o drink 43 sounds out much bigger right what’s you 80% I’m going to be like oh I have a 32 between a 43 it makes a world of difference when you have that so it’s that better movie experience is that better gaming experience this has multiple inputs your kids when I play Xbox or Playstation one they can easily do it right here because you have all those connections plus it has Wi-Fi built into the device just like your laptop just like your tablet so with one touch of a button there’s a little picture of a house that’s your home it brings up all the content that you have to be able to join your LG Wow all right here’s what’s happening we will take your orders until this sells out this is not coming back at this price this is special for you I’m glad you’re watching we’d love to get this delivered home to you spend your $78 your free shipping and handling is there for you to take advantage of we’d love to send this your way so you can be experiencing the splendor of a smart TV that provides the most gorgeous high-definition viewing for anything you love to watch and enjoy at home on TV Joe outstanding for heaven thank you so much my coordinator outfits yes should we do coordinate bed welcome to Thalia no I want to do yeah next time I do the heels up alright next time I’ll wear plaid to wear heels but we’re gonna check in with Jeff who is twinning with Jo today and he’s standing by to give you a look at some of the highlights from our show hey Jeff jo you ice nappy dress-up


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