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Lenovo K3 Note Android Phone Review

Lenovo K3 Note Android Phone Review

how’s it going guys its root junkie here and in today’s video we’re gonna be reviewing in this device right here this is the lead novo k3 I’m really digging it it’s really cool it’s got some good features to it it’s a solid Android device so we’re going to a for review of it and my experience with the device let’s go do this let’s unbox and check out this awesome device inside the box you’re gonna find obviously the phone with the nice Lenovo branding on the back under here you’re gonna find some accessories obviously here you have the USB cable for charging the power brick right there standard power brick nothing too exciting and then inside the box I think that’s about it yeah that’s it very empty there but you will find over here your manuals so these are all in Chinese I think this is from a Chinese manufacturer that is everything that’s in the box as you turn the phone you can see that on the side here we have a power button volume up and down along with your camera and your dual LED flash if we turn to the top you have your charging port which is a little uncomfortable and then your headset jack this other site is completely blank the back does have a back facing a speaker along with a microphone pickup and if we flip it over again again here is your camera and duet dual LED that’s pretty much it there’s also the front-facing camera and the ear speaker on the front of the device if we remove the back cover we can see that we have a micro SD card slot here we have two SIM slots one and two along with that it’s good to point out that we have a 3000 milliamp hour battery which is very nice also the back is kind of flexible and it’s very simple to just push on and give it one click snap and you’re on let’s go ahead and power up this Lenovo k3 note and while we’re doing that let’s go ahead and talk about some of the specs in this device this is rocking an octa-core processor by mediatek and it’s ranking our running at a CPU speed of 1.

7 gigahertz which is really awesome has 2 gigs of RAM 16 gigs of internal storage now that actually correlates to more like 10 of usable space and you can see it boots up quite quickly there you go and go ahead and unlock it now what also is nice this does have a really pretty decent front facing camera so that’s a let’s see what we got here this is a 13 megapixel back camera right there and the front-facing camera let me go ahead and switch it right there there hello this is a 5 megapixel front facing camera so camera specs are really nice actually it’s taken some decent pictures I’ll go into my gallery right here and just scroll through some of these really quickly for you guys you know just just stuff in my office there’s me computer so I mean really I’m pretty happy with the camera honestly I think it’s a really decent time around for this device really really like it actually does shoot in 1080p I think 30 frames per second for HD video so those your options now this launcher is very minimal it’s very basic you can see that all your apps are right here on the home screens there is no you know app drawer as they were on at least stock on the stock launcher now let’s go ahead and just talk a little bit more about these specs on here so this does rock Android let’s show you to you right up here if I can get into settings voila and about device and device information right there it is Android 5.

0 which is lollipop so that’s really really awesome so very new Android system on it as well some of the other specs I’d like to point out to you guys is this screen this is a 5.5 inch screen it’s a big screen for Android anyway I like my like phones this size and this is nice this is 1080p is not 4k to 1080p although I found on most devices that 1080p is fine for me I don’t really necessarily need the quad HD displays I think the 1080p is actually works fine and I really north don’t normally notice too much a difference so I’m pretty happy about that if you’re talking about the networks it is obviously supports 2g 3G and 4G definitely check the radio bands if you want to make sure it’s supported your carrier alright so other than that something I did notice it was interesting if you swipe up here this allows you to look up applications so you can start typing with this t9 and it’ll hopefully help you find your applications so this is kind of like an app drawer with a swipe up it does you know different I’m not against it though now if you obviously don’t like this launcher cuz it’s pretty basic and very much iPhone like you can do something a little different and this is what I’ve done is installed this launcher Apex Launcher and this is a lot more like what you’re used to seeing on a phone at least here in the United States or the US so that just gives you a whole new look and really change the look and feel of this device so standard app drawer widgets and just just a nicer better looking interface now there yeah I’ve hit the home button and I went back to this one I just didn’t set the other as default so it very interesting stuff let’s check out some more because this is a big device sometimes you do need to use two hands to operate it it doesn’t bother me but the one-handed operation is a little bit difficult something that’s cool in here is theme center and this is for the stock launcher and there’s just some neat things you can do in here so if you go into themes you can go ahead and browse through all kinds of good good themes on here to put on your device it was pretty cool you come up here to ones I’ve already downloaded I can go to my themes and I can very easily make this look like a Galaxy s5 so I’m gonna go ahead and apply this and I just nice to see a theme engine building there you go and a scroll over see very pretty pretty cool I like this I like to be able to change the look up of the device and I’m pretty happy about this feature on here with the theme engine that’s pretty sweet also go ahead and check your pull downs here this is interesting so you got all these cool cool downs you got a lot of good quick toggles here that are nice and feature full along with some reboots power off lock screen and different things now when we’re talking about things that I don’t like about the stores it’s going to be that one right there do you battery saver so there are these applications that come with this and I’ll show them to you so things like the D U battery are speed boost the clean master to you battery saver and I’ll show you some other ones that I didn’t like AVG Antivirus safe center M ex-players okay and some of these other ones up here these a multiple player and different things are just annoying it’s bloatware it’s junk on your device and I’m kind of frustrated by it I wish I could get rid of it it doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do it but normally what I do on these devices is that comparing going to settings and if you go into apps you can disable them right so if you scroll over here to all and scroll down to clean master for example and normally you can’t uninstall them because that will hurt OTA updates but right here I can force stop it right here it should say uninstall but that’s blacked out and go back and then this next one says disable then it’s blacked out so they’re not even letting you disable these applications or uninstall them so you’re stuck with them and it’s a really kind of annoying so I think that’s my biggest complaint with this device is you’re kind of stuck with these now if I ever get to the point where I can route this device which I’m hopefully I can I will were to delete them and get rid of them that way or remove them or whatever I need to do but it’s just kind of irritating it now right now and it even has these notifications that are kind of persistent and hard to get so just frustrated by that that’s probably the biggest downside to this device otherwise I’ve been really happy with it it runs really well put a different launcher on or even just use the theme one right here and it really is rocking it so another quick cool thing about the theme engine that I kind of like is the lock screens and there’s one that I downloaded I thought was really cool and it’s this one right here so I’m gonna go ahead and apply this lock screen and it just show it to you really quick so it does some cool stuff basically if you go ahead and lock it and unlock it it comes up with these bubbles you can launch your camera right there or if you tap the main bubble all the other bubbles turn into other applications you can launch so I’m gonna launch its apex launcher and boom you go right into it so I just really neat it’s a cool shortcut to a lot of your applications that you use and I really really dig this shortcut slash lockscreen I think it’s really cool so besides that lets go ahead and just quickly look through some of the air stuff here we got our settings and you know nothing here really stands out to me above and beyond most of these Android phones that I’ve looked at there’s some cool notifications and stuff in here you can do kind of neat hiding notification bars and different things like that so that’s nice character settings some things you can do in here with light up the screen when you do different things so that’s also cool extra customization is always welcome this is interesting I’ve never seen this in an Android device before and this right here is scheduled power on/off so you couldn’t schedule the turn your phone off at a certain time and then back on later so that’s just unique I’ve never seen that on a device before and I’m I’m just curious about it so let me know if you’ve seen that before I thought that was kind of cool just something different for me otherwise you know the rest of this like I said looks pretty standard I’m really sad I can’t disable applications that that’s been kind of blocked really sad about this thing running all the time and what I found is sometimes even when you unlock your device it comes up on the lockscreen and kind of tries to get you to mess with these d-u stuff which is just irritating but other those are probably the biggest downsides now the best part about this guys what do you think this device cost that is the beauty you can get this online for right about 160 US dollars I got this thing from China it took about a couple weeks to get here but one hundred and sixty bucks that’s not bad at all as long as this works with your carrier check the baseband radios are the radios on the device 4g 3g 2g what radios that it covers what bands it covers and if the coverage yours I would definitely recommend it I think it’s a cool cool cool Android device again the k3 note and very awesome by Lenovo so that’s gonna wrap it up for me here please comment tell me your thoughts on this device if you have it you know check me out on Facebook Google Twitter Google+ YouTube and it’s gonna be wrapped up for me hope you’ve enjoyed the video quick review here on this sweet sweet lenovo device and we’ll catch you guys in the next one root junkie out


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