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Lenovo Ideapad Y700 GTX 960M Gaming Laptop Review

Lenovo Ideapad Y700 GTX 960M Gaming Laptop Review

What is up guys fated here and welcome back to the channel for another video and today we are going to be covering the all the Lenovo Ideapad Y700 gaming laptop. This of course including the powerful GTX 960m 4Gb version and the all new Skylake 6700HQ processor.

But before we dive too deep into the specs of this PC lets take a look at its over design. Lenovo once again turns to it tried and true brushed metal design that they have used for a number a years, The entire outer housing is using the brushed aluminum this time giving it a very solid feel.

Lenovo didn’t stray too far from their previous design at all, keeping things quite familiar even the very similar closed vents in the rear on the left and right side. Even going so far as to keep the same lid slants on the edges.

But hey why fix something that isn’t broken. I will say though that this definitely gets them that gaming appeal that they are looking for, a market they are learning is quite profitable. So lets turn out attention to connectivity, the Y700 makes no changes in connectivity from last generations sporting the usual dual USB 3.

0 HDMI Ethernet jack and kensington security lock as well as the new standard power port always on USB 2.0 slot an SD card slot and headphone and headset jack combo. Though they did adapt their recovery button by making it a pinhole, whereas before everyone would accidentally hit recover and freak out when their PC wants to reformat.

But you actual have to intentionally put something in the pinhole to recover your hard drive. But lets flip it over and take a look at the bottom. Here on the bottom we have a continuance of the brushed metal design which I always like, previously they were plastic.

We have the sub-woofer which is centered and close to the user which gives decent bass without the one sided feel. Towards the top is the intake vent which really like the heat dispersion system they have chosen to go with this time around, they intake through the bottom and exhaust out of this rear panel which just makes loads more sense, and an area that y series customers were demanding improvements.

Now lets take a look under the hood. The first and most noticeable thing is the keyboard, Lenovos favorite keyboard style makes its return once again. Shrunken and moved around keys are a trademark of lenovos chiclet style keyboard, though I do have to say the keys feel very tactile and they are quite responsive, I really enjoyed typing on them.

And for us gamers they finally throw us a bone with the WASD keys being outlined in red. Also returning is the Lenovo red backlight keyboard two brightness settings of on and then slightly brighter, which for me I don’t think they are bright enough, I would have liked either more options or at-least more brightness.

Now JBL audio is on board once again and delivers some quality sound on the beautiful speakers with a slanted design where the speakers actually fire sound at you as apposed to straight at the ceiling so a very good design process here, awesome use physics.

Now the palm rest this time around is perfect, just spot on, it’s a rubber based material which is dark enough to keep the design flow and even does a great job of reducing fingers prints which has always been a problem on Lenovo laptops.

Just perfect! Now the touch pad, no problem here, plenty of remove to move and swipe and no conflicts with gestures either. Very solid execution I think this should continue being their touch bad. You also see our badges here near the corners, which show us a few of the things that Lenovo is offering in this nice package.

An intel I7 6700HQ processor clocked at 2.6 gigahertz, 16 Gb of DDR4 ram at 2133mhz and also an Nvidia Geforce GTX 960m with 4Gb of Vram and all that to go with an IPS LED back lit wide viewing angle monitor….

Heck this is starting to sound like the perfect editing PC (Though more on editing in another video, check the description for a link) Anyways an IPS with all the power to make use of it… wheres the catch well… The listing said anti glare, which is normal for non-touch models but it still made me suspicious.

And it turns out Lenovo chose to use an Anti-glare plastic film to go over their screens, OH man what a mistake, everything looks washed out and when gaming you can see the lines on the anti-glare cover… So I did what everyone else would probably do and took my wife’s blow dryer and a pocket knife and peeled this ugly piece of garbage off.

After a good hour of tugging away we find underneath a beautiful glossy display, colors are mouth watering and they are sport on, not even a shred of light bleed. Though being IPS we did lose a tad bit of brightness, nonetheless the colors are beautiful, best Lenovo screen to date, if you are fine with 60Hz, Lenovo is still lagging behind on that, they want to make gaming laptops but just haven’t figured out that higher Hz would be greatly appreciated.

And now for storage a 128 Gb SSD with upgrade options and it gets some really good speed, also a 1tb 5400 rpm hard drive which I can’t hardly stand, battlefield 4 already takes forever to load I don’t need to wait another 3 minutes for this hard drive to catch up.

And battery life, the 4 cell battery brings us average lifespan, I got around 1.5 hours of gameplay on the battery which I don’t see anyone getting over 2 hours while gaming even with the battery saver on.

Though during normal use like writing this script I was able to squeeze almost 5 hours out if it on 75% brightness and balanced settings. So its got a good body, the screen looks nice after a huge adjustment is made and its got a decent battery life but how does this thing perform? I am going to keep this in the realm of gaming, I have another video dedicated to editing and rendering side of things, but for what most people come here for and that is the games.

The GTX 960M hangs with big dogs but think of it as the lower tear card in a group of new GPUs, its got all the latest bells an whistles like shadowplay and Maxwell technology but its nothing spectacular.

Part of my gripe is that the 960M was in last gens model and It almost seems like they had a surplus of GPUS and decided to use these instead. So this makes it hard for me to recommend to anyone coming from the y50 models using the 960m or even the 860m models.

Though one big improvement is temps, I never once saw temps go into the 80’s on the CPU or the GPU, the new cooling system is phenomenal. While running it through 3Dmark which it scored quite well in, the temperature on the chassis was around a comfortable temperature and not once did my palms get sweaty.

If you want to see exact performance I have many gameplay videos to choose from, check the description below for a link. And with that this brings me to my final conclusion The new y700 from Lenovo is no doubt a beautiful machine and it brings all around great performance and makes strides in many different areas.

But coming from its last iteration I am not sure it is worth it. I mean we have DDR4 ram and a Skylake processor which for content creators I say yes it is worth it but for the general user and especially the gamer I just can’t recommend you upgrade.

But if you are coming from the Y510P or any other brand then now is a great time to upgrade. This PC is great all around performance and truly an enjoyable experience. If you guys have anymore questions or more things you would like to know just leave a comment down below, and as always be sure to like the video, comment and subscribe for more awesome content, Thanks for watching, you guys have a good one.


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