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LG 3D Smart TV Features Demo LA6200 & LA6205 Series

LG 3D Smart TV Features Demo LA6200 & LA6205 Series

hey what is going on everyone this video me giving you a demonstration or some LG smart features available on their 3d TVs that are available throughout the years of 2013 and 2014 now the very specific models we’ll be focusing on are the X X la 6200 series and the X X la 6205 series the X ax is just a placeholder for the size of the TV so if you have the 42 inch version it could be 42 la 6200 or 42 la 6205 same thing for the 47 inch version which I have here it could be the 47 la 6200 or the 47 la 6205 and the same pattern repeats you have a 50 or 55 and a 60 inch versions also available if it’s still confusing don’t worry I’ll put the exact model numbers in the video description for those you’re wondering why am I talking about the 60 260 to 0-5 series the TVs are the exact same thing the only difference I could find is that the remote that comes out of the box in the LA 6200 series the TV is the same it’s just you get a boring dull generic TV remote out of the box if you want to use the magic one remote you have to purchase it separately whereas with the LA 60 205 series you get the exact same TV as 6200 except out of the box you get this magical and remote you don’t have to pay extra for it that’s the only difference I could find between the two they have the exact same picture quality exact same smart features everything now in this video as I mentioned it’s going to be smart features demo and that’s it I have reviewed the 47 inch version be sure to check out that video review the link to that review is in the video description now if you want to purchase an LA 6200 series TV you can still watch that review because the TV technology is the exact same thing it’s just you don’t get this remote same thing with the LA 6205 series if you plan to buy different size in the 6205 series well you can still watch the review the 47 inch version because the technology is the exact same thing it’s just different size TV everything else is identical I was enough blabbering and again to the smart feature demo now and continue from there ok so the first thing I want to mention to you guys mirror whatever’s on your Android smartphone or tablet to the TV itself you can do that through a wired connection which uses MHL wire or you can use mirror cast as I am right now what I’m doing right now is I’m wirelessly mirroring my 2013 Nexus 7 tablet using miracast and I would say this about a two to three second delay for the TV to respond as to what I’m doing on my tablet even if I were to rotate my tablet the TV will try to keep up and rotate the screen as well okay so to access and use most of the apps here you of course need a internet connection now that could be done with a wireless internet connection because it’s a wireless adapter built inside or a wired internet connection using an Ethernet wire which I’m doing right now and there is a dual-core processor in here and of course another thing to mention about wireless mirroring this TV does also support WiDi Intel mirroring now of course there is a built-in web browser it’s a little laggy and as you can see you have a picture-in-picture on this was being played on my cable TV can click and drag it around of course this can only be done I let me mention something a lot of the features I’m doing as you can see there’s a mouse pointing around ass because I have the LA 60 205 series I have the magic one remote if you have the 6200 series a lot of things I’m doing like clicking and dragging this picture around you might not be able to do that okay you could probably give the smartphone and tablet app a try which is available on Google Play it kind of works as your remote control for your TV they might work for you but anyway I did everything I’m doing is with the magic on remote so keep that very much in mind it’s very important to remember so you have a web browser you don’t if you have the magic on remote you don’t need a USB keyboard and mouse plugged in because you can just use the magic on remote to click a text box and select whatever text I want to put input now when you’re watching just regular cable TV or whatever it antenna input you’re using if you’re just watching regular TV you scroll to the bottom left with magic or remote this were you able to access your quick shortcuts now this list you can customize the order of you can remove icons and of course if you download games for example or certain apps this is where they’re automatically added but let me just say is one of the best built-in media players I have ever used a list of supportive all types as far as I know is you can find that list in the video review of this TV there’s no official list given by LG I can find one on the net so it’s kind of a list I had to compile myself but playing back videos and it is fantastic and of course the picture quality is outstanding having general controls here and there you have the option to click 3d of course the remote also has a 3d option available as well one minor annoyance is that if you want to get the full potential of network playback from your computer well it only shares through Windows Media Center which is unfortunate because Windows Media Center doesn’t play us and share mkv files there is a workaround for that though it’s basically by installing a PC software called Smart share and by doing so then you can share your files and here I’m able to share everything I can share any file type is yet to fill me in in regards to playing a certain file type of especially videos now there is a special function built on the magic on remote which allows you to do voice search slow and give me example right now and click the button babbling boolean as you can see is voice searching and it found similar results well I actually found babbling boolean but because it’s a funny name the TV doesn’t probably know how to search for instantly and what it does is it searches throughout like YouTube web results and all that stuff unfortunately doesn’t search within say Netflix or Hulu Plus but it’s just a nice gimmick feature it to have now the list of available apps will depend on where you live certain apps are available in different regions but if I go to premium this is where the most important apps to me are located you have important apps like Netflix Hulu Plus YouTube Skype is available to use but you will require to buy an external webcam of some kind now if you want to get more apps you can always subscribe to smart world this is basically LG’s um App Store or whatever you want to call it you can download more apps some require that you pay for them some are free you can download from a whole bunch of categories including games and then of course if you’re talking about games there’s a dedicated game world the game world just searches through the same thing as the LG world is the exact same store except it just filters results from video games dead now what happens when you get video games that they download to the internal memory of this TV which is 4 gigabytes that’s right I said this TV has 4 gigabytes of internal memory that’s crazy most media players don’t even have a gigabyte of internal memory 4 gigs it sounds like a lot but just software updates alone for the TV took up almost 2 gigs now if you have a game like say The Dark Knight Rises which I’m not going to buy in demo because I already bought it for Android and demoed it in half my videos I’m not going to do it again but as you can see it takes up 2.

9 gigs and you might be like well what if I run into space what happens then well what happens is the TV if it runs out of space as you can see I have used up three point eight gigabytes out of four gigabytes so obviously don’t have enough space left if I take a blank USB stick I can actually plug it into the TV and the TV will say ok if you want to use this game we’re going to have to install it on the external USB stick but we’re going to format it so it’ll format and delete everything on the USB stick but use it as additional memory see it’s kind of wicked how the TV does almost everything ok so originally when I got the TV the Netflix app was absolutely terrible it was garbage I couldn’t even access my family profiles um when I did a software update on the TV which you can do through a wireless or wired internet connection or you can download the update from the LG website put on USB stick and then plug it in after the update now the Netflix app is amazing it’s one of the most attractive looking Netflix apps I’ve ever used on a media player or TV for that matter so whatever footage you’re watching on Netflix if it is available on HD quality it’ll look amazing on this TV it’ll look fantastic okay so the Netflix and Hulu Plus app both them take about 10 to 15 seconds to start up and again the Hulu Plus app on this TV is one of the most well beautiful welcoming looking apps we’ve seen for any Hulu Plus app you have your very generic stuff and features you can access your favorites if you go to cue okay and as with Hulu Plus if HD content is available the video will play back in HD and the same same commands as Netflix you can use left and right to fast forward and rewind okay so what you guys are seeing now is the YouTube Leanback at this is what Google provides as the YouTube experience while watching a TV yes this is the main interface and it has a whole bunch of categories everything you would want and you know it’s categorized well it’s just I find it to be extremely laggy and slow compared to some of the other apps I’m not really a fan of the YouTube Leanback app but you know this is what you have to use I press you recommend that use a YouTube app on your smartphone or tablet search something there and then you can pair it up with your TV here whatever device is playing on your smartphone or tablet will transfer to the TV instead like it’s waiting now is just a video from my youtube channel and of course if a YouTube video is available in HD this TV will play it back in HD quality clicking on the middle button on the magic wand remote probably the 6200 remote will do the same thing is bring up this menu right here and you can fast forward and rewind in 10-second intervals you can go to the next search result video and of course as for pressing the 3d button what I’ll do is it’ll turn it into 3d or it’ll try to simulate 3d so try to turn 2d content into 3d content this function that is built into the TV works with USB files paying back so you can turn your home videos into 3d it does a pretty respectable job at times it still looks like 2d flat but other times it looks fantastic and 3d quality this 3d selection button works in the YouTube app in the Hulu Plus app ok so moving on to the next car do you have 3d world which is basically some 3d videos that are available through the TV that of course they need an internet connection so the picture is a bit fuzzy in this app because it instantly turned into 3d I can turn it to 2d there is much clearer on 2d now um basically the problem with this app is well most of the videos here are free but they’re absolutely horrendous it’s like they’ve taken videos from the 80s and then just turn them into 3d they’re all horrible well here you can see 2007 it’s not from the 80s but I’m trying to say that the quality of these videos are so terrible they look like they recorded in the 80s and then just convert it into 3d so if you’re trying to show off your 3d quality of this TV you’re probably not going to want to use this app in the video selections they better off you a 3d video that you purchased or something so in both TV series the 60 260 to 0-5 there are dual core processors built in this TV and what you’re seeing now is a game of downloaded and installed onto the memory of the TV itself so this game um it doesn’t have the greatest graphics in the world but just to give you guys a general idea that this TV is playing 3d games or worth 3d animation rather and there are actually some games available in 3d to purchase it’s quite impressive considering that many media players cannot play games of this graphic caliber okay moving along just a bit more as you can see I’ve selected right now is my interest now here’s the unfortunate thing about this I can select you know which city you want to display as the weather it keeps changing randomly through different cities and if I try to go through a whole bunch of different news articles because you only have three here if I click my interest to customize it as you can see you can Li select up to three categories smart shares basically your media’s player stay USB player and your home networking is basically the actual media player built into the TV itself actually I just skipped over on now is basically video on-demand services so we actually can rent videos like Ted or whatever for a certain cost of course you can customize and create your own cards unfortunately the thing about this card I can’t put stuff like Netflix in it or Hulu Plus this is what I found completely useless about creating my own card instead the better thing to do which I plan to do myself is to add Netflix and Hulu here but then move it to the beginning of my apps shortcuts here because this can be customized and over the top this will basically close this well app window you can say this this entire window you’re seeing right now and go back to cable TV here can access my profile which is my email whatever I don’t care notifications from LG or sometimes if you purchase something search searches the exact same thing as I mentioned in the voice search function it’ll search through the web YouTube and some premium content editing basically allows you to move these cards around and edit them and whatnot as I mentioned you can drag click and drag them around if you want and of course your network connectivity of course the only thing here at the bottom that more does is actually expand the entire shortcuts list and makes it fullscreen what’s neat about this TVs that there’s a built-in user guide okay one really cool thing I want to mention for you guys is dual play I’m a PC gamer so I can’t really comment on this I don’t have a console I play PC games but if I had say battlefield 4 and I’m playing multiplayer on my console and the screen would be split across here first player will have the upper screen and second player will have the bottom screen well with dual play you can actually purchase a sold seperately 3d glasses that actually makes both split screens into two separate full screens so you would get two glasses glasses a which show player one screen and glasses B will show player two screen in full screen you cannot see each other’s screen it’s pretty wicked like that simple links allows you to have more control with your LG remote over other devices quick menu is nothing really important and accessibility allows for closed caption support and all other good stuff shop TV doesn’t even work for me I always get a blank screen and nothing happens so I’m still leave it at that okay so this video has become very long as I thought it would so I’m gonna leave it at this remember if you want to see more details about the 6200 series or the 6205 series be sure to check out the video review which I do of the 47 la 6 2:05 I can find a link to that review in the video description because as I mentioned the only thing different between the 6205 and 6200 is the magic on remote in the box everything else is identical even if the TV size is different so I hope you guys found this video useful if you did it be sure to check out my Facebook Google+ Twitter and website linked in the video description hit the like button it does help subscribe and you


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