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Lenovo IdeaPad 100s Full Review – Lenovo’s $200 Windows Laptop – Word, Browsing, Minecraft, and More

Lenovo IdeaPad 100s Full Review – Lenovo’s $200 Windows Laptop – Word, Browsing, Minecraft, and More

hey we’re betting it’s Lawnside but and we’re checking out another sub $200 PC this time it’s from Lenovo they’re getting themselves into that segment of the marketplace this is their idea pad 100s it is a pretty much a standard $200 PC it’s got the atom bait rail processor it also has 2 gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of storage and the 11 inch 1366 by 768 display so it’s very much configured like many of the other $200 pcs we’ve seen over the last two years and it performs about the same also it’s a little bit better in some areas which you’ll see as we start stepping through some of our usual tests on it this is not an IPS display but it does have very nice viewing angles depending on what you’re looking at and the lighting in the room it’s actually a pretty nice display and Lenovo displays tend to be nicer for the money than I’ve seen on other brands so this is certainly continuing that trend there the other thing I found interesting is that they put a micro SD card slot here on the side so if you want to augment that limited 32 gigabytes of storage you can pop a card in here and have it with you all the time because it will be flush to the side of the device unlike other computers we’ve seen it have just like the SD card that kind of sticks out this one you can put in the micro card and walk around with it I think you can go up to 128 gigabytes on that card so you can have a place to store media and other large files it just will be slower than its own internal storage will be so you may take a little bit of a speed hit there the other thing I like about it is that it’s got a display that will go all the way down to the table like this so lenovo is done a lot on their hinge design they’ve put some of that knowledge into this product and what’s nice about this is that if you have a kid that might be prone to pushing a screen back sometimes they don’t know their own strength you can often snap them in half essentially if you’re not paying attention this one will kind of give you a little bit of leeway and that it will go all the way back it doesn’t go past that point though so if they keep going with it they’ll certainly break it at that point but you’ve got a lot of leeway here that you may not have on a computer at this size I like the keyboard a lot it’s pretty much following the Lenovo design language here you’ve got those curved keys but they’re nicely evenly spaced or a decent size very nice to type on them I think this is among the best keyboards I’ve seen on a 200-dollar PC the trackpad is a little different in that it’s going back to the button design here you can of course tap on it to select things if you want despite tapping but you’re not going to got a click out of the pad the clicking comes here at the bottom with the two buttons here so I usually disable the tapping just because I often accidentally set it off but you can tap the pad as you might normally but the two buttons down here are probably the preferred way to do it cuz it doesn’t doesn’t click it doesn’t have that same feel that a lot of other track pads have it also doesn’t do scrolling when you do two fingers on it either so it lacks some of the gestures that we have come to get accustomed to on some of these track pads it’s a little bit minimize there as for ports there are a few there’s the HDMI output here of course you can plug it into an external display you do have to disable the internal display to get the full resolution out of here if you want to go to like a 1080p display but it can drive that we have the SD card slot that we talked about there’s a headset adapter here so you can plug in a just a standard analog headset you’ve got a little VGA webcam up here not the best quality camera in the world but it’s good enough for making web conversations and whatnot and you have two USB 2.

0 ports over there so pretty lightweight design overall it’s about 2.2 pounds very easy to carry around and looks pretty nice too there are a couple different colors available also oddly they place the speakers on the bottom of the computer there is some decent stereo separation having them down there but depending on the surface you have the computer down on it may sound better or worse than what you might be expecting so I’m not going to really rate this very highly for its audio clarity I would definitely suggest plugging in headphones if you want that the speakers are a little bit tinny and then again depending on what surface you have it on it’s going to sound a little strange because it is basically projecting the sound into the surface that it is laying on and not outward towards you just for battery life there’s a pretty much arranged between I would say six to eight hours if you’re doing a lot of more intensive things on it you’ll probably see closer to six if you’re doing web browsing with the screen kind of dimmed down a little bit you can get close to the eight hours that they are advertising on this device so a battery life is kind of in the middle on this but good enough to get through a school day at least and maybe a workday too now we’re going to take a look at its overall performance and see how it does on our usual tests alright let’s go visit the New York Times real quick and see what’s going on I’m finding that depending on the day that you visit the New York Times you might have a better experience or a worse experience today is going to be one of those worst experience days where I think they sell a lot of space on their web for Sunday’s this is a lot of JavaScript and a lot of other stuff floating in here so once the page comes in you got to wait for the flash and all the other junk to appear on-screen this might make a good argument for running an ad blocker on something like this just to keep the performance up we will visit another article here so you can see how quickly things render on page it does take some getting used to not having that to finger scroll that I’ve really gotten accustomed to on most of the computers I use both Mac and Windows so you can really really miss that here we go you can see the screen now finally rendering in there’s a lot of like there’s two ads appearing on this page that are running video so you have to wait a second for those to spin up but once they come in the web browsing experience on here is just fine by the way this is not a touch screen you’re usually usually not going to find a touch screen at this price point so just bear that in mind there’s no touch screen on here you’re gonna have to use the trackpad for all of your browsing but one thing it does do pretty well is 1080p60 video here so we have a video for my youtube channel running at 60 frames per second that looks pretty nice the display on your camera on my camera to you might look a little more on the blue side than it looks like in person I can say that that color is pretty balanced although it is a little bit colder than some other LCD displays that I’ve tested by colder I mean there’s a little bit more of a blue hue that you might see on this screen not as bad as it looks like on my camera right now but just bear that in mind it is a little bit of a colder looking display for watching video and other things but it’s able to keep up with the 60 frames per second video quite nicely on the octane benchmark test it gets a score of 6510 using Google Chrome this measures its ability to render HTML and JavaScript on page so although our New York Times example was a little sluggish today on a Sunday it on paper performs pretty much as well if not a little bit better than most of the competing computers at the same price all right next up we’ll check out Microsoft Word and we have our usual template that is always good at killing our computers this is a newsletter template probably the worst thing you could throw at this device I do like they have page up and page down keys here right on the keyboard so that’s a little bit easier than having to I hit a function key with something else here so as we scroll through the document here you can see it’s rendering things relatively quickly as we’re moving around again on par with other atom bait rail devices we can reflow text here and work on our document without a lot of sluggishness or lag here so I think if you’re editing documents it’s going to be even faster and this is the area where these kind of computers really excel at is word processing web browsing email and other low-end tasks now we’re going to stress it a little bit more let’s take a look at Minecraft I was actually very impressed with its Minecraft performance here we are running with the Optifine plugin which does give us a little bit of a performance boost on some of these lower end machines and we’re getting a solid 30 to 40 frames per second here is we’re running through our minecraft map here which is really really good for a low-cost PC sometimes I’m seeing as high as like 47 to 50 frames per second depending on what I’m looking at so very impressed with its speed here for Minecraft and on the 3dmark cloud gate test we get a score of 1183 and this test is a really good way to measure how it might do on more modern games that tax the hardware a little bit more so as you can see it doesn’t perform well as a gaming PC in that regard but things like minecraft and other games that are not as demanding on the processor and video hardware that are built into this computer will actually perform pretty well so I think if you are a fan of tablet games and other casual games those will be fine here you’re not going to run Grand Theft Auto or something more advanced on it so that is a Lenovo IdeaPad 100 s I think it’s a really nice value for the money very lightweight a nice and thin really good-looking computer pretty well built – I really like the fact that you can bend the display back this far and not have it break which is always good when you have kids around so it’s nicely constructed the trackpad is my only real complaint as far as its usability I’m getting used to having those click pads and I’m not getting all the gestures that I usually get with my track pads on computers so that’s my only weak spot that I’ve detected on here but beyond that it is a pretty solid PC for the money this is LAN Simon this channel is brought to you by the generosity of my patreon supporters if you find the channel helpful you too can contribute for as little as a dollar a month visit liang TV slash patreon to learn more


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