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Lenovo – 510S-23ISU 23″ Touch -Screen All-In-One – Intel Core i5 – 8GB Memory – 1TB+8GB Hybrid

Lenovo – 510S-23ISU 23″ Touch -Screen All-In-One – Intel Core i5 – 8GB Memory – 1TB+8GB Hybrid

hey guys EBPMAN here and today we’re going to take a look at the lenovo 510s it’s a 23 inch touchscreen and it’s an all-in-one computer let’s check it out so first look the lenovo 510s looks like a just a monitor a 23 inch monitor that happens to be a touchscreen but it’s much more than that it’s an all-in-one computer has an intel core i5 processor eight gigs of ram a one pair of x hard drive that is hybrids it’s one terabyte plus eight gig of solid-state drive and that combination just helps with boot up and spartan the startup process just to make things a little bit faster but the one thing that really drove my attention about this all in what is how thin it is first of all you’ll see once we boot it up it’s almost borderless and then also justice in this itself so let’s go ahead take a look at this all-in-one desktop and why you may want to consider something like this if you’re a college student or you’re someone who’s looking for a all-in-one appliance to live in that central part of your home like your kitchen or even if you want something in your office that doesn’t really take up a lot of space because literally all it is is this monitor your mouse and your keyboard and that’s set so let’s take a look so now as we and talk about the spectra for a moment this is one running Windows 10 it is a 23 inch full HD 10 multi-point touch screen which means that it is not just a single point where you touch but it could have up to 10 inputs from a screen perspective when you’re touching it it does have a sixth generation intel i5 processor a gig of ram and then also you have a separate DVD CD burner that is connected via a USB port on the side and that’s again a DVD burner if that’s something that you want to burn your own dvds it does have a two-in-one drive so as we mentioned one terabyte with eight gig for faster booting and things of that major four USB ports that are three point 0 but also our backward compatible to you USB 2 which just means it’s going to go a little bit slower if you have devices that need the slower speeds it does support intel wireless AC connectivity so you’re looking at you know the standards you know today you know using the fastest possible connectivity for something that is slim is this bluetooth 4.

0 wireless keyboard and mouse so let’s take a look at the back side of this so we can see it also has a webcam so i’m going to show you it’s really neat the way they have the webcam but for some it may be a little troublesome so let’s take a look at the back we’ll look at the site and see how thin this device is alright so taking a look at how thin it is and this is where I think that it was the most impressive part of just as I did the unboxing because the box is huge and I couldn’t do it on screen because it was so big but overall the footprint is very thin so I’ll take a look at Houston that is so here we have and what I do is I’ll just put it here on the side and you can notice where my thumb is how thin it is on the bottom part right here is the stickers area and this area is obviously where the cpu is all the hard drive components but really really thin literally to put this thing together all it has is one screw that you connect and then that’s it the actual power supply let me remove this right here on the side and we’ll rotate this for a second the power supply that it’s using is the same power supply that you find in in most laptops lenovo laptops that have this proprietary connector and on the back you do see the lenovo logo it’s a big one but it’s on the back so no one’s really going to see it here at the very bottom what you see is all your ports so right here you have a the power port you do have an hdmi port so you can use this as a an input so if you wanted to be able to connect let’s say a fire stick or something to it you could you have an ethernet port you have a couple of USBs i have one taken up right now for the wireless keyboard and then you have a headphone jack out it does support dolby audio and over here you’ll notice that you have your your power so here you have your ability to turn on the device that’s pretty much all there is to it here you’ll notice that there’s some venting the suit that comes up on camera right here this is where some venting to cool things off but again very very very thin and in the front here what you’ll find is you do have your speaker’s the speakers I believe are 3 watt speakers they’re not I’m terribly from perspective they’re not really impressive but they’re loud enough for those of you who want to be able to you know listen to youtube and things of that nature so let’s go ahead and start this up so that you can see more about this device and how it performs all right for those of you are interested on the boot process i’ll go ahead and power it up so you can see how much time it takes to boot up pressing the power button and we’ll wait for the little swirly thing to come up in little symbol now this is the process that you probably don’t do all the time but if you do restarted just want to show you the actual speed I thought that was pretty decent especially for an all-in-one device like this for those of you who are curious about the price around seven ninety-nine I’ve seen them on sale for about some you know anywhere from one hundred dollars off just watch the specs I’ve noticed that you could find one that’s probably cheaper but it’s going to have a smaller hard drive and there could be some memory changes there but I 5 7 99 and pretty much everything that you need in order to start using a full-fledged i would say all-in-one desktop and being able to place it in some very discrete areas now as you take a look at the actual desktop pretty much a standard windows implementation and one of the things I look at as I look at manufacturers that are implementing these kind of things is how much bloatware they’ve introduced so as we look at the at here what we’ll do is let’s scroll down so you’ll notice that there’s not much here there’s a standard window stuff that come in here some bloatware here where they’ve introduced like TurboTax if you want to go ahead and order that there’s your standard adobe acrobat there is office is pre-installed but it’s something that you’d have to purchase those as a trial version it does come with mcafee as again a trial version of an antivirus software but most of you can get you know antivirus software for free with your what your broadband carrier so you know if you’re either on a team t or Comcast they’ll give it to you for free because they don’t want machines that are infected with viruses on their network so pretty basic stuff right so it says vanilla to the possibly be now there is some lenovo stuff on here and what you find is there’s the Lenovo companion some settings on some account things for support and then what you have is some additional drivers that you can install now right now you don’t really see the webcam so you may be wondering where it’s at and it’s right here in the bottom so all you do is you just press up here and it will just slide down let me do it with my other hand and webcam is right here now you do have a USB port on each side so you can plug something in there if you needed to and then when you’re done with it you just tuck it away while it’s on the bottom I found that the angle depending on the angle that you have the the actual monitor I find that it does do a nice job of getting your full face and it doesn’t look weird at all even though it’s in an angle I like that it’s something you can tuck away maybe I would have put it here on the top but i like that it can suck away because some of us are concerned about security and you know how nowadays viruses can enable your camera and see what’s going on so you know that’s something that you know is nice and i think it’s appreciated but some have complained about having it on the bottom so you can tuck it away whenever you like now when it comes to touch so i can touch on the screen you notice how things go away i’ll touch over here and it will open up its its again if that’s something you want to do you can use i find that it’s more of a novelty when it comes to these type of devices especially if I would use touch if I’m cooking but at the same time my concern is that my hands are all you know full of grime and whatever cooking materials i’m using i really wouldn’t go for the touch screen but it is a touchscreen that touchscreen does function well let’s go ahead and let’s go to a YouTube channel and then we’ll play whatever is on the channel to see how the speakers perform so let’s go ahead and go into speed test just so that we can see you know how things are performing so we’re going to go to speed test I am connecting this on a on to comcast and I have around 170 megabit downloads and so this is my wireless it’s on my 5 gigahertz band so we’ll go ahead and see how it performs is to give you a sense of the wireless connectivity and the router is two floors down so I’m getting 150 140 hundred and fifty megabit download speeds which is performing really well given the fact that and even went up higher than that given the fact that I am actually about three floors away from my router looks like set the upload is and around 21 so 176 down we thought we saw that peak and then it looks like we’re going to be peaking at 22 13 from a download speed so nice performance when it comes to overall wireless so what I brought up here is my youtube channel just want to show you what were is it practical to use the touch I find that touch for all in ones are great for when you’re working with photos and also they’re great when you are looking at websites so what you can see is and you can see how responsive this is I’m just making it larger and smaller and it works really well very responsive very smooth I don’t feel any lag and I really like the way I’m able to do that book with photos as well as websites now the next thing I wanted to do is I change the audio source just to give you a sense of how loud the the actual desktop can get so I’m going to go ahead and play this video this is one that we had done for the samsung gear s3 I also have some new ones you know what I’m going to show a new backpack that we just reviewed today so let me go ahead and launch this one don’t miss got busier locally and mark make money on sale bring the volumetric dollars in savings on select Scott Scott that’s a cool black Oh will fill the act hey guys gbg man here and today take a look at and then I got back I cannot ordinary backpack up in my kind of Defense home and it was connected in here this is a backpack way that we just reviewed that is a has a power bank capability to it and you that here and today nothing else again you know behind was so wonderful the video you have an implant let me see your friends one like you can people hear how loud a busy area you won’t really tomorrow is my holiday merry if we try to go to the other website you’ll see that the unit performs really well so i’m going to go ahead and i haven’t come to this website these are websites that I’m just coming through to the first time so you’ll notice how quickly that came up I have a good internet connection as well but just you want a desktop it’s going to take advantage of the speed of your of your network and definitely that’s something that I see here so just going to some websites just to see let’s do some searches see what comes up and you can see how fast this thing is performing let’s go to cnet and you can see how quickly this comes up if I go into video and just hit play and again we’re hearing exactly what I hear how very much so what I’ll do is I’ll 50 sad and I will lower the volume living so this is right now around fifty percent and of course sounder sir I’ll lower it down so that five percent is you can’t even hear it or at five dollars and once again you want to make a larger like that software feature on the new s8 now in an official press nine cents into the Great Hall fix me is different than any other voice assistance in three areas the first one is cultural so overall really nice web performance I wouldn’t say I haven’t tried running like League of Legends or overwatch or any Blizzard game on this it will handle it I I’m confident of that but this is not in my mind and gaming desktop it’s a good all in 15 solution for the scenarios that I had just mentioned now back some of the accessories that it comes with it comes with the standard mouse and keyboard multimedia keyboard so we want to focus too much on that but this is the add the DVD Drive that it comes with and let’s go ahead and focus into this and we’ll zoom in a bit so you have a very small and thin DVD that again it’s going to give you the ability to read right on it store content is that something that you’d like to do and I you know really appreciate that they included this as part of the package I don’t know how useful these are anymore since we download most of our content but definitely having a USB based on DVD player and recorder is a nice add-on so this concludes my review of the Lenovo 5 10 x 23 inch touchscreen on one computer if you have any comments or questions about this video leave it in the comment area below if you like it don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and as always don’t forget to share and subscribe thanks for watching


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