what’s been brothers today we shall put right and today I’m going to be doing just a quick review on the lenovo h 50 and i had one person in particular request this video so i’m just going to give my thoughts and what i think about it what’s good and what’s bad now this isn’t a sponsored video and so i can sit on so basically a good thing that i’ve noticed about it and windows 8 it’s hard to get used to but I like the windows 8 setup on it mmm it’s pretty good it depends with the ight Windows 8 Windows 7 but what it comes with is Windows 8 and I’ve noticed that it’s quite fast it’s the fan speed I’ve tried to change the fan speed but the software that were using wasn’t working very good and but I don’t know if you can hear it now but you can hardly hear it well I can hardly hear it but sometimes when you’re playing games or when you’re launching a game are you doing something intensive on it the fans do speed up and they are quite noticeable so that’s a bad point but it also keeps it cool and also it’s my room’s pretty warm at the moment but if I just open up sorry about the shaking camera I just open up speed from I don’t know how accurate this is gorgeous and look at the speeds the heat to it so all these fan speeds are running so if we can get it to focus oh these are all speeds and no sorry this is the heat in which all the components are running out so it’s pretty long and I’ve just been watching YouTube videos and stuff up and but when I’m playing as you can see fire me 2 million spintires it really gets over 50 degrees maximum I’ve seen you get to is about 60 and but other than that I’ve never really had any problems with heat and I’m out do the fans on it there is an extra thumb and plug on the motherboard if you want to see some pictures of the actual inside of the case if you go to my facebook page links in the description there’s some links there’s some forces and yeah that’s about it if you want to use you for gaming and I’d suggest ever buying this and upgrading the graphics card or just doing with what you can afford this cost me fabric quid impound and but as you can see and it’s a it’s just quite small computer and there’s nothing really great about it but I ran all my games on medium graphics at room on high because of the lag that I get and but there is pretty good graphics that you get out of the games and that you can play and I like this design here you can push that and that comes out so it’s nicely hidden there’s just a little flap here just there to cover it all up and it’s got six USB ports I think in total two on the front four on the back and and sometimes it’s not enough and but you’ve got your headphones and you might there an SD card reader and I don’t know if you can hear that what just put this back in it’s spinning it I hear that [ __ ] getting quite loud just settled after me so it’s not that much of a problem so yeah and I’ve got two screens coming out of it I’ve got my TV screen and my monitor and but they work pretty well it can handle it all right it can handle more tasks and well like if you’re editing or you’re on word or something like that watching videos it can do the whole time he doesn’t really struggle and that’s that’s about it if you have any more questions just put in the comments and I’ll answer within 24 hours if I can do and if there’s anything that I’ve missed or anything that you want to know obviously that got enough questions but just let me know and I’ll try my best to answer that so please like if you did like it subscribe if you want see more videos like I’m gaming videos of GTA 5 simulated and spin tires


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