Home Laptop Reviews Lenovo V15 Laptop review (Malayalam). A budget laptop

Lenovo V15 Laptop review (Malayalam). A budget laptop

Lenovo V15 Laptop review (Malayalam).  A budget laptop

Hi all, welcome to my new video Today we are reviewing a Lenovo laptop It’s a Lenovo V15 model full details about the laptop are given in the description box. So we can go ahead with our review Inside the box, we have a laptop, a small charger, and some warranty documents.

The charger is smaller in size and almost similar to the MacBook charger. The laptop itself is very lightweight weight is close to 2kg and very easy to carry around. Full details about the dimension is in the description box.

The laptop has a plastic case all the panels are made of plastic it has a textured finish that gives a good grip and also reduce the chance of slip. On top of the laptop we can see a Lenovo logo Apart from the logo, there are no other lights or stickers on the top surface.

On the sides, you can see i/o ports. Most of them are on the left side first, you can see the charging point, next is the HDMI port and a series of 3 USB ports. On the right side, you can see an sd card reader and a 3.

5 mm audio jack There are no other ports on the right side On the bottom side we can see 2 small speakers each of them is 1.5 w speaker produce a decent output Now we can open it The hinge of this laptop is special you can open the screen to almost 180 degree Once you open you can see 2 stickers one is an intel i5 sticker since we have a an i5 processor We also have a graphic card so there is an Nvidia sticker On this side, there is a Lenovo sticker As we said early we have a textured finish this gives you a good grip.

Trackpad is placed slightly on the left side. Regarding the keyboard its placed slightly lower than the inner panel. So this will avoid the marks of the keyboard on your screen Regarding the key layout keys are smaller in size especially some special keys.

Also, the up and down arrow keys are very small If you are switching from a desktop to this laptop there may be a chance for some confusion. Apart from that, the power button is placed on the top right corner within the keyboard.

Regarding the display, as the model no says, it’s 15 inches diagonally across the screen. This laptop has a tiny bezels which reduces the size of the laptop. A 0.3 Mp webcam is placed on the top bezel.

The resolution of the display is 1920 * 1080 and the aspect ratio is 16: 9. It has a pixel density of 147 ppi It has a pixel density of 147 ppi. It has a full HD display, with a high brightness that can be helpful on a bright sunny day to view our content on display.

Regarding the brightness numbers in the center, it’s 227 nits and an average of 220 nits. The specification of this laptop is i5 8 generation processor with 256gb SSD plus a 2 gb graphic card. It’s an entry-level graphic card and it won’t be sufficient for high-end games and for animations.

In that case you can go for a better graphic card such as Mx 250 or something like that. For small graphic oriented works we have 2gb graphic card additional to the 8 gb ram and that boosts the system performance.

Due to the graphic card there is a small issue. In sometimes the fan speed will be too much and slightly noisy especially if you open some graphic oriented content. especially if you open some graphic oriented content.

Regarding the specification of this laptop we have an i5 8th generation processor have an 8gb ram in that 4gb is soldered to the motherboard. So to upgrade your ram you have only one remaining slot.

This limits you to upgrade only up to 12 gb ra.m The model no 2 gb graphic card is nvidia mx 110, that can boost graphic performance. This laptop is available in different configurations the lowest spec is with i3 processor or with AMD.

You can also choose a different verity of specifications according to your requirement. Now I am showing you the camera quality, display quality and the audio out for a better understanding. The display is in full brightness level and audio is max Now you can the webcam quality it has a 0.

3 mp camera. So don’t expect anything beyond that. This will be sufficient for your video calls. Once you opened the camera app in this lap you can see this screen. By default the camera is closed and in order to open the camera shutter need to press fn + f8.

As we mentioned earlier we don’t have a manual shutter control. To compensate that they have given a software-controlled shutter closing. So to open the shutter just need to press f8. Overall this is a great laptop, but from the last 2 weeks’ experience, I have a few issues.

The first one is with the Hinch it is very difficult to open it on one hand. Need always 2 hands to open the laptop. second is camera we don’t have a manual shutter closing. In recent years most of the laptop has this privacy shutter.

To overcome this issue you can use this technic place a small sticky tape. Another issue is the keyboard there is no backlit for the keyboard, so slightly difficult to type in the night. The trackpad of this laptop is not that great, feel very flimsy.

Also, the trackpad response level is slightly less. So I hope I have discussed all the features of this Lenovo V15 laptop. It’s a very nice system Performance-wise I am really happy there is no lag and 5 to 6 sec to boot up.

You can get this laptop in different configurations. So if you are planning to buy a laptop in near future, you can definitely consider this model. Regarding the price of this laptop its start from 30000rs onwards and price varies with the specification.

So I hope you enjoyed this review please support me by pressing like and subscribe button. bye, see you.


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