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LG 2013 Smart TV Review – 29LN460U

LG 2013 Smart TV Review – 29LN460U

this is the LG 29 L n 4 6 o you it’s a smart TV from LG it comes with Wi-Fi built-in this one’s got an Ethernet port and it’s got freebie built in so this is the remote that comes with it matches the surrounding which is nice if I load up the Freeview guide you see it’s very quick to go through here that’s one of the things I checked in the store to make sure it’s not laggy like some other TVs you’ll see here that got two options watch or record so it does support recording TV shows you need to connect your own USB hard drive or USB pendrive so I’ll just load that up pictures very good I’m just using the normal auto dial antenna that’s on top of the roof I have no problems with it if I go down I could do with actually improving the antenna where it’s pointing but you know generally it picks up lost channels very well very quick to change channel to do everything basically there’s no lag for out the box which I really like if you go ahead and press the smart button here that will bring up all the smart features it’s got a ton of things built in which is great you’ll see that when you bring this up the you continue watching a preview their volume controls sounds very good it comes with I play a built-in about film demand v Netflix YouTube basically all the ones you’d imagine it’s also got some things that you wouldn’t think it has if we go all the way to the right it picks up network drives what it’s picking up here is actually a humic DVR that I have in another part of the house and it will let you stream from media servers so that’s great so this was recording on the humic so I don’t know when maybe a couple days ago and it just stream straight this TV which is great property boy the terror continues let’s go back to the smart does a smart area I show you I play as you can see it’s pretty quick so I play yeah and this is over Wi-Fi I’m not using the Ethernet let’s just load this up you can see there’s no lag it’s really quick changing between between different content and different options so this is now streaming from iPlayer you turn HD on obviously this is somewhat dependent on your home internet connection other things at the same time so that’s very useful it’s also got a browser built-in if you go to internet you can do standard everything you see that let me turn that down we’ve got a TV continuing to go here’s a mouse pointer which is handled like this you know it does have USB port so I imagine you can probably plug in a proper keyboard and mouse so if we just do a Google search this should bring up the keyboard and then I’m just going to search for FB Facebook if actually it’s it’s there on the list so let’s just go I just search Facebook like this go and it’s a full-featured web browser and I’m just using these buttons here to move around maybe a lot quicker with the mouse and keyboard but it works oops if you had a one of those little all-in-one touch pads with a keyboard on it’d be perfect for this see so that’s quite cool go back to the smart home center area yeah I mean it works really well the reason why I’m making this video primarily is because a lot of Smart TVs they kind of slow some of the features don’t really work that well you have to wait ages and it’s just a hassle so when I finally found one which works so well I thought I’d do a review because I couldn’t find any others on Aven on Amazon on YouTube so yeah LG Smart TV very good this one was 300 pounds 29 inch and it’s led uses 30 watt so very low power recommend it


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