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Lenovo IdeaPad 3 | La granița între office și gaming | Review CEL.ro

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 | La granița între office și gaming | Review CEL.ro

What ever happens Stumble upon products Look at the species Get out and feel like it’s Too Good to be true That’s good compared to the price However Something happened to me recently It’s about this Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 Bebe Wait a minute IdeaPad is Lenovo’s series For home office laptops And so on, their gaming series is called the Legion What’s the matter with this laptop? I forgot the price.

It’s somewhere at 2,900 RON At the time of review, let’s say 3000 RON Ryzen 5 The latest generation GTX 1650 8GB RAM And 6 GB of nvme storage Rj-45 Stay weight Taipei HDMI And on the other side still A USB type We are good in terms of ports, we are also good in terms of screen 15 6 IfS Antique Blur Good Wait a minute, something’s wrong Why is it so expensive And then I applied the form to myself and said yes This is a laptop that combines several elements Of dreams for Gaming In a case Dell laptop Ufi And that’s how you are A 15-inch laptop Slightly thicker Which doesn’t scream gaming with features The laptop For Office And business but that can run Games Let’s see what it’s all about How to handle control And in Metro Exodus well why I wanted to show you this laptop too because it seems to me A very competitive price And a product Very competitive namely Not really here with this money Wife’s laptop and with With dedicated board And with the processor why PSD and so on That’s what my laptop looks more like These cut angles Maybe it’s a design Or some design elements inspired by gaming laptops But as you can see We only have the Lenovo logo Here very subtlety Design elements On the side laptop Nothing To go out in Evidence nothing to Let it come to your eyes But what I don’t like is the material is a glossy plastic And It’s good it’s a fingerprint magnet And the best part glory Is as It’s pretty hard to clean You have to have something Solutions like So you can clean it on the side of Back Halep top We have a lid What to dream quite easily you give these screws Down And remove the lid And that’s how you can clean it, you can change it During this time maintenance is done I like that it has a pretty big mouth Sire And on ships It’s over here The side of the laptop That’s about the details on the outside.

Let’s see how it behaves on the inside And In the BIOS There are 8c When you open the flap laptop But I want to start with the base of the laptop, something that won me over depressing Time Keyboard The keyboard is seeder With premium keyboard with a keyboard that We meet her on laptops in May Expensive tactile sensation is uniform From left to right of the keyboard It is illuminated with an Once Blue Turquoise I want to mention And the fact that the arrows separately So they are not crammed into this The keyboard area is what I like about this laptop Is that home and on Jobs And fish down I’m here Pretty easy enough about the keyboard.

Let’s talk about plastic And he This glossy is a fingerprint magnet But I appreciate that flex It is minimum And then When you type you don’t get the impression So I’m leaving The whole base of the laptop We’re moving on to silence It is a touchpad that has integrated buttons using Windows Precision drivers It’s the surface Fairly Inna How to slide your finger very very easily Supports gestures And I have nothing What to comment on is a touchpad Dechant Which we find in most laptops even if they are gaming Even if I’m an office If I do Part of this price area That’s about what you get Let’s talk about the screen now It’s good we have a full HD panel IPS that you can view from different angles And this is a Another aspect that I liked about this laptop in part Because again most laptops in this price segment come with skin panels Or panels IfS Level So they are not IPS IPS in the true sense of the word And the viewing angles aren’t right So good The color reproduction accuracy is not extraordinary The sea However you can use it quietly to see movie Document yourself write The screen is Sharp It is clean and sharp So I had absolutely no problems including with dish For the curious, let’s talk a little about synthetic tests I didn’t pay attention And the extreme variant because it is not the case and This laptop It’s not an ultra high end one I also made crystaldiskmark And if you’re curious you have A print screen is displayed on the screen With Crystal disk swell But also with the speeds of the crystaldiskmark compared to an ordinary SSD On Face This Samsung is a little faster But compared to another, that’s how it went It’s good he can’t hold on Step with them Let’s move on to 3dmark Where we have the Times I send 596 points to the overall score With 3,350 and And 3 graphic score Firestrike 8486 de Pumps with 160 And four Score graphs And finally We also have June genre Heaven Where I took it out 58 de 42 frames per second Unigine Valy 1900 three points With Comma five Frames on And finally Super position Full HD Extreme 1711 puncture It’s good tESTS There are more than Put For such The laptop And he convinced me when I tested Metro Exodus And control Both games ran On the medium between 35 40 I caught in certain areas and 40 Frames per second what I think One thing not to say Extraordinary But a satisfying thing For a laptop that combines the idea of ​​home no fees Cucea Gaming What really delayed Smart is performance processor Obviously I have Also made cinebench 8331 points in multicore And 1,154 points in Sing IdeaPad gaming 3 comes with a 45 w o battery Three cells And a The 135 v battery finally has a larger stool capacity Small if you look at it from the point of view of a gaming laptop But enough if you look at the other side of a home laptop And office Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first And half almost four hours Web browsing A few minutes on YouTube a video of five Or 10 minutes around here Over there Written And I was on the telegram Attention had to To select Better battery Windows And to lower the brightness somewhere around 77 And 5 at Let’s move on where I left at the end of this video the dimensions of why Because being a hybrid laptop I have no way How is it judged neither as a gaming laptop nor as a home and off laptop In any case, it weighs somewhere at 2.

2 kg, it is neither extraordinarily wheat nor Enlight like a full-blown ultrabook It has a thickness of 20 and 5 mM Okay 24.9 let’s call it 25 mm To be able to cool that GTI 16 50 You have to put Some small fans Fans a little more Potent than those that are I’m crowded Ultrabug reason why Lenovo chose though Make it a little thicker.

Let’s finish with specifications and And with gaming I have to tell you that there are a few more configurations for this Laptop Among which Ryzen 7 16 50 you And a panel of 120 Of maps Obvious grow Prices being the basic model I come back to the price of almost 3000 RON and I think it is enough For a successful laptop As a task in different areas of Quotes that I have to make a small parenthesis though It has two quite powerful speakers the quality is more oriented in the business area namely In others They are clear Sharp Instead, the vessel is completely missing And then the experience you have when watching a movie is not the same Like another laptop with slightly better speakers So I recommend either a pair of headphones Or a portable speaker something equivalent to a JBL Go 1 because that’s painted to Even if it’s old It still has a quality Satisfactory for today until next time You know what you have to do Don’t forget to Check Description for useful links and updated prices And at the same time Give your opinion about this laptop in the section The comments below are what you think It is or not a Sweet bio


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