Home PC Reviews Lenovo Ideacentre 520 24″ AMD A9 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD Touchs…

Lenovo Ideacentre 520 24″ AMD A9 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD Touchs…

Lenovo Ideacentre 520 24″ AMD A9 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD Touchs…

or maybe you need to look up a little margarita recipe or how to make something yummy Mexican food I prefer the tex-mex myself you can do it right here with the touch of your fingers you want to see some yummy food that’s our today’s special that is coming up from trigger that’s going to be airing today at 9:00 a.

m. but what you’re looking at is the screen of your brand-new Lenovo 24 inches 2 feet of screen and when I say 2 feet look at the border the border is is skinnier than that a pencil eraser I mean it is absolutely all screen this is a touch computer that you’re looking at one terabyte hard drive and you’re getting everything I mean top notch start with Lenovo number one PC brand in the world I know that some others say number one PC brand but that is more in the country this is the number one PC brand in the world it is a huge global company Windows 10 on the inside here it has a DVD burner it also has AM DS latest and greatest new processor in it so it’s going to be super speedy $5.

99 on a price break today $100 off ok $100 savings six flex payments of $100 and we even will finance this for you if you have the HSN card we will finance this for you for one entire year 12 months you pay absolutely no interest and it’s going to be $50 a month and we’re gonna ship this to you absolutely free mr.

Joe Harrison we’re going to join us we also have our including some great software as well but let’s start with the star of the show which comes with wireless keyboard wireless mouse so you can be sitting in your chair and just have your keyboard here and then that that’s green because frankly you can see this from your right because it’s 1080p its high-definition it’s that big 24 inch size when we talk about all-in-one it’s incredible the technology that goes into this and Alice mentioned that this is almost 2 feet of screen but when you look at the most pop their screen size in America it’s a 15-inch laptop if you have a laptop right now look how much you’re missing you’d actually need one two three laptops put them side-by-side in order to get the same size as your big 24 inch Lenovo and this is the biggest that we’ve offered from Lenovo but as you’re looking at this it almost seems like well it’s just a monitor where do you plug everything else in the only thing you need to do as you turn this to the side is plug in the power that is it everything else is built right inside here from the processor from the hard drive to the Bluetooth connectivity to your Wi-Fi even your camera is on there yes you have a high-definition webcam on the top you have a high-definition speaker bar that runs the entire base and like Alyce mentioned we’ve included bonuses like a DVD CD burner it really is a full functioning computer in every aspect of the word because when you think about what’s a day in your life of your computer a lot of us Alice we just get online you want to surf so here I am on hsn.

com but do you ever struggle like a lot of us will try to serve on our phones that it might be a 5 7 inch foam look how big you can make this if I just fill up the screen just the word today’s special is bigger than my finger it makes it so much easier to be able to see so maybe you’re planning that vacation you’re looking for the recipes you’re trying to you know read something from the G kids from maybe their school system this makes it so much easier to do but maybe if you want to do simple things like let me just check my email I tap the one button instantly loads all of my mail I can put a dozen accounts in one simple place and because you have it just tap once a single button it makes it now easier to access alright maybe if we want to start playing some games well we’ve now updated this with an AMD Rison processor which is designed to handle some of the latest and Gaetti greatest games that are out there and Alice as you look at this it almost seems like there’s a sports crew following these guys around trying to get all the perfect shots but these are all computer-generated graphics they’re about 2 million dot solder on the screen that are refreshing themselves about 60 times a second to give you that flawless experience and this is the most difficult thing a computer will ever do but Alice that’s not the only thing you have up and running I’ve got not just that game I’ve got one two three four five six seven eight nine ten things running outs now at the same time and the one thing you don’t see no hourglass no hesitation this truly is the perfect family PC forever but one of the best monitors I have ever seen a lot of computers here one of the best monitors I’ve ever seen because truly now this monitor looks like looks like your your big-screen TV because it is wall to wall picture a lot of the other monitors have almost an inch border all the way around it really cuts down on that screen but the touchscreen makes everything so much easier you don’t get technology that’s easy to use that’s why you upgrade your technology the newer it is the easier it is the newer it is the faster it is the newer it is the smarter it is price break today five ninety nine ninety nine you’re gonna save a hundred dollars we’re gonna include other great software on this as well over $1000 retail value on this and if you want to put it on flex payment split it up on your credit card $100 free shipping but put it on your HSN card if you can just because you know what twelve months you get to pay for it it’s $50 a month and there’s absolutely no interest so that means there is absolutely no downside to splitting up on that credit card cuz that credit card it’s gonna beat every other credit card cuz every other credit card it’s gonna charge you interest the son card is not going to do that but look at what you’re able to do and how does it sound I want to hear this sound oh it sounds incredible let me go ahead and fullscreen on my little side of phone on here so the great thing is you’re getting a couple different ways to interact like you’ve seen that are now interact using just my finger you can also interact using the keyboard I can tap down here increase the volume and the sound that you get out of this house it’s that cinematic experience that you’re going to get because a lot of computers they only have like that height into sound they don’t have the mid-range and they don’t have the deep bass this one runs the full gamut because it has that full sized speaker bar that runs along the base like we sell a lot of great speaker bars here for televisions because you know TV speakers about the size of a quarter well so is the computer and then when you have a speaker bar that runs edge you get that full deep rich sound and just notice the vibrant screen how the colors really just pop up off the display the best sound I’ve ever heard it is incredible sonic so now whether you’re playing xylophone do you watch Netflix do you watch hulu are you watching HSN i mean the experience you’re gonna get now and of course we watch all our youtube videos and everything else but that because in the past it was like well it looked good but it sure sounds good now your movies your videos they’re all gonna sound and look completely fabulous well that’s the thing about this alice is that for our guestroom we have an all-in-one that sits back there the reason why because if it’s all in one you can download Netflix you can watch a movie so alice is right you’ve got that full high-definition screen your movies are gonna look great they’re gonna sound incredible too but if you’re watching Netflix if you’re watching Hulu this now really becomes a second TV it’s incredible what you can do because now when you go to the Windows Store you can download there’s an NBC app there’s a fox app there’s an ABC out there’s a CBS out this essentially becomes a television so whether you’re watching Netflix whether they download another app you have all that great connectivity right here but I also go show you on the back side so because this is so thin and yes everything is built right in there I really think that it’s truly incredible engineering but when you see down here all these additional ports that we have in the bottom right it’s all the connectivity you want well first off we have mini USB ports we’ve got four of them right here so plenty of opportunity to plug in a printer anything else that you want to plug in a phone if you want to really makes it simple we also have an HDMI now a lot of computers have that but this one has an HDMI IN and an HDMI out so what that means alice is now I can plug my cable box my satellite box right into this I can plug any other peripheral right into this I can plug my PlayStation into this and now this becomes that secondary TV because it’s so great it’s that full high-definition you’re not sacrificing anything using this as a television and when I showed you the screen don’t want to shut the the resolution on this it’s truly for a lot of TV screens or 720p just entry-level high definition this is full HD resolution but it also has an anti glare screen watch has a twist and turn this you’re not gonna see like one maybe just a barely anything reflection off the light because a lot of times computer screens they have such a high glossy screen that you see a lot of light from a window from a lamp and it distorts the image this one because it has that anti glare screen it truly is one of the best resolution screens we’ve ever offered from any brand and it’s the biggest screen that we offer mm-hmm and an all-in-one or your all-in so no Tower anymore no having to figure out how to connect everything you plug it in it is so simple is so easy but look at the color way do you hear the sound I mean this is the real deal and I’d love it Joe if you would talk to us a little bit just about Lenovo about the brand and I want you if you could you guys I want you just to see because sometimes I think on TV you don’t get a really good perspective of how big it is if yeah when you when you see how big this is just go get a measuring stick or whatever however you measuring tape it’s 2 feet this is a 2 foot screen look at how big that screen is you’re gonna sit in front of it and it’s just gonna wash over you you know I’m so sick of being on my phone it’s like oh you know I’m getting wrinkles and you can’t make it big enough and then in order to read it you have to like get it move it here and you’re just gonna get on here and just go this and this when we talk about Lenovo and when we say number one PC brand in the world what does that mean well number one when it comes to units that are sold and the reason why is that Lenovo puts a lot of engineering they actually spend close to a billion dollars just a year in engineering making sure they have the best products talking about like the the pop-up camera it’s down below I didn’t see that yeah it’s got a little pop-up little webcam that’s on top there cuz there are viruses that now watch you when you’re on your computer so now they actually said let’s just take the whole camera out so now you pop up the camera when you want to use it and then you put it back down you don’t even see now you have ultimate privacy and it’s so smart really great to have and then down below the advanced with the speaker bar set up like we’re talking about just the edge edge frame on here it truly is then when you get it at home you’ll see it’s about two millimeters that is the entire edge so now you’re not seeing this one inch frame that goes around the whole thing you’re just enjoying the picture and we talked about that high-definition screen those are all upgrades that lenovo does and they are number one in the planet when it comes to sales because their technology is truly incredible Lenovo is the consumer version of it but then iBM is the professional version so if you’ve had and heard of IBM before this is just the consumer side of it because you don’t see any IBM’s that are out there for consumers so when you in a bio Lenovo you’re getting an incredible company that backs it up but that’s just one of the three pieces of the puzzle because the Lenovo is the brand the second one Alice is now I’m getting Microsoft Microsoft Windows 10 is built in here and when you buy Windows 10 Microsoft always says it’s best to use it with a touchscreen well now that big 24 inch screen is all touch yes you’re going to get a keyboard yes you’re gonna get a mouse that comes with it you can frankly put those in a drawer if you want to because now over on the right side Microsoft simplifies it these are all my favorites the things that I go to every day whether it’s checking my email accessing the photos playing some of the games on the left side this is every program I’ve ever downloaded and this has a massive massive hard drive which I’ll talk about a second but I could literally store thousands and thousands and thousands of programs that are on here and when I think about just my life in general with my family we have so many photos on average most of us take about 150 photos a month and that starts to add up and what ends up happening is ass you lose track of them so you lose track we’re my vacation photos from 2017 where are they from you know 2015 well the Microsoft actually has a little bar on the side that tells you the year and the date that you took that photo so now if you’re looking for that particular photo and you knew what happened maybe it was Christmas in 2015 or 2012 you could tap that these are all my 2012 photos that I have on here like my daughter when she’s playing baseball it pops up so quickly now because they organized it making it simple but now that we have that photo you a lot of us want to do fun things with it so if up on top or upper right hand corner there’s a little edit button so now let’s do some cool little edits now you can take out the redeye and you take out blemishes if you want to they also have filter adjustments which we all love filters these are already pre-installed you just tap the button and then it changes that filter automatically now once you’re done making those changes you can instantly upgrade it to Facebook or upload it to Facebook to Twitter send it out as a message if you want to upload it to Instagram it makes it so simple and easy when you have a big touchscreen display like that so now you look at the two of the three key components the brand is Lenovo number one the world Windows is making it so simple now the third thing is this AMD processor the processor is the brain to the operation I’ve got about a dozen things up and running on the background but you wouldn’t notice it because it’s got them one of the most advanced technologies when it comes to computers so AMD came out with this new rise in processor chip they just launched it earlier this year so every year I go to CES which is the big Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas anybody who’s offering electronics they always launch it there so I met with the guys that I am D and they said wait till you see the performance of this brand new chip because it has something new called an APU it’s a more energy-efficient processor it doesn’t need as much power to run and also it is more energy-efficient because it it handles more things at the same time now traditionally there’s a CPU which is the processor chip and a GPU which is the video card those two guys talk back and forth to one another and it causes delays well now AMD has combined it causing something new called an APU so there’s less back and forth that’s how you get the more energy efficiency that’s how it be it’s able to handle more things at the same time it also is a dual-core processor meaning has two cores or two engines so Alice I always love to talk about going grocery shopping because I do a lot of shopping in my household but if I have a long list of groceries and I’m the only person going up and down every single aisle I know it’s gonna take me an hour hour and a half to get through the grocery store but this has a dual core processor just like you might have two of you shopping at the grocery store now so I’m cutting my time in half that’s how it’s able to run all these different things so Alice the way the processor works is you have one processor that’s right now handling what you’re currently doing this is the activity this is what you’re checking out on and the other processor it’s making sure everything else is running in the background so it’s like you’re getting two computers built into one now normally in order to get this type of technology in this type of power Alice we have to buy these bigger bolder desktops that end up weighing along big guy right here this thing weighs 33 pounds you know it takes up so much space you don’t realize it until you get rid of it and all of a sudden your room it’s like you took back the room and took back their control but I never thought about how much space and how ugly it was until I finally cut the cord on that for so many years my wife is like this is always staying in the back room this stays in the basement this is not coming out you have that big layer dust that’s on there and we used to have we saw fur a map that came with it to show you where to plug everything in because on average Alice they’re 12 cables they get crazy with their brand-new all-in-one let me turn it to the side again all there is nothing weighs a ton all there is it’s just one cable so I move mine into the kitchen countertop if I’m looking for recipes perfect I move it into my bedroom and maybe you know watch a movie or something there’s or if I have company coming you know I put it in the den let them watch TV on here let them watch download their movies and everything you can do so much with it because this is Lenovo number one PC brand in the world and when it comes to sales okay so stop and think about the quality that you’re getting but the features when they combine that with Windows 10 when they combine that with the newest processor the newest fastest processor from AMD and then when you get the touch screen because the touch screen truly the biggest out of I don’t care what feature you want to point out on a computer whether it’s a laptop anything the biggest innovation to me is the touch screen because now I can do things with it that I could never figure out like if I had a mouse and see what you’re doing right could never figure how delectable turn it let me see I can move it but how do I turn it to the right or to the left I don’t I wouldn’t know how to do that yes it click on it and then you come over here and then you got a drag and then it’s like if you want to make it bigger you got to drag it back in position this it’s just zoom what I love about a touchscreen you’re gonna love the touchscreen experience but there are people who are still included it is completely wireless the keyboard is included completely wireless and everything also is going to come with that ability if you want to play a DVD play a CD you can do that and you know why that’s important because for my birthday my very cool dad gave me one of those like time-life series oh yeah unlike on rock music from the Saturday you know I couldn’t play it anywhere else I have I play it on my computer it’s the only thing only place now yeah where I have a DVD player it’s very common like a lot of us have gotten rid of the DVDs and we just don’t have them in our house but you still have this big collection of DVDs whether it’s you know could be a 10 year old movie or maybe you’re making a pan take it anywhere I want you so even if you want to use this for tailgating oh it’s perfect for it yeah it’s and because it barely uses it has that low power consumption Justin Smith sells a lot of extended batteries we’ve offered here he had his plugged in right into this and it powered up based on that portable battery that we offered here at HSN it’s really incredible but I love what Alice mentioned because there’s so many things you can do with this stuff for me we bought our all-in-one for two reasons we needed something for a guest bedroom when our guests came over but we also wouldn’t have something better for my kids to do their homework on because I started noticing my daughter she started getting more and more programs on the screen more for multitasking but she used to have a 15-inch laptop now just notice the two programs here I have a Word document and I have the Internet up and running so what she used to have to do is you come over here you’d read about the Internet then you come over here and then you type it on the document because you can’t do both at the same time because that screen is so itty-bitty but watch what happens when you snap this over to one side and then you snap back over the other now Alice I have a full a nap by Lebanon sheet of paper on one side and now have the full webpage on the other side I can still pinch and zoom and you really get that detail this makes it so much easier just for your kids to be able to do homework that was one of the main reasons why we bought it but then the other reason why we bought it is that we have this sitting in our kitchen I love what you talked about with recipes because the number one thing that people do on YouTube is they look for how-to videos and one of the top sections is how do I make a certain recipe well now you could put this on your kitchen countertop and you’re able to stream directly from this so whether it’s YouTube or there’s hsn.

com you know doesn’t matter what happens to be this has wireless connectivity just like your tablet just like your cell phone so you don’t have to plug this into the wall oh and hsn’s got coupons on there too so you’d have to plug it into the wall you’ve got some great a great way to be able to stream and watch all that information right there so when I’m ready to stream I tap the button and then I can start watching my movies and this could be Netflix this could be Hulu and keep in mind I still have everything else that’s running in the background it really creates a system that’s not just good for one person whether you’re doing homework like my kids were where they’re playing games where they watching Netflix whether you’re adding photos whether you wanna create some great collages we’re just simply checking your email it’s fast its intuitive and it’s also touch and as you’re seeing me do this when you’re getting at home thinking well how do they burn a DVD how do they edit the photos in your Start menu down on the bottom it’s all apps but it’s all an up pedicle order there’s a program called tips a little light ball program it’s 40 hours worth of training Alice I tell people take this the reason why is maybe you know a little bit about editing photos maybe you’ve never used windows 10 before maybe you’ve never create a website on here maybe you’ve never used the webcam that’s on the top you’re not quite sure how do i chat with my grandkids


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