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Lenovo Yoga 730 Review // A 2-in-1 Laptop with Alexa!

Lenovo Yoga 730 Review // A 2-in-1 Laptop with Alexa!

hello guys, hey I am Matthew Moniz Welcome to this issue of Lenovo YOGA730 notebook review This is the successor to YOGA720 last year In terms of design, there is not much change, the overall look is the same It’s also a two-in-one, so you can turn it upside down to get another position -Notebook mode, tent mode, you can choose You can also buy a stylus to write and draw on the screen From the standpoint of durability, this is a well-made notebook It just doesn’t give people a refined feeling I say this because of its border -Very sharp I feel that my hand will be cut when I hold it in my hand.

The interface is fairly kind: on the left are two USB-Type-C interfaces, supporting Thunderbolt 3 protocol There is also a full-size USB-Type-A interface on the right ——At least one remains I really hope it can provide a full-size SD card slot, or at least a micro SD card slot For external storage ——But at least the data line interface is fairly kind Inside the fuselage, not much hardware supports upgrades The NVMe SSD with m.

2 interface provides a good read and write speed-can be upgraded The WiFi network card supports upgrading, but the memory, CPU and graphics card are all welded to the motherboard The screen is 13 inches, but there are also 15 inches, which is much larger This is a full HD screen (1080P), support touch If you need, you can also use a stylus Of course, if you pursue higher PPI, there are also high score screens available If you are a photographer or artist who fancy color accuracy I believe there will be other ultrabooks on the market that are more suitable for you The performance of this product can only be said to be unsatisfactory I noticed a little yellowing while watching the white picture So this is not the best screen on the market The screen frame is OK, a little bit wider, but it’s also qualified The camera should be praised at the top One thing is worth mentioning, because this is a 2-in-1 notebook When you type on this keyboard, the screen may shake a little Although most 2-in-1 notebooks are like this, I still have to mention The camera is 720P, which is very popular on Ultrabook The effect is as follows, the colors are decent, enough to handle video calls And the sound is as you hear The speaker is designed at the bottom of the notebook, and the volume is large enough Although not as loud as the Dell XPS13, it is also loud enough It looks a bit small,-what a typical bottom speaker looks like I still prefer the C-side speakers, but it’s hard to do this with ultra-thin laptops You have also discovered that it uses the IBL external amplifier unit If you are using a headset, it also supports Dolby Atmos, but there is a charge (???) It is also equipped with a far-field microphone, its role is If you are on the other side of the room, you can call your notebook loudly It can hear Because of this, it supports the dictionary system (?) but I can’t test this now Because it has not been activated yet, but will be activated in an update soon OK, let’s talk about the keyboard This is what I’m not satisfied with, I don’t really like its typing experience I still prefer Lenovo’s typical U-shaped buttons This keystroke is very short, the keys themselves feel thin and the feedback is vague I would have liked it to be like Lenovo Carbon X1 ThinkPad This keyboard feels great and is one of my favorite laptop keyboards In addition, the button layout is okay The touchpad size is great, enough area to slide your finger The driver of Windows precision is used, and the positioning is accurate It cannot be said to be the same as Dell XPS13, but it is also very close Also supports Windows hello recognition system, not on the camera But on the fingerprint recognition button at the bottom of the keyboard My review machine is the i5-8250U version, and there is also an i7 version available For daily use, such as Google Docs, Excel spreadsheets, watching videos, brushing web pages, etc.

I don’t think there is any problem In fact, there is no obvious speed difference compared with last year’s machine Except in some heavy usage scenarios with full quad-core, such as video transcoding, PS In a scenario like this, you can get a speed increase of 30% to 40% And for the game, I believe you will not expect too much from it, especially.

.. Because its positioning is not in this area If you have to use it to play games, it’s not impossible, but it’s best to use an external graphics card to play The heat dissipation of this notebook is still very good, and the surface temperature can be maintained at about 41 to 42 degrees.

This is quite good compared to many ultrabooks I have tested recently Many books will reach 45 to 46 degrees The CPU temperature can reach 75 to 80 degrees under extreme roasting conditions If the temperature rises too fast, the CPU will indeed reduce the frequency But as soon as the cooling fan intervenes, full horsepower will be restored immediately In terms of noise, this is a very quiet book It is generally lower than 33dB at “idling speed”, of course, the noise will indeed increase when fully loaded Especially compared with Dell XPS13 The battery life of this product is a bit unsatisfactory What I mean by “passable” does not mean that its battery life is terrible It’s just that the average level of this type of product is a bit poor Recently, ultrabooks using Intel 8th generation processors can basically reach 9.

5 to 10 hours of battery life And this one can only be used for about 8 hours Fortunately, it has two USB type-C ports, and both can be used for charging And Lenovo also added fast charging technology, charging for 15 minutes and using for 2 hours Then the next step is to summarize the submission; Lenovo YOGA730 did two things right: touchpad and thermal management In other respects, it can only be said to be quite satisfactory, the screen can be considered to be above-average, but the keyboard feedback is vague There is room for improvement in battery life, I mean it’s a bit worse than similar products In addition, the shape design is not very friendly to the handheld experience I sincerely hope for a more refined product Of course I don’t think this is a bad notebook I think if you are a poor student and you want a notebook that will stay with you for a long time You don’t require it to be flawless in every aspect, but it’s not bad overall Then YOGA730 should meet your needs But if you are a professional or have a lot of money I believe there are better options on the market-such as Dell XPS13 Even X1 Carbon,-I think this is a great laptop So the above is my opinion on Lenovo YOGA 730 Welcome to leave your opinion in the comment area If you like this video, remember to like it See you next time in the video


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